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International Moot Court Competition

Our School participated in the International Moot Court competition for the first time on 30th November and 1st December 2023. The Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior, hosted the Competition. The following girls represented our School:


1.  Aadya Bhatnagar  -  Class 11 A

2. Meher Bagri            -  Class 11 C 

3. Sree Parvathy          -   Class 11 B

4. Vaishnavi                 -   Class 11 C

5. Zaira                          -   Class 11 C

6. Jiya Mann                 -  Class 12 C


The 'Respondent Team' comprising Meher Bagri, Zaira, and Jiya Mann put forth compelling arguments that were well-received. Our School attained an outstanding third place among 36 teams from 18 schools across our country and neighbouring Bhutan.

NCC Day Activities at The Lawrence School, Lovedale

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."

- Muhammad Ali

On 26th November 2023, 100 cadets from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, participated in activities focused on community service and environmental stewardship to commemorate NCC Day. Under the guidance of the ANO and three other teachers, the cadets took the initiative to clean up the school campus, transforming it into a pristine haven for learning.


In collaboration with Upstream Ecology, an esteemed NGO in Ooty, and Zoo Outreach, a notable NGO in Coimbatore, the cadets dedicated their efforts to the Shola Grass Restoration Project. They played a vital role in preserving and enhancing the local ecosystem through meticulous weeding. This collaboration exemplifies the power of partnerships in fostering environmental sustainability.


To recognise the cadets' hard work and encourage their spirit of service, we treated them to their favourite snack - pizza. This small token of appreciation undoubtedly fueled their enthusiasm. This gesture not only celebrated their accomplishments but also reinforced the idea that service to the community is a reward in itself.


The NCC Day activities at The Lawrence School, Lovedale, showcased the cadets' dedication and emphasised the importance of community collaboration in creating a positive impact. The event served as a reminder that small acts of service contribute to the greater well-being of society and the environment.

POCSO Session by Dr Gaurav Sharma

Dr Gaurav Sharma, an expert lawyer in the field of child protection and an Old Lawrencian, conducted a comprehensive session on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) ACT for the staff members of The Lawrence School, Lovedale, on 18th November 2023. The session aimed to raise awareness, educate participants, and empower them in the crucial task of safeguarding children from sexual abuse.

The POCSO session led by Dr. Gaurav Sharma covered a wide range of topics related to child sexual abuse, including the legal aspects and psychological impact on victims.

Dr. Sharma provided a detailed overview of the POCSO Act, explaining its key provisions and the legal procedures involved in cases related to child sexual abuse. Participants gained insights into reporting mechanisms, the role of law enforcement, and the importance of a sensitive and child-friendly legal process.

Understanding the profound psychological impact of sexual abuse on children is crucial for effective prevention and intervention. Dr. Gaurav Sharma emphasised the need for counselling services for survivors. He also described the key components of The Lawrence School Lovedale Child Protection Policy.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma incorporated interactive components such as case studies and Q&A to enhance engagement and understanding. This allowed participants to apply the knowledge gained and seek clarification on specific concerns.

We extend our gratitude to Dr. Gaurav Sharma for his expertise and commitment to raising awareness about child sexual abuse.

Inter-School Girls' Hockey Tournament

The Inter-School Girls' Hockey Tournament was held at St Hilda’s School from 17th to 18th November 2023, showcasing a dynamic display of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship among participating teams.


In a commendable achievement, both our Under-19 and Under-14 girls' teams emerged as champions, illustrating their prowess on the hockey field.  Additionally, our Under-17 girls' team exhibited remarkable performance and sportsmanship, finishing as the runners-up in their category.


Ananya Niranjan Bhargava, a talented player from Class 10, stood out as the ‘Best Player’ of the Tournament. She earned this recognition due to her exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and outstanding abilities.

Yoga in School

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. It combines physical postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), meditation, and ethical principles to achieve balance and harmony.


Mindfulness, often integrated into yoga, is being fully present and engaged in the current moment. It involves cultivating awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment, allowing for a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding environment.


Chanting is a practice that involves repeating specific sounds, words, or phrases, often in a rhythmic manner. In yoga, chanting enhances focus, deepens the meditative state, and promotes unity and oneness.


Nature enhances yoga and mindfulness. Practising in natural surroundings creates a calming environment, fostering a connection with the elements.

Inter House Computer Digi Quiz 2023 -(Senior School)

The Inter House Computer Digi Quiz 2023 for Senior School was held on 16th November 2023, in the Senior School Large Hall.

The Quiz had 6 rounds: School Curriculum, Visual, General Awareness, Apps and Gadgets, Internet and Software, and Rapid Fire.

Before starting the quiz, the Rules were explained. There were four teams, each with four participants from classes IX to XII.

The event included some audience rounds in which the viewers participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Here are the results:

Inter House Computer Digi Quiz 2023_001.png

Round Square Online History Lab

On November 16, 2023, the Round Square Online History Lab was hosted by Chiho Nagaka of Japan. The event was attended by participants from 200 countries and took place from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.


Representatives from 31 countries participated in breakout groups and delivered presentations outlining the effects of World War I on their respective nations.

Each team had one member present the conclusion from their team.

The following students represented The Lawrence School, Lovedale:

Kamalini Ramesh, Zaira Fathima, Gopika S, Meher Bagri, Yashash Chandra and Tanay Jhunjhunwala

State-level Squash Tournament, Chennai

Twenty-five students from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, participated in the State Level Squash Sub-Junior and Junior Tournament organized by the Flying Birds Academy in Chennai on the 14th and 15th of November 2023. The students competed in different age categories and had a great opportunity to showcase their skills.


The Squash coach, Mr. Nagarajan, and the Manager, Ms. Sameena, accompanied the team, providing a valuable opportunity for budding squash players to experience a higher level of the game. The following are the results:


Senior Boys 

   1. Nideesh, Under 19 singles Winner

   2. Krishiv & Nideesh, Under 19 doubles Runner-up 

   3. Vansh Agarwal, Under 17 boys singles,Third 

   4. Kesave Panpaliya, Under 17 boys doubles, Runner-up 

   5. Vansh Agarwal & Kesave Under 17 boys Doubles Winner


 Junior Boys

   I. Rithun, Under 12 boys, Runner-up  

   2. Dhruv Raj, Under 12 boys, Third

   3. Rohan Talwar, Under 14 boys, Winner

   4. Jeevan R, Under 14 boys, Runner-up 

    5. Rohan Talwar & Jeevan R Under 14 boys Doubles Runner -up



     1. Sia Kaul Pandita, Under 14 girls, Winner

     2 . Ira Goyal, Under 12 girls, Winner

     3. Dia Prathap & Nilani, Under 14 girls doubles, Runner-up

     4.Sia Kaul Pandita & Ira Goyal Under 17 girls doubles, Runner-up


 Over all Championship won by The Lawrence school Lovedale

Children’s Day – 14 November 2023

Teachers Entertain Children

On 14th November 2023, the teachers of The Lawrence School, Lovedale, organised a special evening of song and dance for their beloved students. They showcased their talents and embraced the children within them.

At the commencement of the evening, Ms Sabitha and her team of teachers performed an invocation dance, followed by a splendid tabla performance by Mr Ravi. The various musical performances, including solo and band performances by Mr Kuldeep, Mr Murugan, Mr A. John Bosco and Ms Rekha kept us thoroughly entertained.

After several dance recitals, the students enjoyed a fashion show featuring their teachers. The performances were well-received, and we were so glad to see our talented and versatile teachers on stage.

Mr DVS Rao, our Headmaster, walking the ramp made the audience go wild. At the end of the program, the Headmaster dedicated a song to our late quartermaster, Mr. B. Mathan, who had passed away a couple of days prior.

The Show was a resounding success and will undoubtedly become a treasured memory for all of us.


Aadhi M Nair

Class XII C

Deepavali Celebrated

On 12th November 2023, Deepavali was celebrated with a Puja in the Large Hall of the Senior School. The day was bright and sunny, and all the students and teachers dressed in colourful traditional outfits to celebrate the festival of lights.

At 10:00 AM, we attended the Puja in School performed by Mr Adya Shankar Pandey and our Headmaster, Mr DVS Rao.  After the worship, we gathered on the front lawns of the Senior School for high tea and took numerous photographs to cherish the memories. This day will forever be immortalised in our hearts.

Diya & Priya

Class XII

Junior School Evening 2023

The Junior School Evening was held on 10th November 2023. A dynamic group of six hosts – Rajeev, Theajesh, Nishka, Yaara, Treya, and Riya – took the stage to orchestrate the proceedings.

The pupils from Class 6 performed a Mangalacharan to seek blessings, followed by an Invocation Dance by the girls to convey divine realisation to the audience.

Saumya, a talented pianist, and Emaya, our version of Taylor Swift, gave memorable musical performances.

The pupils performed a folk dance from Tamil Nadu. A piano recital by Rigzor followed next.

A Hindi skit was presented on social media's drawbacks, which was thought-provoking.

To refresh our minds, the girls took the stage with a fantastic Folk Dance performance, delving into the rich tapestry of our dancing cultures. Shifting gears to a more Western vibe, the Girls Western Band rocked the house, bringing a touch of rock and roll to the proceedings.

After the energetic Hindi Fusion Dance by the boys, a solo singer took centre stage and delivered a rhythmic song that resonated with the audience. The Girls Fusion Dance troupe offered a captivating and graceful dance following the high-energy performances.

Stuti played a unique piano piece, followed by the boys' lively Western Band performance. The highlight of the evening was the Boys' Western Dance Performance, stealing the audience's heart with cool moves and captivating choreography.

Blending classical dance with modern music, the Semi-Classical Girls Dance paid a heartfelt tribute to the legendary A.R. Rahman.

As we approached the end of this enchanting evening, the Grand Finale unfolded – a spectacular blend of different South Indian dance forms.

The end of a satisfying evening reminds us that all good things must come to an end. We are proud and joyful after presenting seventeen shows, culminating in this grand spectacle. It resulted from a month of hard work, practice, and dedication.

Deepavali Celebrations at the Headmaster’s Residence

On 10th November 2023, the boys and girls of Class XII had an early Deepavali celebration at the Headmaster's residence. The Headmaster's residence was radiantly illuminated with diyas and lamps.


We were all attired in traditional clothes, with the boys sporting kurtas and dhotis while the girls adorned themselves in sarees of various hues.


The teachers and the student body commemorated the Deepavali celebration by partaking in an assortment of culinary delights, revelling in dance, and immortalising the moment by capturing photographic memories.


Diya & Priya

Class XII

CBSE South Zone Hockey Tournament

The CBSE South Zone Hockey Tournament was held at Satchidananda Jyothi Niketan, Kallar, from 6th to 9th November 2023 for the Under-19 Boys’ category.

Abhimanyu Bhargava was awarded Best Attacker, and Ritvic excelled as Best Midfielder. The team secured the Second Runner-Up position, reflecting their dedication and skill.



Team Placement: Second Runners-Up

Individual Awards:

Best Attacker: Abhimanyu Bhargava

Best Midfielder: Ritvic

Inter-School Basketball Tournament (Under 14 and 19 Girls) at Laidlaw Memorial School Ketti

The court came alive with passion and skill as The Lawrence School's girls' basketball teams showcased their prowess in the Inter-School Basketball Tournament held at Laidlaw Memorial School Ketti on 8th and 9th November 2023. 

The Lawrence School's under-19 girls' team demonstrated exceptional talent and teamwork, clinching victory in the finals against Laidlaw Memorial School and securing the coveted first position.

The under-14 girls' team continued their winning streak, emerging as champions after a thrilling final match against Nazareth Convent School.

Anaya Dhar, a class 12 student, won the Best Player of the Tournament award in the Under 19 category for her outstanding skills and leadership. Tansi was named Best Player of the Tournament in the Under 14 category for her remarkable contribution to the team's success.

Inter-School Basketball Tournament (Under 17 Boys) at Kotagiri Public School

The hills of the Nilgiris witnessed an intense display of skill and sportsmanship as the Inter-School Basketball Tournament for under-17 boys unfolded at Kotagiri Public School from 7th to 9th November 2023. Ten schools from the Nilgiri region participated in this highly competitive event, showcasing their basketball prowess and team spirit.

The Lawrence School in Lovedale won the tournament after defeating the Good Shepherd International School in the finals. They were undefeated throughout the tournament.

Aryan Singh Vashista, a standout player from The Lawrence School, was adjudged the Best Player of the Tournament. Aryan's exceptional skills, leadership on the court, and consistent performance were instrumental in guiding his team to victory.

IPSC Badminton Tournament, Sagar School, Alwar, Rajasthan

Our U14, U-17, and U-19 Badminton Boys' teams participated in the IPSC Badminton Tournament 2023 at Sagar School in Alwar, Rajasthan, from 5th to 9th November 2023.


Our under-17 boys' team secured the runners-up position in their tournament by defeating Emerald Heights, Doon School, Daly College, and Sagar School. Similarly, our under-19 boys' team achieved the 2nd runner-up by defeating Daly College, LK Singhania School, Rajkumar College, Vidya Niketan Pilani, and PPS Nabha.


Namith Putachi secured the 2nd Runner-Up position at the Individual Singles Championships. The U-14 team won against MGM Vallabh Ashram and Rajkumar College but lost to DPS RK Puram, finishing second in the league matches.


   U-17 Team

  1. Parth. A, Class 10

  2. Agnidipto, Class 10

  3. Namith D, Class 9

  4. Nirmal Dev, Class 11

  5. Ishaan K 10, Class


  U-19 Team 

  1. John Jacob Philip, Class 12

  2. Ishanth Sethia, Class  10

  3. Yeshas Chandra, Class 11

  4. Bimal Dev, Class 11

  5. Tarun SB, Class  12


The following students may represent the IPSC at the SGFI Badminton Tournament, to be held later.

  1. John Jacob Philip

  2. Namith P

  3. Bimal dev

  4. Ishaan Karthik

  5. Tarun SB

'Edu Quest QuBiz 2023'

'Edu Quest QuBiz 2023' is a quiz competition organised by Shiv Nadar University, Chennai.  Forty teams participated in this year's Ooty edition of the Quiz held at Unique Public School. The Lawrence School, Lovedale team, comprising Gopika S and Siri Suresh, was accompanied by Mr Arnab Chakraborty, Department of Humanities. Renowned quiz master Prof. Rangarajan hosted the event.


In the preliminary rounds, twenty questions were asked, and the six highest-scoring teams advanced to the finals. The Lawrence School, Lovedale, was one of them.


The Finals consisted of six rounds, each with its unique content, including History, Geography, Business, Movies, and Current Affairs, among other topics. After the intense competition, our team secured third place and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3,000. We were also selected to advance to the next round, to be held in Chennai later. 

Humanities Quiz (Junior School)

The Humanities Quiz for Junior School was held in the Large Hall, Senior School, on 7th November 2023, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.


Mr David, MIC-JS, and Ms Christy Alphonse, Head, Department of Humanities, were joined by other members of the Junior School's Humanities Department, as well as staff members, for the Quiz, which all Junior School students in attendance enjoyed.


The MIC-JS appreciated the selection of questions and particularly enjoyed the innovative audio round.

Here are the results of the quiz:

District Badminton Tournament – 2023

Lawrence Girls Emerge Victorious

Team Lawrence won multiple titles at the District Badminton Tournament held at Anna Stadium, Ooty, from 6th to 8th November 2023, making the School proud. Our team of girls dominated the Championship.

Fifteen of our top boys could not participate in the District Badminton Tournament as they had to attend the IPSC Badminton Tournament, which was scheduled simultaneously. In the IPSC Badminton Tournament, they managed to win a silver medal and two bronze medals.

Click here to view the results

Rotary Interschool Band Competition

Our School’s Band Wins First Place

Our School's Boys' Band participated in the Rotary Interschool Band Competition on 5th November 2023 at the Mani Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore.


The Band's exceptional performance showcased the School's dedication to excellence in the arts. The Lawrence School, Lovedale, was placed first in the Band competition, and Band Major Vishal Umesh received the Best Band Major Award.

Nilgiri Library Inter-School Debate

The prestigious Nilgiri Library Inter-School Debate was held on Saturday, 4 November 2023, on the premises of the Nilgiri Library in Ooty. The debate was contested by all the major schools of Ooty and the adjoining areas like Connoor. 

Avani Dangi and Gopika S of Class 11 represented The Lawrence School, Lovedale. The speakers deliberated on the Motion, 'Human Intelligence is superior to Artificial Intelligence'. In a keenly contested event, they secured the position of ‘Third Best Team’, where St Joseph’s from Coonoor stood first, followed by JSS Public School, Ooty, in second place.

Every participant was given a complimentary one-year subscription to the library membership. Winners received a certificate and a gift voucher.

Lawrence Wins Inter-School Music Shield

The Inter-School Singing Competition was held at the Kotagiri Public School on 2nd November 2023. Thirteen schools participated in the competition, and our choir performed exceptionally well. The music was of high quality.


Adrika Zara Arun sang ‘The Hills Are Alive’, exhibiting exceptional vocal control and emotive expression. The other soloists were also excellent, as they opted for contemporary songs.


Our choir delivered a harmonious rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' with clear vocals and melody.


The soloist Adrika Zara Arun won the first prize. The Lawrence School Choir was placed third.


The Lawrence School, Lovedale, was declared the winner of the Inter School Music Shield for 2023-2024.


Our persistent efforts and the unwavering commitment of the children have yielded fruitful results.

Quiz result - SS_001.png

Inter-School Basketball Tournament (Under 14 Boys) at Lawrence School Lovedale

The Lawrence School Lovedale hosted an exhilarating Inter-School Basketball Tournament for under-14 boys from 31st October to 1st November 2023. The tournament showcased exceptional talent and sportsmanship, leaving an indelible mark on all participants.

Individual Excellence: Kushagra Ola, a Class 7 student at The Lawrence School, Lovedale, stood out as the most promising player in a basketball tournament, earning recognition for his exceptional performance and sportsmanship.

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