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Girls School

Girls' School

A Peek into Girls School

The Girls’ School is the residential area for the girls of classes VIII to XII. They are segregated into four Houses and reside in the dormitories of their respective Houses.

The Girls’ School has a Senior Mistress at the helm of affairs coordinating the day to day functioning of the department along with a team of four dedicated Housemistress working tirelessly towards the social and emotional needs of the girls residing in Girls’ School.


A team of four committed Assistant Housemistresses complement the Housemistresses and together with the two Matrons, ensure an efficient and effective pastoral care of the girls. Although the classrooms are located in the Senior School, the Girls’ School has Prep Halls where the girls engage in study and revision during prep time. The Prep in Girls’ School is conducted in a well-structured manner and is supervised and monitored by the Girls’ School staff in order to offer an atmosphere conducive to intellectual development. The Girls’ School also provides amenities like recreation rooms and access to the internet.


In the Girls’ School there is a concerted effort by the Housemistresses, Assistant Housemistresses and the Matrons to instill among the girls, discipline, values and a sense of responsibility.

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