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Prep School

Prep School

A Peek into Preparatory School

An imposing building of mortar and stone, erected in 1921, standing tall on a gentle incline with the Big Hill in the backdrop beckoning children from far and wide to come begin their formal education - Well that’s Prep School – the ‘Home away from Home!’

A child wide-eyed with wonder and mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension enters the portals of the Preparatory section to be whisked away by time and routine so quickly that the hours change to days , days to months, and months to years and within the blink of an eye it’s time to step out into the big world.

The wakeup call at 5.30AM heralds a day in Prep School. The little ones hurry up to finish their ablutions and then make a beeline for the ‘chota’ – a quick early morning meal of a lovely roasted bun and a cup of hot steaming tea!

The Housemasters and Housemistresses who are at the helm of the pastoral care of the children march them to the Top Flats where the physical department takes charge to make them physically fit! The keen riders go for equestrian activities, the punchers practice Taekwondo, the athletes run cross country and the disciplined lot have military training!

The gong sounds at thirty minutes past eight and 228 strong children enter the dining hall to a hearty breakfast a combination of Continental and South Indian cuisine!

On the academic front the Prep School has a time table of seven periods a day, which includes English, Math, Science, Social Sciences, and Computer Science, second and third languages. The socially useful work and other co-curricular subjects are also included in the academic program. Each classroom is equipped with a smart board so we have smart children learning in a smart way with smart teachers! The seventh period in the timetable is the most sought after - the PBL class (Project Based learning) whereby each class has to do a project of their choice which is immensely enjoyed by the children.

The afternoon slot is reserved for games- the Preppers have to try their hand at all games be it football, cricket, tennis, hockey, badminton and basketball. The coaches look out for talented players and train them accordingly.

Tea and baths happen in the evening followed by prep or evening study - here the children do self-study and prepare for the next day’s class. Teachers on duty provide necessary tutorial help to the boys and girls with their homework.

Supper gets over by a quarter to eight. The children get back to their dormitories to meet their pastoral staff and discuss the day’s proceedings with them in a friendly manner. The children speak with their parents once a week over the phone and write letters to them every week.  The Preppers have a compulsory hour of reading before going to bed! Finally, they recite a beautiful prayer and call it a day.

The Sunday routine however starts with a late rouse, (not to say that preppers are late risers), but yes, being a Sunday they can lie in bed for a while and get up at their own pace. The girls spend a lot of time wearing fancy clips, hair bands, bracelets and ear rings (their Sunday best!) and the boys are happy to be in their game’s outfits eager to go out and play.

Sunday breakfast is a lavish feast of scrumptious hot, crispy dosas, relished by all. The children keep themselves engaged watching TV, rambling, trekking, reading and playing for the rest of the day. The Sunday lunch remains light as the highlight of the day is the much-awaited tuck shop followed by a movie in the PS Large Hall.

The Preparatory Section promises a life of fun and frolic to all. There is no compromise for discipline and hard work. We have a dedicated team of teachers and House staff, who never hesitate to work beyond their call of duty.

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