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Lovedale Tidings - March 2024 


On the vibrant afternoon of March 26th, at Lawrence School Lovedale, an enthralling showcase of ancient martial arts unfolded, courtesy of the Elshaddai Silambam Club from Chennai. The audience was transported back in time as they witnessed the mesmerizing display of Silambattam, a traditional Indian martial art originated in Tamilnadu dating back thousands of years.

With precise movements and unwavering focus, the skilled practitioners of Silambattam showcased a captivating blend of agility, strength, and discipline. Each strike and maneuver carried the weight of centuries of tradition, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of India.

The demonstration didn't stop at Silambattam alone; it extended to the transformation of the art from ancient to modern era. It also encompass a variety of war art forms, each more intriguing than the last. From ancient weapon techniques to strategic combat maneuvers, the audience was treated to a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse world of martial arts. 35 member team comprising of school students, college students and professionals displayed an eye catching demonstration led by Mr. Vijai Babu, Grand master and Secretary Nilgiri District Silambatam Association.

Under the guidance of the Elshaddai Silambam Club, spectators were not only entertained but also educated about the historical significance and practical applications of these martial arts. The event served as a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating traditional practices that have shaped civilizations throughout history.

As the demonstration concluded, the echoes of applause filled the air, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness the spectacle. The Elshaddai Silambam Club's display at Lawrence School Lovedale was more than just a martial arts demonstration; it was a celebration of heritage, skill, and the enduring spirit of human endeavor. Participants were honored with a certificate of appreciation and mementos.

Round Square Conference - Coping with Stress

On March 20, 2024, St. Andrew's School for Girls, South Africa, hosted a significant virtual event on Coping with Stress. This Zoom conference drew participation from Round Square schools worldwide, serving as a platform for sharing insights and strategies to manage stress effectively. Seven students from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, played an active role in the discussions, enriching the dialogue with their perspectives and knowledge.

The students from The Lawrence School who participated in the conference hailed from various classes, representing a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. Among them were Aahana Yadav (class 7), Emaya PS (class 8), Aryaveer Agarwal (class 8), Devansh Mutha (class 8), Adrika Zaara Arun (class 9), Advika Kumar (class 9), and Krishiv Agrawal (class 9). Their enthusiastic involvement demonstrated a collective commitment to addressing stress-related challenges prevalent among students.

Guiding the students both before and during the conference was Ms. Merlyn M Fernandes, the School Counselor. The students were well-prepared to engage meaningfully in the discussions. The seven participants from The Lawrence School shared insightful perspectives on various stress management techniques. They explained how regular exercise can increase serotonin levels, thereby improving mood and reducing stress. Additionally, they introduced the Eisenhower matrix as a tool to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively. They emphasized the role of planning and preparation ahead of time to avoid last-minute burnout. Furthermore, they highlighted the importance of maintaining a moderate amount of stress for optimal performance and discussed the significance of examinations in academic life. Moreover, they acknowledged the crucial role teachers play in supporting students through stressful times.

Throughout the online meeting, ample techniques were shared among participants and the host school on ways to deal with stress. Participants learned about the concept of eustress, understanding that a certain amount of stress can be beneficial for productivity, while excessive stress, known as distress, can hamper productivity. Psychologists from the host school answered questions from participants, emphasizing the importance of practicing deep breathing regularly to manage anxiety and mitigate panic attacks.

In conclusion, the Zoom conference hosted by St. Andrew's School for Girls served as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared learning.

Tamil Valarchi Day Celebration

The students from class XII attended the Tamil Valarchi Day program held at the Government Higher Secondary School in Ooty on March 13, 2024.

Students from the 12th class, Vidhur Varsan, Anunandh, Nethra Varna, and Dhriti captivated the audience with their performances in the Thirukural mutrothal competition. The students demonstrated their deep understanding and appreciation of Tamil literature, showcasing the rich cultural heritage. Their participation not only highlighted their academic prowess but also their commitment to preserving and promoting Tamil language and literature.

A Report on the Prep School Dorm Inspection

The Prep School dormitory inspection held on Tuesday, 12th March at 5:45 pm marked a significant milestone in fostering a culture of cleanliness and personal responsibility among our Preppers. Though this was a regular feature in the Prep School happening once a week, it was the first time that we had invited Judges from other schools to inspect the dormitories in the Prep School.

Led by the diligent efforts of the judges Ms. Sujatha, Ms. Beena, and Ms. Bindu, the inspection proceeded smoothly, with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to fairness. The inspection followed a structured order, beginning with the evaluation of the Prep Boys’ dormitory, followed by the Nilgiri Girls, Sumeru Girls, Vindhya Girls, and concluding with the Aravalli Girls. Each dormitory presented a unique blend of personal hygiene, cleanliness, and creativity, reflecting the collective efforts of students and pastoral staff alike.

The judgment criteria for the dormitory inspection were thoughtfully designed to encompass all aspects of dormitory life, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process. Key aspects included: 1. Personal Hygiene: The judges assessed individual personal cleanliness, grooming, attire, and overall hygiene practices. 2. General Cleanliness: Evaluation of shared spaces within the dormitory, including cupboard rooms, box rooms, and the courtyard area, highlighted the students’ commitment to cleanliness and tidiness. 3. Display Boards: The presentation, organization, and thematic relevance of display boards within the dormitories were scrutinized, with a focus on content quality and aesthetic appeal. 4. Overall Impact: A holistic assessment of the dormitory’s ambiance and overall impression considered the harmonious integration of personal hygiene, cleanliness, display boards, and the general living environment.

The feedback from the judges was overwhelmingly positive, with commendations for all Houses and the Prep School Pastoral staff. Everybody was declared a winner. The students’ dedication and attention to detail were evident in the meticulous upkeep of their living spaces, with special mention of the thematic display boards that added depth and meaning to the dormitory environment. Furthermore, the judges expressed special appreciation for the Prep boys and their pastoral staff. Though they had no senior students in their dormitory, the Class V boys had put in diligent efforts to maintain a clean and organized living space. The exemplary standards set by the students serve as a testament to their sense of ownership and pride in their dormitory. The dormitory inspection was a resounding success, highlighting the collective efforts of Preppers and the Pastoral staff in creating a conducive and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

Lawrence School Lovedale Students Shine at the 43rd Chidambaram Natyanjali

The students of The Lawrence School, Lovedale performed Bharatanatyam at the 43rd Chidambaram Natyanjali, held at the prestigious Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar Trust premises. Our students showcased their talents in Bharatanatyam on March 12th, Tuesday, at 6:55 PM, captivating the audience with their impeccable skills and emotive expressions.

The Chidambaram Natyanjali is an internationally renowned dance festival that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance of Indian classical dance, particularly Bharatanatyam. It serves as a platform for artists worldwide to pay homage to Lord Nataraja, the deity of dance, while promoting cross-cultural exchange and appreciation of diverse dance forms.

Nirupama S, Navtara B, Neha Y, Sreeparvathy, Muthalagu R, and Riya V represented Lawrence School Lovedale with grace and precision. Their performance was met with resounding success and admiration, reflecting the excellence of our school's dance program.

POCSO Awareness Sessions for the Support Staff Members

In a proactive measure aimed at enhancing the safety of children against sexual abuse, a series of three POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) awareness sessions were recently organized for support staff members. These sessions focused on equipping attendees with crucial knowledge and skills to effectively recognize, prevent, and report incidents of child sexual abuse.

The first session, held on March 2nd, 2024, was led by Ms. Anita Prabu, the MIC of Preparatory School, and Ms. Merlyn M Fernandes, the Counsellor. With twenty-eight support staff members in attendance, this session laid the foundation for the subsequent sessions.

Continuing the initiative, the second session was organised on March 9th, 2024, led by Mr. Saravanan, the Tamil Teacher, along with Ms. Merlyn. This session saw the participation of thirty-seven support staff members, further expanding the reach of awareness and understanding. Concluding the series, the third session was conducted on March 15th, 2024 by the Legal Assistant Ms. Nancy C and Ms. Merlyn. With a turnout of forty-eight support staff members, this session provided comprehensive insights into legal aspects and further reinforced the importance of safeguarding children from sexual abuse.

The session kicked off with a screening of the video "Komal" in Tamil. This served as an introduction to the topic, effectively engaging participants and setting the tone for the discussion that followed. 

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and varying levels of understanding among participants, the speakers ensured that technical terms were simplified, making complex legal and psychological concepts accessible to all. Throughout the session, question-answer sessions were encouraged, fostering active participation and providing clarity on the subject matter.

Key aspects covered during the one-hour session included definitions and types of child sexual abuse, important provisions of the POCSO Act, the role and responsibilities of support staff in prevention, and the importance of reporting incidents of child sexual abuse promptly.

The session concluded on a hopeful note, emphasising the significance of building a vigilant and informed community committed to creating a safe environment for children.

The POCSO awareness session was not only informative but also empowering, equipping support staff members with the knowledge and confidence to play a crucial role in protecting children from sexual abuse.

A Report on the Prep School Inter-House English Prepared Speech Competition

The English Prepared Speech competition was held on Monday, 11th March in the Prep School Large Hall at 2:30 pm. 16 participants delivered heartfelt speeches on the topic, “The Person Who Inspired Me the Most.” The competition was graced by the presence of two student judges Ms. Diya Jaiswal and Ms. Tia Elizabeth, whose thoughtful evaluations added depth to the proceedings. Additionally, Mr. Gijo Joseph the Head of the Department of English, lent his expertise as the third judge, providing valuable feedback and encouragement to all participants. Each speech offered a unique perspective on the topic, showcasing personal achievements, heartfelt tributes, and profound reflections on the individuals who have served as a source of inspiration.

 Following the conclusion of the speeches, the Deputy Headmaster commended the ambience of the event and acknowledged the commendable efforts put forth by all participants. Every participant was applauded for their courage, creativity, and sincerity in sharing their stories. His words of encouragement resonated with the audience, reinforcing the importance of recognizing and celebrating the influence of inspirational figures in our lives. The results of the competition were announced. The audience, comprising the Class V students and the Prep School Staff thoroughly enjoyed the program.


Individual Position:

1. Shivanshi Pratibha Poddar, 5B, Nilgiri - 111 Points           - I

2. Aadya Rao Pothuraju, 5B, Vindhya  - 107.5 Points           - II

3. A.R.B.Mithran Sai Madhavaa, 5A, Aravalli - 104.5 Points - III

House Position:

1. Vindhya                     - 402.5 Points   - I

2. Aravalli                      - 390    Points   - II

3. Nilgiri and Sumeru    - 377    Points   - III

Class 9A Students Celebrate International Women's Day with Street Play on Women's Empowerment

On March 8th, 2024, the class 9A students performed an engaging and thought-provoking street play titled "Sthree’’ (The Woman) to mark International Women's Day. This class activity aimed to depict various scenarios highlighting the challenges faced by women in society and emphasized the importance of empowering women to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

The play was performed in the “Echoing Greens” (The Centre Courtyard in Senior School) during the tea break, and students from classes IX, X, XI and XII gathered to watch the street play, fostering a sense of unity and collective responsibility in promoting gender equality. Through powerful dialogues and compelling performances, the students advocated for positive social change by challenging outdated norms and promoting a culture of respect, equality, and inclusivity.

The street play left a lasting impression on the school community, sparking meaningful discussions and reflections on the importance of women's empowerment and gender equality. Students and staff alike appreciated the 9A students for addressing such pertinent issues through the medium of drama.

Dormitory Inspection, Junior School – 4 March 2024

The Junior School Dormitory Inspection was held on Monday, 4 March 2024 at 5.30 PM. This practice dates back over twenty years, when dormitories in all School departments (PS, GS, JS, and SS) were inspected by teams of teachers, including Housemasters, Deans, Deputy Headmasters, and the Headmaster.

The Junior School boys were excited upon receiving news of the upcoming Inspection. With the help of their Housemasters/Housemistresses, Assistant Housemasters, Matrons, and Matties, the boys pooled their efforts to ensure their dormitories were immaculate and aesthetically pleasing. Every corner was scrubbed, every surface polished, and every bed made to perfection. 


The inspection team consisted of Ms Veena Sharma (Housemistress - GS), Ms Anita Prabhu (MIC-PS), Mr Rajan (Deputy Headmaster), and Mr DVS Rao (Headmaster). They had a challenging time deciding which dormitory excelled the most. However, after careful consideration, the Panel agreed that the entire Junior School had done a fantastic job and everyone was a winner!

Level 3 Archery coaches' course in South Korea

Mr. Alex AT, the Archery coach, has successfully completed Level 3-Advanced Training & Exposure at the Kim Hyung Tak Archery School in South Korea from February 23rd to March 1st, 2024. This training was conducted under the aegis of the Archery Association of India (AAI) Project, jointly sponsored by NTPC, SAI, and OGQ. The course was attended by the top 20 coaches from India.

 His journey to South Korea wasn't just about refining his archery skills; it was a quest to become a better coach, a mentor who could truly unlock the potential within students.  This program, steeped in Korean archery tradition and meticulous attention to detail, proved to be a transformative experience, equipping him with the knowledge and tools to elevate coaching on multiple levels. The course primarily focused on the advanced training methods in Recurve and compound events.

The program has been a game-changer for coaching journeys. It is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to become a more effective coach, a mentor, and a valuable resource for the archery community.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale Secures Runner-Up Position in Nilgiris District Chess Championship

The Lawrence School, Lovedale demonstrated exceptional prowess in the Nilgiris District Chess Championship held at C.F.W.R.C Club, Aruvankadu on March 2nd and 3rd, 2024. Competing fiercely in various categories, the school's talented chess players showcased their strategic skills and dedication, ultimately securing notable positions in the tournament.


Under-17 (Girls) Category: 

First Position- Kamalini Ramesh, Class 12 C (NIL), exhibited remarkable strategic acumen and determination, clinching the first position in the fiercely contested Under-17 Girls category.


Under-15 (Boys) Category: 

Second Position-  Priyanshu H S, Class 8 A (VIN), demonstrated exceptional talent and resilience, securing the prestigious second position in the


Under-15 Boys category: 

Third Position- Krisshav Varshan, Class 8 B (VIN), showcased remarkable skills and determination, earning the commendable third position in the highly competitive


Under-15 Boys category: 

The outstanding performances of Kamalini Ramesh, Priyanshu H S, and Krisshav Varshan reflect the dedication, perseverance, and strategic brilliance fostered by The Lawrence School, Lovedale. Their achievements not only bring pride to the school but also inspire fellow students to excel in their pursuits

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