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The Lawrence School, Lovedale offers a wide array of activities, both artistic and performance-based. 


​Our pupils are expected to take part in one activity or more to hone their creative and execution skills during the year. Displays of these activities are showcased during the Founder’s Day exhibitions. Alongside our excellent academic performance, our pupils make exceptionally talented artists and crafts people.

Art and Fine Arts

The Art & Fine Arts Department at The Lawrence School, Lovedale, is a vibrant hub for nurturing creativity and honing artistic skills among our students. Our commitment to fostering a deep appreciation for the arts, along with the integration of fine arts as a subject in the CBSE curriculum, sets our department apart. 

For students in Classes XI and XII, Fine Arts is offered as a fourth subject within the CBSE curriculum. The course structure comprises a comprehensive 30-marks theory component focusing on the history of Indian Art and a substantial 70-marks practical section........Read more



The Band is an integral part of the Lawrence School culture. Every year, the Band is expected to put on an exemplary display of their skills for which they train tirelessly. The Band Master has had the distinction of being part of the Republic Day Parade for a decade and a half. 


Faculty members

​Mr. K Yona Kumar​

Band Master

Favourite Quote: "Practice makes a man Perfect"




Welcome to our school's Bharatanatyam department, where tradition meets expression. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form that seamlessly blends intricate movements, storytelling, and rhythm. Our dedicated faculty guides students in mastering the artistry, fostering a deeper connection to our cultural roots. Join us on a journey of grace, discipline, and artistic exploration in the enchanting realm of Bharatanatyam.

Faculty members


Ms. Sabitha 

Classical Dance Teacher




Equestrian (Horse Riding) 

For 5,000 years the horse has been an ever-present ally in war and peace. Civilizations have risen and fallen on their backs and evidence of the horse’s use is everywhere to be seen. Yet somehow, following the increasing pace of mechanisation in the 1930s, we have so quickly forgotten how indebted we are to the domestication of these animals.

The Lawrence School, Lovedale has 25 horses and more than 280 pupils who have taken horse riding as their favourite sport. Our stables are state-of-the-art and we have two riding grounds of dimensions 60 * 20m, 80*40m. We also have 5 kms of cross-country stretch.......Read more




The role of the guitar—and music for that matter—in academia has gone through incredible changes in the last 50 years. Today, one can learn modern and classical guitar techniques right here on campus, and for those aspiring musicians who think a six-stringer is still out of their reach, think again!




Needle Work 

We offer the pupils the opportunity to acquire the traditional skills associated with hand embroidery and develop these skills into statements of personal, independent creative expression.


Faculty Members

Ms. Swayamprabha Purnna

Needlework Teacher

Favourite Quote:- “Life is Beautiful”




We provide a fun and professional environment for pupils to learn to read music and play the Piano. We offer quality Piano instruction and our pupils have achieved various grades at their Trinity College examinations.


Faculty Members


Mr. R. Ravikumar

Piano Teacher



Sculpture and Pottery

Sculpture and Pottery are offered as Visual Art subjects to the pupils from Class 5 to Class 10 and helps them express their creative ideas. This subject lays a strong foundation for those pupils willing to pursue Design or Arts in the future. They learn the process of transforming an idea to a work of art. Sculpture and Pottery also help the pupils to relax and to be in the present and enjoy spending time creating beautiful works of art.



Sculpture-making is a form of visual expression through which the pupils share their creative ideas using materials like clay, Plaster of Paris, metal and the like. Clay is one of the most.......Read more


Vocal Art 

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” - Chinese Proverb


We think there's nothing sweeter than a singing voice and our talented Vocal Instructor couldn't agree more!

Faculty Members


T. Edwin Manoharan

Music Master



Handloom Weaving 

A handloom is a loom that weaves fabrics without the use of electricity. We, the students of handloom weaving, learn the manipulation of the foot pedals to lift the warp has to be in sync with the throwing of the shuttle, which carries the weft yarn. A perfect weave demands mind and body coordination and improves our concentration. In the process of weaving cloth using handlooms, we learn various techniques such as shedding, picking, and battening.

Faculty Members

Murali Dhanagopal 

Handloom Weaving Master


Weaving Writeup for Web 23_001.png


Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -  Bhagvad Gita.


Yoga is a tool or a practice that is used to sharpen the mind. It lays emphasis on the importance of basic human values such as truth, love, humility, compassion, forbearance, honesty and justice. It makes one conscious and aware of one’s rights and responsibilities.


When children perform yoga, it helps them in the following ways: -


Living Together (Yama): Yama promotes living in peace, observing moral rules and learning to live as part of a group. Cleaning Body and Mind (Niyama): This asana aims to eliminate toxins.......Read more

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