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Sculpture and Pottery

Sculpture and Pottery are offered as Visual Art subjects to the pupils from Class 5 to Class 10 and helps them express their creative ideas. This subject lays a strong foundation for those pupils willing to pursue Design or Arts in the future. They learn the process of transforming an idea to a work of art. Sculpture and Pottery also help the pupils to relax and to be in the present and enjoy spending time creating beautiful works of art.



Sculpture-making is a form of visual expression through which the pupils share their creative ideas using materials like clay, Plaster of Paris, metal and the like.


Clay is one of the most important materials used in Sculpture because of its plasticity and malleable nature. Pupils begin with the basics of making shapes. As beginners, pupils are trained to make geometrical shapes such as spheres, cones, cylinders and such other shapes. These shapes are then joined together to sculpt the figure of an animal. These exercises help in visualising and breaking down complex forms into simple shapes. Pupils also explore Relief sculptures and Terracotta sculptures. Senior students work on Round sculptures. The pupils also learn to use alternative materials such as wire, jute, wire mesh and thread.




Pottery begins with the preparation of clay, a crucial and important process for potters. The course commences with the pupils making simple handmade pots using the coil technique. The pupils then move on to exploring more hand-building techniques such as slab work and pinch work.   After having achieved a certain level of proficiency in handmade techniques, pupils begin to explore pottery-making on the wheel. Wheel-pottery requires undivided attention and focus. Wheel-throwing takes time to master. With continuous practise and tireless efforts, pupils develop the required skill. Shaping the desired article in clay is only work half-done; the other half is firing and glazing.  Senior students explore various glazing processes to make beautiful ceramic ware.


Sculpture Teacher


Mr. Regan R

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