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Lovedale Tidings - April 2024 

Model United Nations Conference at Indian School Al Ghubra Muscat: Fostering Global Citizenship and Diplomacy

Participants and Committees-

The Lawrence School sent a five-member team to ISG, Muscat.

Date: 25th -27th April 2024

The members were Aahan Lahoti, Sanjay Roshan, Vedang Gupta, Arohi Godhwani and Arnaa Dhanraj.

The students from various grades, were assigned roles as delegates representing different countries in specific committees such as the UN General Assembly, Security Council, UNICEF, and UNOOSA.

The MUN conference witnessed passionate debates, collaborative negotiations, and the drafting of resolutions addressing a wide range of global issues. Participants delved into topics such as mitigation of space militarization, cyber security, and sustainable development goals. The conference provided a platform for students to articulate their ideas, defend their country's positions, and work towards consensus-building through diplomacy and compromise.

This MUN experience instilled confidence in participants, enabling them to express their opinions articulately and engage in respectful debates. Such initiatives contribute significantly to nurturing the next generation of leaders and advocates for positive change on a global scale.

Awards won-

E. Sanjay Roshan- Verbal Mention recognition-UNOOSA

Aahan Lahoti -Outstanding Delegate Award -UNICEF

A Cultural Exchange Journey: AFS Program between Lovedale and DPS Pathankot

In the AFS Domestic Exchange Program between Lovedale and DPS Pathankot, students from both schools experienced an enriching cultural journey. Lovedale's class 9 girls explored DPS Pathankot in December 2023, immersing themselves in its customs and forging new friendships. In return, DPS Pathankot sent 10 girls and 2 boys to Lovedale in April 2024, bringing Punjab's essence to Tamil Nadu. Beyond cultural exchange, the program fostered personal growth, nurturing empathy and interpersonal skills. As students bid farewell, they carried back cherished memories and lasting friendships, showcasing the transformative power of cultural immersion.

Session for the new class 5 students

Stepping into a new phase of education can be both exhilarating and daunting for young students. To ease this transition, a special session was organised for the new class V students on 19th April 2024. Led by the Counselor, Ms. Merlyn and a team of dedicated Peer Educators. Ranvijay Singh, Aryaveer Agarwal, and Emaaya P.S took charge of the session, aiming to create a supportive environment where students could bond, learn, and grow together.

The session kicked off with a series of engaging games and activities. Through these interactive activities, students had the opportunity to break the ice, make new friends, and build trust with their peers. From icebreaker games to group challenges, every activity was geared towards promoting inclusivity and encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones.

Each Peer Educator opened up about their struggles with homesickness, personal, emotional, and social challenges they faced during their time in school. By sharing their stories of resilience and perseverance, they not only inspired the students but also reassured them that they were not alone in their struggles.

The class 5 students were encouraged to ask questions, seek advice, and share their own thoughts and feelings. It was a moment of connection and empathy as students realized that they were part of a larger community where everyone had their own set of challenges and triumphs.

Building a Brighter Future: Junior School Boys' Earth Day Clean-up Initiative

On the occasion of Earth Day, the boys of classes VI, VII, and VIII from the Junior School enthusiastically participated in a campus cleaning initiative.

Armed with gloves and trash bags, the boys diligently worked together to pick up litter and debris from various areas of the Junior school campus. They focused on clearing pathways, front lawn, stables, and ensuring that common areas were free from waste.

With teamwork and dedication, the boys successfully completed the clean-up drive, leaving the campus looking cleaner and more inviting. Their efforts not only contributed to the beautification of our school but also highlighted the importance of environmental responsibility and community participation.

The Clean Drive led by the Junior School boys, guided by Mr. Purnna Behera, served as a meaningful way to commemorate Earth Day and reinforce the values of cleanliness and sustainability within our school community.

Thriving Through Adolescence

A Reflection submitted by M. Srilakshmi, based on the session conducted by the Counselor for class 8 students as they were transitioning to class 9.


Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything”. Adolescence is the time period between the beginning of puberty and adulthood. During this period, the body undergoes several changes alongside reproductive maturity. It begins around the age of 11 and lasts till 18 or 19 years of age.


The crucial skills all adolescents need to know are:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creative Thinking

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Coping with Emotions and Stress

  • Self-Awareness and Empathy

  • Vitamin N (Saying NO)



The power of saying NO…

  • Keeps you true to your values

  • Prevents exploitation

  • Protects you from abuse

  • Keeps you focused on your goals

  • Maintains your integrity


Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries define where things like our identity, personhood, responsibility and control begin and end relative to the other person. Your boundaries for your family could be different from those for your friends. Whatever the relationship, we need to respect boundaries and give each other space. In a healthy relationship both people have a healthy self-esteem. They are able to be vulnerable and assert their boundaries. They feel free to think and act independently. Boundaries are a form of self-care. Without boundaries we cannot grow as a person. We need to be okay saying NO to others and also take NO for an answer.


Teenage Relationships

Teenage relationships are driven by peer pressure and momentary happiness. Sometimes, teens get into relationships to gain popularity. Very often these relationships lead to heartbreak.


Distractions to Personal Growth

Some teenagers may become overly focused on their crushes/teen relationships, neglecting other important aspects of their lives such as academics, friendship and personal development. Teen relationships can have significant impact on the teen’s mental health leading to feelings, of anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.




Teenagers are not adults but growing into adults. Teenagers are still emotionally immature and might make impulsive decisions.


Poor Decisions

Making poor decisions is something that is common to human experience. Here are some points to deal with poor decision making:

  • Acceptance - Accept that you’ve made a mistake. It is essential to avoid feeling guilt or shame but recognize that everyone makes mistakes.

  • Learn from it - Reflect on why the decision was poor and what you can learn from it,

  • Take responsibility - Take ownership of your actions and face the consequences. Avoid making excuses or blaming others for your poor decisions.

  • Make amends - If your poor decisions have affected others, apologise and try to make amends.

  • Focus on solutions - Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on finding solutions to mitigate the negative effects of your poor decision and move forward in the right direction.


“Life is the sum of all the choices you make.”

Tech Talents Shine: Highlights from IPSC IT Fest 2024 at The Scindia School

Our students participated in the IPSC IT Fest 2024 held at The Scindia School, Gwalior, alongside 11 other esteemed institutions. Among the array of events, our students showcased their prowess in coding, website designing, digital photo editing, multimedia presentations, sound editing, 3D modeling, and digital cartoon making. Notably, Meher Bagri, Tansi Prakash, Purujit Poddar, Advika Kumar, Nithin Ishaan, Adway Koolwal, and Annika Job secured impressive positions, affirming their talents among their peers.

The event was not only about competition but also about insightful interactions and learning experiences. Special Guest Mrs. Sumitha Arora, a distinguished author in Computer Science Education, engaged students in discussions on overcoming challenges in technology projects. Additionally, Mr. Ajay Singh, Principal of The Scindia School, emphasized the responsible use of technology in an enlightening speech.

Moreover, our students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich legacy and traditions of The Scindia School, culminating in a serene Astanchal Ceremony practice in the school's historic fort location. This experience left a profound impact on our students, fostering a deeper appreciation for technology and tradition alike. We extend our gratitude to The Scindia School for facilitating this enriching opportunity.

Empowering Excellence: The Investiture of the Prefects 2024-25

The Investiture of the Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, and the Prefects at Lawrence School, Lovedale for the academic year 2024-2025 was a grand affair, graced by Chief Guest Dr. Shonali Chinniah, parents of the prefects, guests, staff, and students. The ceremony commenced with the school song ‘Sabse Sunder,’ followed by the introduction of the Chief Guest by the Headmaster, Mr. D V S Rao. Oaths of office were administered to the Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, and House Prefects, with the Chief Guest, Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Mistress-in-charge of Girls ‘School, Housemasters, and Housemistresses conferring the epaulettes. 


The Prefectorial body, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, pledged to uphold integrity, compassion, and commitment in their leadership roles. Dr. Shonali Chinniah delivered an inspiring address, emphasizing the importance of leadership. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem and a dinner on the Front Lawns for guests, parents, staff, and Class 12 students.

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