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Lovedale Tidings

New Wi-Fi Zone for Class 11 Senior School Students

The Headmaster inaugurated a new Wi-Fi zone for the class 11, Senior School students on Monday, 02 February 2024. The Deputy Headmaster, Dean of Activities, Dean of Academics, HOD IT Department, and a few members of the Staff, along with pupils of Class 11 were present at the inauguration.


 On this occasion, the Headmaster emphasised the importance of digital learning. He urged the pupils to use the facility to enhance their knowledge and skills. He concluded his speech by wishing the students all the best and motivating them to achieve their goals with the help of this new resource.


The students distributed sweets to all present.  


Mental Health in Teens


On the 30th of January 2024, Palmer Trinity School, USA hosted a Zoom postcard on the topic ‘Mental Health in Teens’. The following students were nominated to attend the session:


  1. Aadya Bhatnagar - Class 11

  2. Aiyana Singh - Class 9

  3. Anoushka Deepak - Class 9

  4. Rehan Abbas - Class 11

  5. Riyo Keisham - Class 11

  6. Vishvarajsinh Jadeja - Class 11


The School Counsellor, Ms Merlyn M Fernandes also attended the session. Students across the globe were part of the Round Square Zoom postcard. During the session, breakout rooms were organised, allowing each participant to share their perspective on mental health issues in their respective schools.


Dionne Delgado, the chief resource person explained how we respond to stress, detailing its impact on our bodies and elucidating the fight-flight-freeze response. She also gave strategies on dealing with stress - reading a book, getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water, practising mindfulness, yoga, hugging pets, or talking to a trusted person.


The students from The Lawrence School, Lovedale shared their insights on how schools could serve as shelters for those grappling with family issues, providing valuable input on the matter.


The students grasped the significance of mental health and recognized the importance of implementing a mental health curriculum in schools.

New Computer Lab for Junior School

The Headmaster inaugurated a new Computer Lab for the Junior School on Monday, 29 January 2024. The Deputy Headmaster, Computer Science teachers, the Head IT Departmen, a few members of the Staff, along with pupils of Class 8 were present at the inauguration.

During the inauguration ceremony of the new Computer Lab, the Headmaster emphasised the importance of computer science as a subject. He encouraged the students to make the most of this new facility. He urged the pupils to use the Lab to enhance their learning. He concluded his speech by wishing the students all the best and motivating them to achieve their goals with the help of this new resource.

The pupils distributed sweets to all present.  

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace - Awareness Session

Sexual harassment at the workplace is a serious issue that can create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for employees. Preventing sexual harassment is essential to ensure a safe and productive workplace for everyone.

An awareness session on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace (POSH) was conducted for the staff of the School on Saturday, 27 January 2024, in the Large Hall. The resource person was Dr. Gaurav Sharma, a lawyer by profession and an Old Lawrencian. The session was in an interactive format to engage and educate staff members about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace. The session aimed to create awareness, clarify misconceptions, and empower employees with the knowledge to foster a safe and respectful work environment.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma began the session by elucidating the legal framework surrounding POSH. He explained the key provisions of the law, emphasising the responsibility of both the employers and the employees to ensure compliance.

The inclusion of case studies added a practical dimension to the session. Dr. Sharma presented scenarios related to sexual harassment in the workplace, encouraging participants to discuss and analyze each case.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma's expertise and engaging presentation style contributed to an enlightening session. The staff members gained insights into the importance of POSH compliance, fostering a culture of respect, and the role of each employee in maintaining a safe workplace. The session has been concluded by the Headmaster.  

The School Bids Adieu to the Batch of 2024

“Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready to soar into the open sky and experience the colourful world beyond.”

As customary, The Lawrence School, Lovedale bid a fond farewell to the outgoing batch of 2023-24 on 26th January 2024. The evening was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers, to reminisce joyous moments.

The ceremony commenced with students singing the school song ‘Sabse Sundar’ followed by the speeches of the Head Girl and Head Boy, who as always brought tears to everyone’s eyes with their heart-touching messages. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to this great institution for being instrumental in shaping their personalities and providing them with stellar opportunities. The pupils were felicitated by the teachers and were awarded blazers and colours for their remarkable contribution and excellence in various fields. Mr. Joseph John, an alumnus of the School from the batch of  1979,  declared Master V.K. Sanjith Kumar as the best football player and felicitated him with the trophy of the Joseph Mathew Memorial Best Footballer of the year Award.

The ceremony concluded with the Headmaster’s address, who commended the seniors for smoothly taking on responsibilities and setting a remarkable example for their juniors despite the situation around them. He urged them to look upon this event as a celebration of their years at their Alma Mater and gave them helpful advice on how to juggle the expectations of their family and society with their aspirations. He concluded by wishing them happiness and success in all future endeavours and inspiring them to leave an indelible mark on society and make the school proud.

All students and staff relished the farewell buffet as the day came to an emotional close.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale Celebrates 75 Republic Day

The morning mist and the bugle sound emanated from the beautiful Lovedale, auguring the dawn of the 75th Republic Day. Lawrencians were all set to unleash the triumphant tricolour into the dewy morning air, reaffirmation of our resolve to keep moving forward.

The proceedings started with a Guard of Honour inspected by the Chief Guest Brigadier Sunil Kumar Yadav, an alumnus of the Rashtriya Military School, 1988 batch who is the Commandant of the prestigious Madras Regimental Centre, (MRC), Wellington.  The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of other dignitaries as well.  The guard of honour served as a fitting tribute to the chief guest and the guests, highlighting the honour and respect accorded to their presence.

The Republic Day Celebrations included the unfurling of the National Flag, the singing of patriotic song by the school choir and speeches by students highlighting the significance of Republic Day.  In his address, the Headmaster, , welcomed the Chief guest Brigadier Sunil Kumar Yadav and the special guests to the celebrations and emphasised the importance of unity, equality and justice in building a strong nation.  

The chief guest delved into the significance of Republic Day and its relevance in today’s context. He highlighted the role of students in shaping the future of our nation and urged the students to be focused and disciplined by recalling his school days.  He congratulated the students on the Grand Guard of honour and commended the efforts of the students and the staff in grandly organising the event.

The celebrations came to a close by the vote of thanks proposed by the Deputy headmaster.

Farewell Dinner for Class of 2024 at Headmaster's Residence

A poignant and memorable farewell dinner was hosted for the outgoing batch of 2024 at the Headmaster's Residence on the 19th of January, 2024, at 7:00 pm. The evening unfolded with a cascade of delightful moments and engaging activities that marked the culmination of the journey of the outgoing batch.


The program commenced with stirring speeches from the Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Head Girl, and a select group of students who shared their unique experiences, offering valuable insights and encouragement to their peers. The Headmaster, Mr. D. V S.  Rao, addressed the gathering, adding a touch of wisdom and reflection to the occasion.


The active participation of the staff, who attended the function, was heartening and contributed to the warmth of the gathering.


Culinary delights took center stage as the dinner featured an extraordinary, delectable vegetarian spread, catering to various tastes and preferences, and leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.


The ambiance of the evening was further heightened by the captivating musical talents on display. A live band by students added to the festive atmosphere, providing a melodious backdrop that complemented the spirit of the event.

Adhija Roy's Book Cover for 'Franz Kafka - Metamorphosis' Secures 1st Place in Art and Literature Fusion Category, Ooty Lit Fest 2023

The Lawrence School, Lovedale, is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of Adhija Roy, a talented student from Class XII, whose book cover design for 'Franz Kafka - Metamorphosis' has been awarded 1st place in the Art and Literature Fusion Category. This recognition is a testament to Adhija's creative prowess and innovative approach to blending art and literature seamlessly.

The competition, which invited entries in the Art and Literature Fusion Category, aimed to celebrate the symbiotic relationship between visual art and literary works. Adhija Roy's book cover design for 'Franz Kafka - Metamorphosis' stood out among the entries, impressing the judges with its humor and simplicity. The design introduces a fresh perspective to the visual representation of literature. The concept not only aligns with the essence of Kafka's work but also presents an inviting and intriguing visual for potential readers.

The jury members, appreciating Adhija's work, provided insightful feedback on the book cover. They commended the design for its "funny and simple idea" and noted that it takes a "lovely new direction that could be quite inviting to someone who judges books by their cover." The acknowledgment highlights not only the artistic excellence of the design but also its potential to resonate with readers and spark interest in the literary content.

Adhija Roy's success in securing 1st place in the Art and Literature Fusion Category underscores her artistic flair and ability to translate literary themes into visually compelling designs. The Lawrence School, Lovedale, takes pride in nurturing such creative talents and providing a platform for students to showcase their artistic expressions.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale, extends hearty congratulations to Adhija Roy and the teacher Mr. Purnna Behera for this exceptional achievement.

Durva Maheswari and Sarayu Mayakonda  Make the School Proud by winning ICS Painting

Competition 2023

The Lawrence School, Lovedale, takes immense pride in announcing that the paintings of Durva Maheswari from Class XI and Sarayu Mayakonda from Class XII have received special recognition in the Painting Competition 2023, themed "Travel Diaries," organized by the Institute of Career Studies (ICS). This prestigious competition garnered an overwhelming response, with 1300 paintings submitted by talented artists from 240 schools across India, the Middle East, Bangladesh, and the USA. Notably, 14 students from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, participated, showcasing their artistic brilliance on a global platform.

The ICS Painting Competition is an annual event that serves as a platform for young artists to express their creativity and interpretation of diverse themes. The 2023 edition, with the theme "Travel Diaries," aimed to capture the spirit of exploration and discovery through art. The competition drew an incredible response, highlighting the immense talent and passion for the arts among students from various regions.

Recognition for Durva Maheswari and Sarayu Mayakonda: Durva Maheswari from Class XI and Sarayu Mayakonda from Class XII at The Lawrence School, Lovedale, have received special recognition for their outstanding performance in the ICS Painting Competition 2023. Their artworks, inspired by the theme "Travel Diaries," stood out among the 1300 submissions, showcasing not only their artistic skills but also their ability to convey unique narratives through their paintings.

A total of 14 students from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, participated in the ICS Painting Competition 2023. Their diverse perspectives and creative expressions added richness to the competition, reflecting the school's commitment to fostering artistic talents and encouraging students to participate in national and international platforms.

The following  are the students :

Arjun Singh Rajora (XII), Swastika Kangabam (XII), Sarayu Mayakonda (XII), Rishab Rahul (XII), Kashish Verma (XII), Akanksha Srivastav (XII), Durva Maheshwari (XI), Ghazal (XI), Ipshita Chanda (XI), S.Dhriti (XI), Nethra Varna A.S (XI), Aanya Ray (X), Ayesha Sana Zaki (X) and K Rithish Kumar (VIII)

The ICS Painting Competition 2023 witnessed an incredible response, with 1300 paintings submitted by students from 240 schools across India, the Middle East, Bangladesh, and the USA. The diverse range of artistic styles and interpretations showcased the cultural richness and creativity of the participants.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale, extends special thanks and appreciation to Mr. Purnna Behera, the fine arts teacher, whose guidance, mentorship, and dedication played a crucial role in nurturing and honing the artistic skills of the participating students. His commitment to excellence in the arts has consistently contributed to the success of the school in various competitions.

The special recognition received by Durva Maheswari and Sarayu Mayakonda from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, in the ICS Painting Competition 2023 is a testament to the school's commitment to fostering creativity and providing students with opportunities on a global stage. The accomplishment not only celebrates the artistic achievements of the students but also underscores the role of dedicated mentors like Mr. Purnna Behera in shaping the artistic aspirations of the school's budding talents.

The  Senior School Computer Lab gets a facelift

The upgraded and renovated Senior School Computer Lab was inaugurated by the Headmaster on 11th January 2024. The momentous occasion of the ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolized the official opening of the lab a new chapter in the school’s commitment to fostering technological education.


The lab is equipped with 35 higher configuration HP Desktops which were donated by Mr. M. A. Alagappan, an alumnus of the batch of  1959 Sumeru, and Mr. Chakravarthi Karuturi (Chakra), from the batch of 1962 Sumeru, who made their presence virtually during the inauguration. The computer lab underwent a comprehensive renovation transforming it into a modern and functional space. The outdated infrastructure was upgraded with new flooring, ergonomic furniture, and enhanced lighting to create a conducive learning environment. Overall, the renovation has revitalized the computer room, aligning it with contemporary standards and providing students with an inspiring setting for technological exploration.


The School acknowledges and appreciates its proud alumni for their generous donations. Their contribution has significantly enhanced the learning environment, allowing the Lawrencians to develop digital skills.  


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organized a workshop on Teaching Hindi and Tamil Languages on 9th January 2024 at  Sudharshanam Vidhyashramam/RMK Senior Secondary School, Avadi, Chennai, to provide educators with practical strategies for enhancing, focusing on effective teaching methodologies, resources, and activities to promote language development.


Two language teachers namely Mr. R. Saravanan and Ms. Veena Sharma from the Department of Languages, The Lawrence School, Lovedale attended the workshop.


Overview of the Workshop:

The workshop began with an opening address, highlighting the significance of Tamil and Hindi language education within the CBSE framework. Various sessions were conducted by resourceful and experienced educators and subject experts, covering diverse aspects of Tamil and Hindi language teaching.




1.Curriculum Enhancement:The workshop delved into strategies for enhancing the existing CBSE Tamil and  Hindi curriculum, focusing on both language proficiency and cultural aspects.


2.Innovative Teaching Techniques: Participants were introduced to innovative and interactive teaching techniques, including the use of technology, games, and multimedia resources to engage students effectively.


3. Assessment Strategies: The workshop provided valuable insights into designing fair and comprehensive assessment methods that align with the CBSE guidelines, ensuring a holistic evaluation of students' language skills.

4. Resource Development: A session on resource development emphasized the significance of creating engaging learning materials, which can aid teachers in delivering lessons that cater to diverse learning styles.


5. Cultural Integration: The importance of integrating cultural elements into Tamil language instruction was highlighted, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among students.


Interactive group activities and discussions facilitated knowledge-sharing among participants. This collaborative approach allowed for the exchange of ideas and best practices among educators from various schools.


The CBSE Tamil and Hindi Workshop proved to be a valuable experience, equipping the participants with practical strategies and resources to enhance the teaching and learning of Tamil/ Hindi within the CBSE curriculum.

Decision Making - A Session for Class 10

Neha Yuvaraj, from class 11, Advika Kumar, and Krishiv Agrawal, from class 9, conducted a decision-making session. It was an enlightening experience that made me realize the importance of decision-making in life. Without knowing how to make decisions, survival becomes difficult.


Neha discussed the ingredients for making a good decision during the session, which was the first thing I learned. She incorporated several questions to explain the process of decision-making.


Advika explained how decisions can impact our lives. Advika presented a video demonstrating that our daily habits are a series of small decisions.


Krishiv presented an overview of different types of decision-makers and explained how each of us fits into these types. Krishiv conducted an interesting activity where he invited five volunteers to display social conformity - the act of following others without making our own choices.


My life was greatly impacted by the session.


Urvi Tanna

Class 10 A

Nigiri House

IPSC Student Leadership Conclave

A leadership Conclave featuring sessions on cybersecurity is crucial in today’s digital age. Such programs organized for students aim to equip young leaders with the skills that are essential in responsibly using the virtual space. Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) organized the conclave at Rajmata Krishna Kumari's Girls Public School, Jodhpur, Rajasthan from 18 December 2023 to 20 December 2023. 


The following students of our school participated in the Conclave:


1. Nethra Varna Class    11 A (Aravalli House)

2. Nusra Ansari  Class   11 B (Nilgiri House)
3. Nirumpama Sudhir     11 A (Sumeru House)
4. Nishika Tanna             11 B (Vindhya House)
5. Bimal Dev                   11 B  (Aravalli House)
6. Vishvarajsinh              11 A (Nilgiri House)
7. Vidur Varshan             11 A (Sumeru House)
8. Riyo Keisham             11 A (Vindhya House)


The Conclave comprised various keynote addresses by eminent resource persons from different strata of society. When Brig. Sonali Passi Verma focused on providing an understanding of oneself, Mr. Rakshit Tandon made the participants aware of Cyber Safety. Ms.Sevanthika Bhandari, another resource person,  emphasized being the best version of oneself through exploration. The participants also enjoyed the "Leadership Trailblaze" - Osian tour, a Safari in the deserts. 


The Leadership Bonanza - Spectacular Speeches were given by the participating teams.  19 schools participated in the event. The delegate from The Lawrence School, Lovedale,  Ms.Nirumpama Sudhir of Class 11 A, Sumeru House, secured second position among the 19 delegates. She gave a mind-blowing speech on leadership by taking the example of the inspiring leader Ms.Indra Nooyi  CEO of Pepsi Co. She, in her speech, highlighted the qualities of this achiever, the hardships she had gone through, and the contributions of Ms Indra to the company in particular and to the environment at large.

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