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On 23 September 2023, a group of Class XI students from the TEDxLawrenceSchool, Lovedale team, along with Ms Sangeetha Jairam, Alumni Coordinator, attended the TEDxGoodShepherdIntlSchool program.

The primary purpose of this visit was to provide our students with the opportunity to witness a real-life TEDx event, observe, understand, and learn from it. TEDx events are known for their inspiring talks and thought-provoking discussions, making it an invaluable learning experience for our students. 

Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to hear from many different speakers who shared their thoughts on various topics. Each speaker brought a unique perspective and their talks were informative and thought-provoking. Our students found the ideas presented interesting and gained valuable knowledge from this experience.

Regional Equestrian League and The Bangalore Horse Show

The Riding Team travelled to Bangalore for the Regional Equestrian League and Bangalore Horse Show to participate in the event between September 15th and 17th, 2023.


The students performed exceptionally and received 35 medals, including 10 gold, 11 silver, and 14 bronze. All students in the age categories under 12, 14, and 18 gave their best performance in all the games. Some students were even selected to participate in the National Games 2023. We are excited to continue practising hard and participating in more competitions to perform even better.

Trekking Club at Lawrence School: Connecting with Nature


The Lawrence School, Lovedale, prioritises academic excellence and character-building through weekly club activities, including the Trekking Club, which promotes a stronger connection with nature and teamwork.


Engaging with Nature:

The Trekking Club at Lawrence School offers students an immersive experience in nature. Regular treks allow children to explore and appreciate the beauty of the wilderness.


Learning to Help Each Other:

Trekking teaches teamwork and cooperation, as students support each other through challenges like navigating tricky terrain or crossing streams. These experiences foster empathy, trust, and collaboration.

Being Still and Observing Senses:

The Trekking Club encourages students to disconnect from technology and observe their surroundings with all their senses. This leads to inner peace, appreciation of nature, and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Learning about Local Flora and Fauna:

Joining the Trekking Club can teach you about the plants and animals in your community, fostering a more profound respect for the local biodiversity and a desire to conserve it. 

Pledge-Social Justice Day

The Lawrence School celebrated Social Justice Day on 15th September 23 during the assembly, pledging to uphold fairness, equality, and human rights.  

The principle of love for all living beings,

The principle of love for all living beings,

I will also adhere to the moral principle that everyone laughs everywhere.

My activities are characterized by self-respecting personality and rational outlook.

I will dedicate myself to the principles of equality, brotherhood and samadharma.

I will always admire humanity and love for humanity

On this day, I pledge to build a society based on social justice

Tamil Nadu State Athletic Championship -2023

Two students from our School, Nanjappa and Shivanth, competed in the State Athletic Championship conducted by the Tamil Nadu State Athletic Association. The event was held in Namakal from 13 to 17 September 2023. Nanjappa, Class XII, participated in the U-18 boys' 100m and 400m races, while Shivanth, also in Class 12, competed in the U-18 boys’ high jump.

Nanjappa advanced to the semifinals among 92 competitors, while Shivanth placed 7th out of 40. The boys were accompanied by their Coach, Dr. Jaswant Sisodia.

JS - Class VII Weekend Outing 

Destination - Tea Park and the Highland Hotel, Ooty


We were excited and ready for our outing on 17th September 2023 as we boarded the buses at the designated time. Divided into three different buses, we set off at 9:45 a.m. Some of us listened to music while others sang along. We chatted, played and danced until we reached our first destination, the Tea Park, around 10:30 a.m.

Upon entering the park through the gate, we were transported to a different atmosphere, with a change in climate, weather and scenery. The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking. We spent two memorable hours playing with our friends and teachers, taking photos and enjoying the changing weather.

Feeling hungry and tired, we headed to the Highland Hotel for lunch at 12:25 p.m. We were welcomed with apple and orange juice by the hotel staff, and as we arrived early, we had the chance to play games such as X Box, PS 5, Carrom, Ludo and Chess in a big room. During the morning, we played for thirty minutes until lunchtime. Afterwards, we indulged in a variety of delicious foods and sweet treats.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. We boarded the buses and happily returned to School, grateful for the fantastic opportunity provided by Mr Purnna, Mr Sanjay, Mr Swetank, Ms Bindu Kumar, Ms Judith, Ms Jancy, and all our annas.


Rajeev Tarade

Class VII

Inter-House Humanities Quiz – Prep-School


On 15 September 2023, at 2 p.m., the Inter-House Humanities Quiz was held in the Large Hall at Prep School. The quiz was hosted by Ms Sonali Ghosh, Ms Preslin David, Ms Christy Alphonsa (HOD), Mr Edwin Manoharan, Mr Swetank Prakash and Ms Konsam Aruna Julie. Ms Christina Suganthi, Ms Divyanka Shekhawat, and Mr Edwin Manoharan served as time and scorekeepers.


The quiz had four representatives from each House, seven rounds with eight questions, covering topics like famous personalities, Indian cuisine, dances, and general knowledge. The Rules were explained before the commencement of the Quiz.

The audience and participants alike thoroughly enjoyed the Event. 

Here are the competition results:

Aravalli stood 1st with 130 points

S C V Mokshit Krishna, A R B Mithran Sai Madhavaa, Keerthika K P and N Siva Aarathiya

Nilgiri 2nd with 125 points

Singapur Sathya Shreyas, Shivanshi Pratibha Poddar, R Jai Praneetha and Devvrat Mahalawat

Sumeru 3rd with 120 points

Olivia Chacko, Ira Thomas, Varish Sundarka and R Kavin Manickavasagam


Vindhya 4th with 100 points

Bhavya Agarwal, Atharv Yadav, Rudhvika Nimalan and Krisha Prasad

A Memorable Outing

On Saturday, September 16th, at 3 p.m., the girls of Class VII, accompanied by Ms Sashikala R, Ms. Manmeet, Ms Anju Gijo, and Ms Anita Prabhu, went on a visit to the Homedale Tea Factory in Coonoor. As we boarded the bus, excitement stirred within us.

Upon arrival, Mrs and Mr Menon, who owned the tea factory, warmly welcomed us and offered us some tasty snacks. We were divided into two groups, with one group of girls taking a stroll to the tea factory and the other exploring the lawns, vegetable garden, and fruit trees. The picturesque landscape of undulating hills and verdant tea plantations contributed to the viewer's sense of contentment.

We visited the tea factory and relished the aroma of newly processed tea leaves. We watched the transformation of leaves through various processes and savoured different tea flavours. We expressed our gratitude to Mrs and Mr Menon for their warm hospitality after we toured the factory.


Our next destination was ‘Cherrie Berry’. We enjoyed their delicious snacks, including avocado juice, fresh vegetable sandwiches made with farm-fresh produce, Irani Samosas, and strawberry ice cream.


The pupils expressed their sincere gratitude to the School Administration for arranging an educational and entertaining trip that provided valuable knowledge and a memorable experience.

NilgiriScapes – A Report

The Nilgiris, or Blue Mountains, in southern India are a global bio-cultural hotspot. They contain rare endemic flora and fauna and are home to indigenous communities. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve became India's first in 1986. Many have documented this unique region since the 1600s.

The NilgiriScapes Conference seeks to preserve the diversity of the Blue Mountains through collaboration and annual conferences on societal and cultural impacts.

Nilgiris, a Land in Flux

The 2023 NilgiriScapes event focuses on the history and current state of the Nilgiris from four perspectives: ecology, economy, society, and policy. It aims to create a knowledge repository of the changing landscapes.

The Impact:

Human actions have changed Nilgiris, but we must understand how it has impacted the environment. Our goal is to examine this from an ecological impact perspective.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale, presented the solution to the factors affecting the impact of the Nilgiris at the NilgiriScapes Conference. The Shola Grasslands Project is to act as a Centre of Excellence for learning, not only for our school students but for the schools of the District.

The Group comprised the following members:

Arjun Dev, Headboy,  Diya Jaiswal, Headgirl,  Hiranya,  Nethra,  Dhrithi S,  Nirupama,  Meher,  Ipshita Chanda, Yuvraj Tandon and Aryan Dylan.

Proposed action for 2023-2028: We plan to restore 5 acres per year for five years, covering 25 acres of land. We will plant native grasses, shrubs, and trees and regenerate streams. Students will learn through interactive lectures.



Inauguration of New Support Staff Quarters

- Alumni Class of 1982

Our School is immensely grateful to our Alumni for their invaluable contributions, and we express our deep appreciation. We are proud to share that the Alumni Class of 1982 inaugurated new quarters for our Support Staff at the Old Post Office Line on Friday, 15th  September 2023. Their act of giving back to those who played a pivotal role in shaping their lives is truly inspiring.


This project is a demonstration of the Alumni's unwavering commitment to our School and their recognition of the invaluable contributions made by our Support Staff. The Support Staff often work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of the School, and their efforts are now acknowledged.


The objective of this project was to provide the Support Staff and their families with comfortable living spaces that reflect the Alumni's appreciation for the unsung heroes of our School. Their selflessness and gratitude have left an indelible mark on our School's history and reinforced the notion that a strong community never forgets its roots.


We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Class of 1982 for honouring the lives of those members of staff who dedicated themselves to the service of others. Their kindness is a testament to the power of gratitude and the impact of selfless acts. It is a heartwarming reminder that we are all part of a community that cares for one another.


Hindi Diwas – Inter School Debate

Motion - 'Privatization is Beneficial for the Country’.


The Lawrence School, Lovedale, organised the 43rd Inter School Debate Competition on September 14, 2023, to celebrate Hindi Diwas. Eighteen students from nine different schools in the Nilgiris region participated in the event.


The panel of judges included Mr Atul Jain, a Senior Scientist at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Government of India, Mrs Shweta V, the Branch Manager of SBI, Lovedale, and Mrs Yogita Tehlaan, a Linguist at DSSC in Wellington.


Mr. D. V. S. Rao, Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Lovedale, was the Chief Guest, and Mr. Rajan N, Deputy Headmaster, served as the President for the debate.


The students argued for and against the motion, 'Privatization is Beneficial for the Country’.


Here are the competition results:

Devanshi J from The Woodside School in Ooty won first place. Ashmit Bharti from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, came in second, and Dhruv Parekh from JSS Public School, Ooty, placed third.


Suhasini Srivatsa from Holy Innocents School & Junior College received the consolation prize.


The School Positions are:

The winner was JSS Public School in Ooty, with the highest score. The Lawrence School, Lovedale, and the Holy Innocent School & Junior College in Wellington tied for second. The Woodside School, Ooty, came in third.


Recitation Competition – Prep School


The young enthusiasts from PS presented an array of poems- thematically varied but brilliant – at the Prep School Recitation Competition held on 11 September 2023. They were trained for the recitation by Ms.  Anita Prabhu and, in part, by the students of the LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY, who also judged the event.

The evening was filled with impressive performances, one after the other. The judges were awed by the flawless delivery of long verses, recited with remarkable expression and memorisation skills. The performances were truly astonishing.

Such events are the bedrock of a public school education.


Aadya Rao Pothuraju            - Ist

N. Siva Aarathiya                   - IInd

Vainavi H S                             - IIIrd

GS Vindhya Assembly


On Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, the Vindhya House at Girls School held their morning assembly in the SS Large Hall. The Assembly's theme was ‘Space & Women in ISRO’ and featured performances by students from Classes 9 to 11.

The students reviewed the non-fiction book ‘The Universe in Bite-Sized Chunks’ by Colin Stuart and gave talks on ‘Aditya L1’ and ‘N. Valarmathi’. They also staged a skit highlighting female scientists at ISRO.


DSI Open Squash National Tournament, Bangalore


A group of 11 boys from Lawrence School, Lovedale, had the opportunity to represent Tamil Nadu in the Under 13 and 15 categories at the DSI Open Squash National tournament held in Bangalore. The tournament was organised by SRFI and held at the DSI campus from September 9th to 12th, 2023.

The Squash Coach, Mr. Nagarajan, and the manager, Mr. Mohammad Irfan, escorted the team. It was a valuable opportunity for the budding squash players to experience a higher level of the game.

Quiz result - Junior School

An Outing to Remember


On 10th September 2023, the boys of the batch of 2028 went on an outing for a lifetime along with Mr N Dilip Kumar, Ms Bindu Kumar, Ms T Lata, Mr Purrna Behra, Mr Swetank, Mr Sanjay and Mr Saravanan. After breakfast, we boarded our buses, bags full of snacks and a volatile excitement in the air.

We headed to Sim's Park in Coonoor, which was about 20km away from our School. Our thirty-minute journey was filled with lively singing. We were enchanted by the park's abundant greenery and trees upon arrival. It was indeed a mesmerising sight. We saw various flowers, shrubs, and trees planted centuries ago; some trees had lovers' names written on them. A little while later, we spent the rest of the morning playing games on the green, lush field.

At 12:45 PM, we started moving towards our restaurant, where our lunch was arranged. We left Sim’s Park with a heavy heart. After a short walk, we reached the restaurant ‘Bagicha’ where we had a delicious meal - ‘Chicken Biriyani’ followed by ice cream for dessert.

After lunch, we started walking towards the Coonoor railway station, seeing lush greenery and low-rise buildings across the hillside. We reached the railway station much earlier than expected and realised the scientific fact that going down is faster than climbing up!

Finally, the highly anticipated highlight of the trip began: the scenic 'toy train' ride from Coonoor to Lovedale. The train departed from the station precisely at 4 PM with the children singing their favourite School Assembly Songs. The train chugged past the hillside, giving us a marvellous view of the flowers, river, and waterfalls. It also went through a tunnel, making us shout in sheer excitement.

We arrived at Lovedale station at 5 PM and entered our school through the archery ground, prompting the security personnel to perform a headcount.

We wish to thank all the staff who made this outing memorable.


Dev Menon (Nil, Class 8A) and Aditya Dev (Ara, Class 8C)

Class VIII Girls' Outing to Red Hills

On 10 September 2023, the girls of Class VIII went on an adventurous trip to the Red Hills nature resort. The journey to our destination was splendid. We had lovely weather. We danced and sang songs on the bus.

The one-hour trip taught us to respect everyone’s opinion, and when we reached, the guide and owner of the resort gave us a warm welcome, and as an Old Lawrencian, he shared many stories with us. We went on a long trek and were welcomed by the wagging tails and furry hugs of five dogs.

The trek was indeed tiring but also enjoyable. We struggled at first, but we completed the trek with patience and hard work. We took many pictures with our beloved teachers. At the peak, we were exhilarated by the hill's breathtaking views. We ran around with the dogs and landed with them. They were extremely friendly and adorable. Our journey downhill was steep, and we slipped multiple times, but with every fall, we got back up and never gave up. There was always a helping hand, and we made new friends. We had a sumptuous lunch, and as we were famished, we ate to our heart’s content.

We learned the value of friendship and companionship. We must rise with every obstacle and ‘never give in’. We thank our dear teachers who accompanied us.


Emayaa P S – Nilgiri

Rheya Duggal - Aravalli

Nandini Rana - Vindhya

Mahi Airen- Vindhya



IPSC- Under 14 Girls Daly Collage, Indore


From September 9th to 11th, 2023, the Daly College in Indore held the Under-14 IPSC Hockey Tournament for girls. In this report, we will discuss the performance of our School's team, the conditions provided for the players, and the areas of improvement the coach identified.

Our School's hockey team secured the 4th position.

Third-Position Match: The team faced Vidya Devi Jindal School and, unfortunately, lost by a slim margin of 1-0.

It's a matter of great pride that two talented girls from our School have been selected to represent at the SGFI nationals.

The hospitality extended by Daly College in terms of accommodation and meals was commendable and highly appreciated by our team.

Teacher’s Day - 5 September 2023

On 5 September 2023, Lawrence School, Lovedale, had more outdoor classes in a single day than they do in an entire year!

The Class 12 students took the kids outside and provided them with 58 fun lessons full of excitement and energy! Although we had fun, it made us realise how annoying we can be in class and how thankful we are towards the teachers for putting up with us daily. Later that afternoon, the Headmaster felicitated the Staff.

Finally, the main show, hosted by Adhija Roy and Krishna Agarwal, began in the evening. The one-and-a-half-hour program was put together in just two days, featuring performances by each class from 9 to 12.

Our talented boys and girls produced videos, dances, skits, songs and performances to show appreciation for our teachers. The atmosphere was electric as the renowned St. Elmo's Fire band took to the stage and delivered a spectacular performance that mesmerised the audience. This was followed by a group of talented individuals who were determined to emulate the style and grace of Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan. However, the night's highlight was the dance performance by the students of Class 12. Their skill, passion, and enthusiasm left the teachers in awe.

To end the evening, we motivated our teachers to tap into their inner child and concluded the day with a celebratory dance on the stage!

Magical Journey – The Prep School Outing


“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.


When the girls from Classes V and VI arrived at Karnataka Garden, the excitement of discovery began!


Wow, the place we visited was breathtaking! The lush greenery surrounding us was so vibrant and full of life. We were amazed by the various beautiful plants on display inside the greenhouse. We had a blast exploring the maze and even snapped some photos with our loving teachers. Our hearts were racing when we ventured onto a bridge that towered high above the ground.


During our trip, we discovered a stunning pond with a waterfall and observed fish and swans. Additionally, we visited a nursery filled with various indoor plants, which left us in awe. The journey was a great learning experience and a truly magical adventure. We thank the Prep School Staff for organising this unforgettable trip.


Irene M Joseph- VI D 

S. Rajashri - V A

The Lawrence School Social Organisation (LSO)

Visit to Indhiranagar - 6th September 2023


More often than not, through moments of self-reflection or encountering diverse circumstances, we acknowledge and appreciate the advantages and benefits we possess in our lives.


Our trip to Indhiranagar village was eye-opening. The residents live harmoniously with their environment, utilising available resources sustainably and simply. It is a humbling reminder of how much we overlook in our bustling urban lifestyles. Seeing how much joy can be found in humble surroundings is impressive.

During our trip, we experienced a touching moment when an older woman held our hand and expressed her gratitude. She shared that outsiders rarely come to offer help or show compassion. This reminded us of the importance of being present and showing up, as sometimes the most profound impact we can make is just being there for someone.


The youngsters at the rehabilitation centre were filled with contagious enthusiasm. Their bright eyes and innocent smiles conveyed a message far more profound than any spoken words - they expressed gratitude, hope, and sheer joy. Despite their daily challenges, their spirit remained unbroken, which was deeply inspiring. The children showcased remarkable abilities, from singing and dancing to crafting exquisite handmade items. Their enthusiasm for life demonstrated the resilience of the human spirit. Engaging with them, playing games, and joining in their daily activities gave us a new outlook on life.


The Lawrence Social Organisation's initiative was not just about providing material needs. It was an exchange of cultures, emotions, and lessons between two worlds. We were fortunate to receive many valuable experiences, unforgettable memories, and immense gratitude in return for all we gave.

As we made our way back, the echoing laughter, the heartwarming embraces, and the gratitude-filled eyes of the villagers and children remained imprinted in our minds. It reinforced our belief that ‘giving’ does help those in need and ‘enriches’ the giver's soul.

We returned not just with memories but with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to continue our efforts to make a difference, no matter how small. The first mission of the LSO was more than a mere outreach program; it was a journey of the heart, teaching us the true essence of humanity.

'Mind Bogglers' Inter House Science Quiz


On September 7th, 2023, the Junior School held the 'Mind Bogglers' Inter House Science Quiz in the Large Hall (SS). The competition was thrilling and informative as the young participants vied for the Quiz Trophy.

The following pupils represented the four Houses:








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