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Lovedale Tidings


The induction of the outgoing students of the batch of 2023-24 into the Old Lawrencians Association (OLA) was held at Ooty Club on 20 January 2024 with great enthusiasm and nostalgia. This event marked the transition of graduating students into the alumni community, fostering a sense of connection and continuity with their alma mater.


The event commenced with a warm welcome by the President of OLA, Mrs Beena Belliappa, old Lawrencian, class of 1970, followed by a brief overview of the objectives and significance of the OLA. The Headmaster, Mr D V S Rao, in his address, mentioned that the OL lunch was a kind gesture that marked the official entry of the outgoing batch into the OL Association and their continued bond with the school. The deputy headmaster, Mr Rajan Narayanan, thanked the OLA for hosting the lunch and motivated the students to strive for excellence in their future endeavors and to make meaningful contributions to society.  


The other Old students present shared their experiences and emphasized the importance of staying connected with the school and fellow graduates and contributing to the betterment of the school.


The outgoing students were then invited to complete the procedure of induction by filling up the application forms for the life membership of the OLA. The ceremony served as a reminder of the enduring legacy of their alma mater and the importance of staying connected with their roots.  The induction ceremony ended with a scrumptious lunch.


The inter-house Tennis Competition organized for the Prep school and the Junior school students from 12th February 2024 to 17th February 2024, was a resounding success, bringing together participants from different classes for a spirited display of tennis prowess. The competition saw a remarkable turnout with participants from various skill levels. The diverse mix of players added excitement and competitiveness to the event, creating an inclusive atmosphere. The participants were primarily from Prep school and Junior School. The results are as follows:

Prep School Boys (Class 5 & 6)

Winner - Sumeru House

Runner Up - Aravalli House

Second Runner Up - Nilgiri House

Best Player Of The Tournament - Varish Sundarka -5A- Sumeru House

Most promising player of the tournament - K.P. Harshan Arya -6B -Aravalli House

Prep School Girls (Class 5 & 6)

Winner - Sumeru House

Runner Up - Aravali House

Second Runner Up - Nilgiri House

Best player of the tournament - Aashna Chaunhan-6A- Sumeru House

Most promising player of the tournament - Ira Goyal -5B - Aravalli House

Junior School Boys (Class 7 & 8)

Winner - Nilgiri House

Runner Up - Aravalli House

Second Runner Up - Vindhya House

Best player of the tournament - H. Arjun - 7D - Nilgiri House

most promising player of the tournament - Aryan Bafna - 7D - Aravalli House

Junior School Girls (Class 7 & 8)

Winner - Nilgiri House

Runner Up - Vindhya House

Second Runner Up - Aravalli House

Best player of the tournament - Sowmya . K - 8A- Nilgiri House

Most promising player of the tournament - Nandini Rana - 8C - Vindhya House

The tournament was a testament to the talent and dedication of the students. It not only provided an avenue for students to showcase their tennis skills but also promoted team spirit, sportsmanship, and school spirit.

Round Square Zoom Postcard

The Round Square Zoom postcard event took place on the 21st of February at 6:30 PM, hosted by St. Stithians Girls' College in South Africa. The central theme of the event was "Community Care," aiming to foster discussions and exchange ideas on the importance of community service and ways to enhance it.

The following students and staff members attended the event:

1, Akansha

2. Alisha A

3. Nithivarshika

4. Vaani

5. Anoushka D

6. Anushka Naik


Ms Merlyn Fernandez

Mr Kuldeep Singh

Throughout the 90-minute session, participants engaged in thoughtful discussions revolving around various aspects of community care. The topics discussed were as follows:

Common Practices towards Community Service in Your School: Participants shared insights into the prevalent practices regarding community service within their respective schools. This included initiatives, projects, and programs aimed at benefiting the community.

Should Community Service Be Awarded: The debate surrounding whether community service should be incentivized through awards or recognition was explored. Participants discussed the potential benefits and drawbacks of such approaches.

How to Solve Hunger - Initiatives School Should Take: Strategies for addressing hunger and food insecurity within communities were deliberated upon. Participants brainstormed potential initiatives that schools could undertake to contribute towards alleviating this pressing issue.

Sustainability in Community Service: The importance of sustainability in community service endeavors was emphasized. Participants discussed methods for ensuring that community service initiatives are enduring and have a lasting impact.

Skills Required for Community Service: The question of whether specific skills are necessary for effective community service was examined. Participants shared their perspectives on the essential skills and qualities needed to engage in meaningful community service activities. The students from Class Nine actively participated in the conference, contributing their thoughts, insights, and perspectives on each of the topics discussed. Their presentations and reviews added depth and diversity to the conversation, enriching the overall discourse on community care.

Overall, the Round Square Zoom postcard event served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas, inspiring participants to further explore ways to foster a culture of community care and service within their schools and beyond.


Kuldeep Singh

Round Square representative

Himalayan Expedition- Batch of ‘25

Our much-awaited Himalayan expedition began in the wee hours of 10th February 2024. Mrs. Bindu Dilip Kumar, Department of Mathematics, and Ms. Sophie Benny escorted us.


Day one consisted of two flights from Coimbatore to Dehradun via Delhi. We were welcomed with steaming cups of rhododendron tea at Hotel Regenta where we stayed for the night. Following a delicious breakfast, we left for Kund on the next day along a very scenic route covered with rolling green mountains and shimmering turquoise rivers. On the way we got to witness a sight straight out of our geography textbooks, the confluence of the rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda at Devprayag. It was not merely a confluence of rivers but it was the union of two different origins, two different stories, to create the holy Ganga which enriches the lives of millions of people. After a quick lunch break, we stopped to pay our tributes at the serene Dhari Devi temple which was located on the banks of the Alaknanda River between Srinagar and Rudraprayag. We were thrilled at the opportunity of walking across a hanging bridge adjacent to the temple. Around 5.30 pm, the sight of the setting sun behind the snow-capped mountains left us breathless. We followed the trail leading us closer to the ethereal mountains and reached our destination for the day- Himalayan Ecolodges. At the sight of the mountains, we realized the enormous possibilities that the trip had in store for us.


The next day, we set off on our first adventure; a trek to Devariyatal near Sari village which was located at 2,400 meters above sea level. This gave us a real taste of the challenge that lay ahead of us, scaling the mighty Chandrashila. The weariness of the trek was instantly replaced by the joy of seeing pristine white snow at the summit. The inner child in each one of us was set free the moment we stepped into the snow and we began hurling snow at each other, sliding down it and building snowmen. Returning from the trek we had our first encounter with water as we splashed about in the freezing waters of River Mandakini. We ended the day with a typical camping activity- dancing around a bonfire. Day 4 was a laidback day as we journeyed to our base camp in Chopta and had a lot of fun rolling about in the deep snow that surrounded our tents.


We began Day 5 at the break of dawn, all geared up for what was deemed to be the highlight of the trip, to conquer Chandrashila. We started our 4km trek at 8.45 am and trudged along the rugged and narrow paths covered with snow. With grit and determination, we breached the hurdles to make it to Tungnath temple. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to reach the summit of Chandrashila. However, we realized all our struggles were still worth it the moment we witnessed the halo effect of the sun on the magnificent snow-covered peaks. The clouds rushing through the mountains made us feel as if we were all starring in a movie. Upon descending we had steaming plates of Maggi and pakoras which felt like a warm blanket amidst the cold. At night, the clear sky offered us breathtaking views of various constellations.


Day 6 turned out to be the most memorable part of our trip as we traveled to Rishikesh for river rafting. On hearing the numerous safety guidelines, we all were a bit skeptical about getting aboard the rafts but once we started rafting we floated above all our concerns and were surprised at the amount of knowledge our guides passed on to us. This experience brought about team spirit and taught us that friendship would help us brave all odds. That evening we gathered for an impromptu dance session and retired early to our tents.


We set out the next morning to Mussoorie for a shopping spree along Mall Road. The road boasted of many vendors selling trinkets and souvenirs which we purchased for our loved ones. We were thrilled to find a library dedicated to Mussoorie’s Wordsworth, Ruskin Bond. Our accommodation for the night happened to be a camp located in the vicinity of a bird sanctuary. It had a lot of activities out of which we decided to partake in the freefall. The freefall had us climbing a 50-foot-tall tree and letting go from the top. This was yet another adventurous activity that helped many of us overcome our fears.


The next day at the airport on our journey back to school, we realized how the days flew by. The trip was not merely a bunch of bus rides or photographs but an emotional connection with nature which gave us memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives. The takeaway of the trip was indeed the importance of friendship and teamwork. We realized after crossing our obstacles that if we stand together as one with the words ‘Never Give In’ echoing in our hearts nothing is impossible in this world.




Gopika Sunil

Kamalini Ramesh

Aravalli House – Junior School

Lunch Outing -11 February 2024

Around 11 AM, on Sunday, 11 February 2024, we, the pupils of Aravalli House, were eager to leave for Highland Hotel, where a scrumptious meal awaited us. The Aravallians, along with our Housemaster Mr. N.T. Poopathy, Mr. N. Dilip Kumar, our matron Ms. Jeyalakshmi and Rajkumar Anna, left the premises at 11:30 AM. Our excitement was palpable and audible to everyone on the road.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we eagerly rushed to play with the Xbox console, only to find out that it was out of order. We played some games for an hour, then enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet with a wide variety of dishes. After taking a group photo, we headed back to The Lawrence School, Lovedale on the bus.

Our trip officially ended at 2:45 PM when we arrived back at school. We would like to express our gratitude to our Housemaster for organizing this fantastic trip.

Devansh Mutha(Class 8C)-Aravalli House

Daksh Dhansoia(Class 8D)- Aravalli House

Inter House English Storytelling Competition

Storytelling is a powerful tool for both entertainment and education. The Inter House English Story Telling Competition for the Class V students was held on 9th February 2024 at 2:15 pm.

The competition commenced with a warm welcome by the student host, followed by the introduction of the panel of judges. The Judges were Mr Gijo Joseph, HOD-English, and student Judges- Priya Sundaram and Arjun Rajora. Each house was represented by four selected storytellers who showcased their storytelling prowess, captivating the audience with their narrative skills. Engaging with Classic tales like Tenali Raman, Akbar Birbal, and Aesop’s fables allowed students to explore creativity and learn valuable lessons. Mr. Gijo appreciated the ambiance and presentation of the stories by 16 enthusiastic participants. The students as well as the staff of the Prep School were appreciated for their effort in offering rich narratives with moral lessons.


Individual Position:

1. Arushi Gupta, 5C, Sumeru        - I

2. Avishka Sharma, 5B, Vindhya  - II

3. Rananjay Pawar, 5B, Aravalli   - III

House Position:

1. Sumeru                      - 199 Points   - I

2. Aravalli and Vindhya  - 196 Points   - II

Inter House Computer Digi Quiz 2024 - Prep School

The Inter House Computer Digi Quiz 2024 for Prep School was held on 08th, Feb, 2024. The venue for the event was the Prep School Large Hall. The quiz entailed six rounds. The first round was History of Computers, the second round was First Inventions related to Computers.The third round was Abbreviations and round, number four was Keyboard Shortcuts. Fifth and sixth rounds had questions related to Personalities and New Gadgets respectively.

Rules for the quiz were announced and explained before the commencement of the Quiz. There were four teams. Each team had four participants from classes five A, B and C. There were some audience rounds, wherein the audience participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The results were as follows:

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