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Inter-House 2nd Language Storytelling Competition, Class 5 (Prep School)

The Inter-House 2nd Language Storytelling Competition held on 31 October 2023 was a significant event for the eight pupils from Class 5 who participated in the Event. These students displayed remarkable enthusiasm as they showcased their storytelling skills. 

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Nilgiri District Open Badminton Tournament -2023

Lawrence Champions

Nikhita and Kamalini demonstrated remarkable skills and teamwork, dominating the women's doubles at the Nilgiris District Open Badminton Tournament held at Anna Stadium between 27th and 29th October 2023. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they were awarded a well-deserved cash prize of Rupees 10000 and a trophy.

Inter School Tennis Tournament For Boys & Girls -2023

Our School was privileged to host the esteemed Inter-School Tennis tournament for both boys and girls from the 27th to 31st October 2023. Our students represented our Institution with pride. We are delighted to share that their skills and dedication shone through, making us proud of their performance.

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The Inter-House One-Act Play – A Jubilant Revival

On 28 October 2023, after over a decade, the School revived the Inter-House One Act Play competition for Senior School, marking a red-letter day in the School's history. The Deputy Headmaster and the Headmaster wholeheartedly supported the revival of the One Act Plays.


This year's theme for the One Act Play Competition took inspiration from O. Henry's ‘After Twenty Years’. The moment the theme was disclosed, the students, the Prefects, Housemasters and Housemistresses of all the Four Houses got together to script a play for a maximum of 20 minutes. The English Teachers edited and fine-tuned the scripts.


The entire event was House-Driven. Seeing the camaraderie and the indomitable House spirit come into play was overwhelming and heartwarming. Each House became a play production unit where students wrote, directed, and produced their plays with the guidance and encouragement of their Housemasters, Housemistresses, Assistant Housemasters/Housemistresses and English teachers.


The Aravalli House performed a musical play titled, ‘At the Crossroads’, which told the story of Manav. Manav, a wealthy business tycoon, is wrongly accused of sexual assault by his employee Radha, and his lawyer friend Tenzing helps him. The production of 'At the Crossroads' presented a significant challenge due to the unique nature of the performance, in which all the dialogues and the monologues were delivered through song.


The play, ‘First August,’ was staged by the Nilgiri House. Childhood friends Mark and John meet only on Friendship Day. In 1945, their lives changed unexpectedly. One of them enjoys the best life has to offer, while the other faces a difficult decision. This play explores emotional conflict, friendship, love, and sacrifice.


'The Pages of Harmony' was performed by the Sumeru House. Dhwani finds her late mother's diary and seeks to uncover what happened on 14th January 2003, leading to her mother's silence. As she delves into her mother's past, she finds painful truths. It is a story of love and hate, broken friendships and hopeful hearts, all intertwined in the seamless tapestry of theatre.


Vindhya House's 'Showstopper' was a play about Bobby and Jim's tale of trust and betrayal in the entertainment industry. The play was a gripping experience that seamlessly blended film techniques to create a breathtaking performance.


Reviving a tradition is not an easy task, for it requires dedication and commitment. The successful revival of the One Act Play tradition by the Department of English was made possible only due to the unwavering support of the Deputy Headmaster and, most certainly, the Headmaster. It was indeed an impressive accomplishment!

Reading India-2023

Book Fair 

On 28 October 2023, we hosted the Reading India-2023 Book Fair in the Junior School Prep Hall. This event, hosted by our School as proposed by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, brought together students, teachers, and book enthusiasts to celebrate reading and improve children's reading habits.

The Headmaster, Mr D V S Rao, inaugurated the book fair along with the Deputy Headmaster, Mr Rajan Narayanan. The Headmaster received mementoes from the Ministry of Culture, presented by the bookseller Blossoms Book Centre.

The book fair was a colourful sight, with a treasure trove of books on racks spanning various genres. Students and teachers explored the books, discovered new authors and recommended their works. Opening a book and immersing oneself in its pages remains an invaluable pleasure. Our School is committed to fostering this love of reading for our students.                                                                                                                 

M Murugan


International Round Square French Language Lab

A Rendezvous 

On 24th October 2023 and 31st October 2023, four of our French students of Class X and two French students of Class IX, namely Ananya Niranjan Bhargava (Class X), Ansh Singh (Class X), Sharanya Malhotra (Class X), Rannvijay Singh(Class X), Krishiv Agrawal (Class IX) and Shambhavi Nitin Kaushal(Class IX) attended two online French Language Labs offered by the International Round Square Schools with their teacher coordinator (Head, Department of Languages), Ms. Renu Pandey.

Our students attended the first online RS French Lab session hosted by the Lyford Cay International School (The Bahamas) on 24th October 2023, with the theme, ‘Food & Traditions’. One hundred thirty students from twenty-two schools across eleven countries participated in this event.

Ananya Niranjan Bhargava presented South Indian cuisine under ‘la nourriture’(Food), mentioning the sumptuous Dosa, Sambhar, Potato Masala, Coconut and Tomato chutney. Krishiv Agarwal played 'Vande Mataram' on the Harmonium. Our students also made a PPT presentation on ‘Navratri’.

The RS French Language Lab's second online session on the theme, 'Family and Friends,' was hosted by the Inter-Community School (Switzerland) on 31st October.  The hour-long session included quizzes and discussions on family, friends, hobbies, and nationalities. Our students won some of the quiz rounds.

The students express their gratitude to the Headmaster, the Deputy Headmaster, the Bursar, and the Dean of Activities for allowing them to demonstrate their language-based presentation skills on an international platform. They also thank Mr. Kuldeep Singh, our RS Representative, for giving them such a unique opportunity.

French Storytelling and Speech Competition (SS)

The Inter-House French Storytelling and Speech competition for Classes 9 and 10 was held in the Senior School on 27 October 2023.

The competition aimed to foster a deep love and interest in the Language among the students, enhance their narrating skills, and provide them with a platform to showcase their speaking, reasoning, and oratory talents. The competition was quite challenging in both classes, especially in class X, where the margin between the winners' results was relatively narrow.

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Navratri in School

Dandiya is believed to have originated from the story of Goddess Durga's victory over the demon Mahishasura. It is a dance form that emerged from the battle between them. This dance is usually performed during the celebration of Navratri.

The Dandiya dance was held in our School on 24 October 2023. The students from Classes 9 to 12 participated in the Dandiya, creating lasting memories as the sun set and laughter filled the air.

Our students learnt the traditional dance moves of Dandiya under the guidance of our dance teacher, Ms. Sabitha Madhav. The middle flats resembled a kaleidoscope with bursts of colour and the unified sound of the Dandiya sticks.

The boys and the girls danced so gracefully. It was an event to cherish and remember!

Diya and Priya

Class XII

 Preppers Visit Ooty Book Fair

Excitement was in the air when the announcement was made that around 71 students from class 5 would be on a trip to Ooty on Monday, 23 October, to the Book Fair and to witness cultural programmes organised by the Nilgiri District Administration under the guidance of the Collector of the Nilgiris.

Eyes widened in wonder, the students explored rows of captivating books, meeting authors and illustrators. The scent of new pages filled the air, igniting their passion for reading. Students engaged in lively discussions with peers, choosing treasures to bring back to their dormitory.

Our preppers had a thrilling day filled with newfound knowledge and literary inspiration, reminding them that books are gateways to endless adventure and learning.

Several other schools from in and around Ooty also visited the Book Fair.

Watching the little ones choose books, handle money, and assist others was heartwarming. It was a great day!

Ms Sashikala Radhakrishnan

Department of Science

Prep School Musical Extravaganza

A Celebration of Musical Diversity and Talent

The musical evening held by the preppers on 21 October 2023 showcased diverse musical talents using a range of instruments in the Prep School Large Hall. The Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Dean of Activities and the Prep School Staff were present.

Programme Highlights:

1. Medley of Songs: The pupils of Class V and VI opened the musical evening with a captivating medley of songs.

2. Flute Recital: The serene and melodious notes of the flute by Vaishnavi Arasada filled the air. The audience was transported to a world of tranquillity through the enchanting music.

3. The ukulele performance by Stanzin of Class VII was mesmerising.

4. Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu Songs: The event's diversity was highlighted by including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu songs performed by the pupils of Class VII and VIII.

5. Guitar Performance: The boys of Class V showcased their amazing performance with guitars. The strings resonated with emotion, leaving the audience in awe of the boys' performance.

6. Grand Finale: The grand finale of the evening featured a dynamic band performance by the girls of Class VIII. The synergy of the electric guitar, vocals, and drums resulted in an electrifying musical climax.  

At the musical evening, the students demonstrated their dedication to creating a captivating musical experience. We thank the student coordinators, Emayaa P S, Nandini Rana, Shivaranjani Bharadwaj and Devyani Bharadwaj. The musical event impressed the Headmaster, who sang and captivated the audience as a gesture of appreciation.

Ms Anita Prabhu


PSC Athletic Meet for Under 19 Boys - Report

The IPSC Athletic Meet for Under-19 boys was held at Punjab Public School in Nabha from Oct 19-21, 2023, with 12 schools participating across India.

Our athletes excelled, setting records and indicating a promising future for our School's athletics.

P.A Najappa was the star of the championship, winning gold in the 400-meter race and silver in both the 200-meter and 100-meter races, earning him the title of "Best Athlete of the Championship."

Shivanth clinched a gold medal in the high jump event, showcasing his dedication and hard work that outclassed his competitors.

Agastya also made his mark in the Meet by winning a silver medal in the triple jump. His impeccable technique and agility were noteworthy.

Our school's 4x100m relay team, comprising P.A Nanjappa, Agastya R, V Vidhusen, and Anshuman, won the silver medal, contributing to our School's achievements.

In conclusion, the IPSC Athletic Meet was a resounding success for our School's athletes. Their dedication, training, and perseverance were evident in their outstanding performances. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and confident they will continue to reach new heights.

Inter-House French Storytelling Competition

The Junior School Inter House French Storytelling Competition was held on 18 October 2023 in the Prep Hall for students of Classes 6 to 8.


The competition proved a formidable challenge, as the participants captivated the audience with their mesmerising stories, leaving the panel of judges with the daunting task of selecting the winners.

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Inter-House Tamil Storytelling Competition

The Junior School Inter-House Tamil Storytelling Competition was held on 18 October 2023 in the JS Prep Hall for pupils in Classes 6, 7, and 8. The contestants regaled the audience with stories that left them spellbound! 

The judges were confronted with the challenging responsibility of selecting the winners.

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Sculpt 23 - Senior School

"Sculpt 23" was a 4-day Inter-House sculpture and pottery competition for senior students, held from October 14th to 17th, 2023.

This competition had 16 students participating, with each House having two representatives in Sculpture and Pottery.

In the pottery category, students were presented with two themes: "Stories from your Dreams" and "Space Exploration." The challenge was to transform these themes into beautiful, handcrafted pottery pieces.

One remarkable aspect of this competition was the diversity of ideas explored. Their interpretations ranged from the perspective of dreams to the celebration of imperfections and even explored the incredible journey of ISRO.

In the Sculpture category, students worked in two teams, representing each House. The themes were equally captivating: ‘Memento to Celebrate the Journey of ISRO’ and ‘Create a Fantasy Superhero'.

The students explored ideas that spanned the incredible accomplishments of ISRO's Chandrayaan mission, honouring India's humble beginnings transitioning from bullock carts to space missions. Students also presented a superhero who embodied the role of a father as a protector and provider for his family.

The panel of judges comprised senior teachers interested in pottery and sculpture, along with the Sculpture Master, Mr Regan Raj. After careful deliberation, we selected the winners based on their ability to interpret the theme, demonstrate skill, and showcase creativity.

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Miss Devadason Memorial Girls Hockey Tournament

The Miss Devadason Memorial Girls Hockey Tournament was held on 14 October 2023, at St. Hilda's School in Ooty. Schools from the region gathered for a day of competition, skill, and sportsmanship.

Our school's girls showed exceptional teamwork, dedication, and skill by defeating every opponent they faced. Their steadfast determination and excellent gameplay made them the tournament champions.

Each match saw our team outperforming their counterparts, playing defensively and offensively with finesse.


Our School team won the tournament and we are proud of our Girls. Thanks to St. Hilda's School for hosting the Event.  Our team is excited about future challenges.

Hebron School Drama Festival

Our students had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Hebron School Drama Festival on 12 October 2023. The play staged on the occasion was an adaptation of the classic movie, ‘Casablanca’. It was an incredible learning experience for our young Lawrencians to understand the art of direction and theatre.

Nilgiri District Inter-School Basketball Tournament

The HADP Stadium hosted the Nilgiri District Inter-School Basketball Tournament for boys and girls from 4th to 6th October 23. The tournament witnessed participation from 16 teams, each vying for the coveted title.

A highlight of the tournament was the impeccable performance of our school teams.

Our school team remained unbeaten throughout the tournament, a testament to their prowess and commitment. In particular, the girls' team as they clinched the title by defeating The Laidlaw Memorial School in a riveting final match, bringing pride and joy to our institution.

Anaya Dhar from our school was a standout. Her phenomenal performance on the court, her leadership, and her ability to drive the team forward led her to be rightly adjudged the Best Player of the Tournament.

A Rendezvous with Vikram Sridhar

On the 5th of October 2023, the pupils of Class 5 had the privilege of attending a captivating storytelling session conducted by Vikram Sridhar, a professional storyteller. The session was a delightful blend of education and entertainment, leaving the young minds both informed and enthralled.

Vikram Sridhar is known for his ability to weave magic through words; this session was no exception. With his animated gestures and expressive voice, he transported the pupils to a world of imagination and wonder. The storytelling session featured diverse stories from different cultures and backgrounds, ensuring that the pupils were entertained and exposed to the rich tapestry of world literature.

Vikram Sridhar's storytelling session ignited the pupils' creativity and encouraged them to explore the fascinating world of literature. It was an event that left a lasting impact on their young minds, fostering a love for stories and a desire to learn more about different cultures and traditions.

In conclusion, the storytelling session by Vikram Sridhar was a memorable and educational experience for the pupils. The session highlighted the impact of storytelling on educating, inspiring, and entertaining young minds.

IAYP Service Project 2023

A Beacon of Hope for Kodamula Village

Date: 30th September - 4th October 2023
Location: Kodamula Village, Gudalur
Participants: 54 students (Boys and Girls) from class 11 and 6 teachers

In the serene landscapes of Kodamula village in Gudalur stood a play school that bore silent testimony to years of neglect. The structure was dilapidated, making it a less-than-ideal environment for young minds to flourish. Concerned about the safety and well-being of their children, the villagers were understandably hesitant to use this facility.

To tackle the issue, IAYP renovated a crumbling playschool with 54 class 11 students and six teachers from Lovedale.

Partnerships were crucial. The CSR provided financial backing, and the Nilgiri District Adivasi Association provided expertise for successful project completion.

In just five days, the team repaired and enhanced the building. They fortified old parts, painted walls with vibrant colours, and created safe play areas. The result: a welcoming space for learning and play.

The renovated playschool not only offered a safe and nurturing environment for the children of Kodamula village but also reinstated the villagers' trust in educational institutions. Witnessing the transformation, many families came forward, eager to enroll their children in the rejuvenated playschool.

The IAYP service project of 2023 stands as a testament to the power of collective action. Breathing new life into the playschool offered hope and opportunity to a community in need. The children of Kodamula village now have a renewed space to grow, play, and learn, paving the way for a brighter future.

During the renovation work, the students on the IAYP service project in Kodamula Village met Bomman and Bellie, the "Elephant Whisperer".


Kuldeep Singh 

Excursion to Thanjavur 

On 30 September 2023, the Humanities students of Class 12 C embarked on a trip to Thanjavur, also known as The City of Temples. Despite the long and tiring journey, our excitement soared when we caught sight of the stunning Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Trichy. We could not help but pause and admire the temple's beauty, receive blessings from the priests, and even see elephants! After our visit, we resumed our journey towards Thanjavur.

Day 1 :

We were amazed when we visited the Brihadeeshwara Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The temple was massive, and the carvings on the temple were intricate and beautiful. The Gopurams at the entrance were no less. We had an excellent tour guide to help us navigate the temple better. We visited a workshop where the lost wax technique was used to create structures, idols, and statues. It was a wonderful experience, and we got to see some fantastic works of art and even got to help them in the process! Finally, we visited the Gangakondai Cholapuram temple, a replica of the Brihadeeshwara Temple. This was a fulfilling and enlightening way to end the day.

Day 2:

We visited the Thanjavur Palace and the Saraswati Mahal Library. We also watched a video explaining the various sites of Thanjavur to better understand the places we were visiting. We also visited the Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall, where we saw a wide array of items used by the Maharaja. We even met the youngest tour guide, a small boy named Sanjay, in the museum. Then, we visited a Thanjavur painting workshop to learn about beautiful paintings in the traditional Thanjavur art style. We could even purchase them! We visited a bird sanctuary park, fed and interacted with various birds, and saw bunnies, Guinea pigs, and dogs. Afterwards, we returned to our accommodation for some rest before our journey home the next day.

Our trip was amazing and incredibly educational. We learned a lot and had fun throughout the journey. The breathtaking sights left us in awe; even the heat could not dampen our spirits. It was an enlightening experience that we will always cherish.

Outward Bound to Bangalore – Class 12B

Accompanied by our Science Teachers, Ms Sujata Ganesan and Mr Rachit Goswami, we, the students of Class 12 B, visited Bangalore on 30th September as part of the OBL. En route, we observed wildlife in Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

We visited HAL and ASTE (Aircraft Systems Testing Establishment) in Bangalore, where we saw aircraft testing, examined attack helicopters, and learned about aircraft handling, training, and rescue operations. We also saw supersonic aircraft performing flybys and drills.

During our Bangalore exploration, Mr Shankar Narayan, a member of our School's Board of Governors, kindly hosted our lunch at The Royal Orchid. Later in the evening, we visited the Vishveswaraya Science and Industrial Museum, a perfect combination of education and entertainment. The exhibits covered multiple topics, from Faraday's cage and the Ooty Radio Telescope to the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

We visited the Curiosity Science Centre the following day. Founded by Ms Sonali Chandy, a distinguished alumna from the class of 1987, the Centre sparks scientific curiosity among young students. The students explored various exhibits, and practical applications of scientific principles were demonstrated. The day's activities included an escape room challenge, interactions with tortoises, and a push-up contest with the centre's staff.

Mr. Shankar Narayan kindly treated us to lunch during our insightful visit. On our last night in Bangalore, we went to a local mall. Surprisingly, our visit was not for shopping as expected but rather to enjoy a variety of tasty foods at the mall's food court. This unique learning experience was incredibly educational and enjoyable, leaving us lasting memories.

By Arjun Singh Rajora

Class 12 B

Outbound Learning Trip to Hyderabad – Class 12 A

The 2023 Outbound Learning trip to Hyderabad was one of the most memorable experiences for the students of Class of 12-A as it provided us with an excellent learning opportunity.

Upon our arrival at the Hyderabad airport, we checked into our hotel, had dinner, and rested for the night. After breakfast, we visited Linga Furniture for a factory tour, where we saw furniture assembling and powder painting. We were introduced to the new "Tanya" collection featuring toys. Next, we visited a pharmaceutical factory to witness the storage of medicine granules. After lunch at Kayempee confectionery, we toured the facility to see the process of making chocolates and candies. Finally, we visited the LSSO wood factory to learn about crafting wooden items.

The next day started with breakfast at the hotel, followed by a tour of the Manam Chocolate factory. We learned about the chocolate-making process, created our sundaes, and received water bottles and hot chocolate mugs as gifts. Next, we visited Ikea, a furniture shop where we also had lunch, and returned to the hotel to rest before dinner and dancing at the Royal Reve Hotel.

On our last day in Hyderabad, we visited the Almond House factory to learn about sweets and ‘Namkeen’ manufacturing. We then went to the Inorbit Mall before catching our flight back to Coimbatore. This trip strengthened our bonds and showed that curriculum-related subjects can be fun and educational.

Outward Bound Learning – Class 10 Boys

Boarding schools offer a glimpse of real-world challenges. To provide a more hands-on experience, our School offers Outward Bound Learning (OBL). OBLs aim to prepare us for future challenges and develop life skills.

On 30 September 2023, fifty-six Class 10 boys and four staff members, including Mr Arnab, Mr R Gothandaraman, Mr Prakash, and Ms Farida, embarked on a journey from the Nilgiris to Kerala.

We arrived at Anaikatty at 4 p.m. and had a heavy meal in the dining hall. The outdoor activities were moved indoors due to heavy rain. We enjoyed a mini fashion show, table tennis, football, board games, and other team-building exercises. Overall, we had a great time despite the weather.

During the two-day event, we enjoyed ourselves, indulged in delicious food, and discovered the true meaning of brotherhood. Overall, the OBLs created unforgettable memories that will stay with us forever.

OBL Trip to Mystical Mysore - Class X Girls

Our outbound learning adventure took us to Mysore, India - a city known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and splendid architecture, promising an unforgettable destination for our journey.

Day 1: Arrival
We began our OBL trip on 30 October at 7:30 AM. We checked into Hotel Rio Meridian at 2:30 PM. After lunch, we went to Brindavan Gardens.

We enjoyed the magical aura of the musical fountain as it danced to enchanting melodies while we strolled through serene walkways and vibrant blooms. In the evening, we visited the Nexus shopping mall.

Day 2:  
We climbed Chamundi Hill after breakfast and saw the Nandi Statue and stunning views of Mysore. Later, we visited Arcade, where the students played car racing and Go-Karting.

After lunch, we visited St. Philomena's Church, a majestic Gothic masterpiece. The intricate stained-glass windows and the solemn ambience made it a unique and spiritual stop on our mystical adventure.

We visited Mysore Palace in the evening and were impressed by its intricate design and grandeur. The detailed ceilings and well-lit corridors left a lasting impression. Nearby, the vibrant local market was full of colourful spices, traditional garments, and delicious street food.

Day 3:  Departure
As our OBL trip ended, we returned, grateful for the magical moments in mystical Mysore.

We had a fantastic OBL trip to Mysore, exploring its grand palace, serene hill, and enchanting gardens. Mysore's rich history and culture made it the perfect destination for exploration and adventure. 

Class 9 Girls OBL Trip to Mysore


The girls of Class 9 went on a memorable Outbound Learning trip from 30 September to 2 October 2023, with six teachers. They explored the beautiful Brindavan Gardens, known for mesmerizing fountains and lush greenery, and enjoyed a magic show at the Mysore Rio Meridian Hotel.


On day two, we started with Zumba, visited Mysore Zoo, explored Lokaranjan Aqua World, shopped and ate at Mysore Mall, visited St. Philomena Cathedral and ended the day with a light show at Mysore Palace.


On our last day, we visited Shuka Vana, where we saw parrots of many kinds and explored a historic Bonsai garden. We returned to School at 9:30 PM, concluding a successful trip that gave our students rich cultural experiences and lasting memories.

A Report on Class VIII- OBL 

“One must travel to learn.” – Mark Twain

The girls of Class VIII embarked on an Outbound Learning trip to Mysore from 30 September to 2 October 2023. The teachers who accompanied us were Ms Latha, Ms Anita, Ms Josephine, Ms Malini, and Ms Shylaja. We were arranged into 11 groups of 4, each with a room-in-charge, group leader, and a teacher-in-charge.

We had an eventful trip, singing, dancing, and seeing wildlife. We checked into luxurious rooms and visited the Brindavan Garden. We returned to the hotel, exhausted but happy.

On the second day, we visited India's first Sand Museum, which had intricate sand carvings and 150 sculptures with 16 themes. We explored the Aqua World and saw 118 fish species, followed by shopping at the Nexus Mall. We visited the Mysore Palace as well.

On our last day, we visited the Philomena’s Church, admired its Gothic architecture, and enriched our spiritual experience. Next, we explored the Bonsai Garden and observed a variety of flora. We had an amazing experience observing the many bird species at Shuka Vana, a bird rehabilitation centre.

We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every moment of the trip. With heavy hearts, we boarded our bus for the last time and returned to School. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our Headmaster, Dean of Activities, and all of our teachers for putting together such a memorable and enjoyable trip.


OBL Trip to Mysore – Class 8

The boys in the Junior School were brimming with enthusiasm on the eve of their departure for the Outdoor Bound Learning excursion to Mysore. We were so excited that we could not get a good night's sleep! The following day, we boarded the buses at 6:30 a.m. and made a breakfast stop before finally arriving at the hotel in Mysore.

We were exhausted after our long journey but were still eager to explore. We freshened up and left for Brindavan Garden at 4:30 p.m. The garden was packed with people and shops. Each one of us had 500 rupees to spend there. We were instructed to regroup at the entrance at 7:30. Later, we returned to our hotel and were supposed to have a campfire, but it was drizzling, so we retired to our hotel rooms.

We slept for several hours and missed our yoga practice, but our teacher promptly woke us up for Zumba. After the exercise, we prepared to visit the zoo and had breakfast before leaving. The zoo was enormous, and the walk was tiring, but the experience was worth it. In the afternoon, we visited the mall and returned by 7:45 pm. We then returned to our hotel and enjoyed a DJ party and a campfire before finally going to bed at midnight.

We woke up at 7:00 the next day and realised it was our last day. After having breakfast at 8:30, we left the hotel at 9:15 and headed to a bird sanctuary where we saw 543 different species of birds. We wished the trip could have been extended as we were leaving Mysore!

We thank all the teachers who accompanied us throughout the journey.

Class VII Boys Outbound Learning Camp - 2023 

The Class VII Boys from our School embarked on an exhilarating journey of learning and adventure at Sky High Academy, Anaikatti, from 30 September to 2 October 2023. The objective of this camp was to provide students with a unique opportunity to engage in outdoor activities, foster teamwork, and promote physical fitness.

The camp itinerary was meticulously planned to offer a diverse range of mental and physical activities that challenged the students. Some of the key activities included:

Trekking, Rock Climbing, Health Run, Icebreaker Activities and High Rope Courses.

The outbound learning camp at Sky High Academy yielded numerous educational and personal development benefits for the participating students:

Physical Fitness, Teamwork, Confidence Building, Nature Appreciation and Social Interaction.


The Class VII Boys Outbound Learning Camp at Sky High Academy, Anaikatti, was a resounding educational and personal development success. The students returned with renewed self-confidence, improved physical fitness, and a greater appreciation for teamwork and nature.

We sincerely appreciate Sky High Academy for their exceptional organisation and facilitation of this camp. We believe that experiences like these are integral to holistic student development, and we eagerly anticipate more such enriching opportunities in the future. We express our gratitude to the Headmaster, Bursar, Dean of Activities, and Staff (Mr Purnna B, Mr Swetank P, Mr Abhishikth G, Ms Vidhya, and Ms Jeyalakshmi) for organising this educational program.

OBL Trip To Mysore – Class 6 Boys

Our OBL experience began with a 6-hour bus ride to Mysore. We enjoyed music and had a packed breakfast on the bus. We checked in at Sepoy Hotel at 1 p.m.

We visited St. Philomena’s Church and Brindavan Garden, where we saw the fountains. We received 600 rupees each as pocket money at a mall.

We visited a bird sanctuary and an aquarium, where we saw various animals and learned about them. After lunch at the hotel, we returned to celebrate our batch mate's birthday with a party, dancing and singing.

On the last day of our trip, we visited a zoo and the Mysore Palace. We saw different animals at the zoo and the armoury of  Tipu Sultan at the palace. We left for our hotel to collect our luggage and started our return journey towards Ooty.

We are grateful to the staff members who accompanied us on the lovely trip to Mysore.

Class V, VI Girls' OBL Trip to Mysore

An Enriching Educational Journey

''Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”

  - Francis Bacon


On 30th September 2023, as part of the OBL program, the girls from Classes V and VI, accompanied by their teachers Ms Rekha, Ms Shashikala Radhakrishnan, Ms Nidhi Mishra, Ms Anju Gijo, and Ms Petricia, departed for Mysore at 6:30 AM.


The first day was filled with excitement as we checked into the Palace Inn hotel. After lunch, we explored St. Philomena's Church and the beautiful Brindavan Gardens. Despite the disappointment of the musical fountain being closed, we enjoyed shopping for souvenirs.


The second day began with a visit to Chamundi Hills, offering a stunning city view. We could not enter the temple as it was heavily crowded. However, we enjoyed the shopping that followed the brief temple visit. A trip to the Fish Aquarium allowed us to appreciate the underwater world, and a visit to the Mysore Zoo thrilled us with various animal sightings. The day concluded with a toy train ride at the Rail Museum, more shopping at Nexus Mall, and a lively DJ party with a special cake-cutting for those born in October!


On the final day, we marvelled at the grandeur of Mysore Palace and visited the Sand Museum, where creatively sculpted sand structures impressed us. After tea, we began our return journey, reminiscing about this beautiful experience.

Class V Boys OBL Trip to Mysore - A Report 

The Class V Boys, along with Mr Murali, Mr Sahoo, Ms Sheela and Ms Saradha, went on a memorable three-day student trip to Mysore, a city known for its rich heritage and cultural attractions. The trip was organised to provide students with an educational and enjoyable experience. 


 Day 1 - The journey began promptly at 6:30 a.m. from our school. We ensured that we were well-prepared for the day with packed breakfast. Our first destination was the magnificent Philomena Church, followed by a visit to the majestic Mysore Palace. The students were in awe of the grandeur of these historical landmarks. 


Day 2 - On the second day, we embarked on a journey to Chamundi Hills, where we climbed the 1,000 steps to reach the Chamundeshwari Temple. The panoramic view of Mysore from the hilltop was breathtaking. We then visited the Shuka Vana Bird Park, where students could observe a diverse range of exotic birds. After lunch, we went to Brindavan Gardens and visited the Mall for shopping and relaxation.


 Day 3 - On the last day, we visited the Mysore Zoo, where students were thrilled to see a variety of wildlife, from tigers to elephants. We also explored the Fish Aquarium, where students learned about aquatic life. After a satisfying lunch, we began our journey back to school, concluding a fantastic educational tripand creating lasting memories.

Lawrence Girls' Badminton Team Achieves Podium Finish

Our U-17 girls' badminton team excelled at the Pinegrove School IPSC Girls' Badminton Tournament in Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh, from 26 to 29 September 2023.

Our U-17 girls won the second runner-up position in the tournament, competing against over 20 schools and defeating them by a significant margin.

Some of the schools we defeated include The Assam Valley School, Raj Kumar College, Raipur, Army Public School. Dakshai, Daly College, Indore, and Punjab Public School in Nabha. 


The members of the Lovedale team are listed below.

1 . Errabelli Nikita Rao - Class 10

2. Riya Vaibhav               - Class 11                       

3 . Kamalini Ramesh    -  Class 11

4 . Mehak Singh             - Class 10

5. Jahnavi Sai Bonthu   - Class 10


Staff: Mr. Prakash & Sophy Benny

The Taekwondo Belt Exam

“Awareness and integrity are the basic elements of honour”.

Korean Army General – Choi Hong Hi

Founder of Taekwondo 


To qualify for the yellow belt, students must show their proficiency in basic techniques such as stances, punches, blocks, kicks, self-defence techniques, and tools. Taekwondo belts indicate a student's proficiency and readiness for advancement.

The pine tree grows stronger and sprouts green needles, showing growth. Students learn about water energy and its flow.

After the rapid growth of white and yellow belts, the step up to the Green Belt can feel overwhelming. Remember to work smart and hard.

Taekwondo improves energy, coordination, self-esteem, and overall fitness. It helps develop discipline, leadership and promotes mental and physical well-being.

The students qualified and advanced to the next level.

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