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Counselling Services

Counselling Department at The Lawrence School

The students are assisted in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, compassionate, self-disciplined, competent, productive and respectful citizens. The school has a dedicated full-time Counsellor, Ms. Merlyn M Fernandes.

Counselling Services

A. Individual Counselling

Students may be referred for counselling service and encouraged by parents, school staff, peers, self or based on the counsellor's observation. Concerns may include but not limited to matters relating to depression, anxiety, stress, social skills, peer conflicts, parent-child relationship, separation/divorce of parents, abuse, bullying, lack of coping skills, procrastination, poor study habits, shyness, anger, jealousy issues, teen relationships and other concerns.

B. Group Counselling

Small group counselling sessions are also conducted and consist of 3 to 7 members sharing similar concerns such as conflict resolution, anger management, developing study habits, overcoming low self-esteem, dealing with peers and so on.

C. Classroom Sessions

The Counsellor conducts regular Life Skills sessions for grades 5 to 8. The curriculum is focused on developing skills of empathy, collaboration, creativity, innovation, communication and critical thinking. Workshops are also conducted to address common concerns among various age-groups. 

D. Parent and Teacher Counselling

Recommendations are made to parents, teachers and school authorities to promote student safety and well-being. 

Articles and Sessions

Mental Health in Teens


On the 30th of January 2024, Palmer Trinity School, USA hosted a Zoom postcard on the topic ‘Mental Health in Teens’. The following students were nominated to attend the session:


  1. Aadya Bhatnagar - Class 11

  2. Aiyana Singh - Class 9

  3. Anoushka Deepak - Class 9

  4. Rehan Abbas - Class 11

  5. Riyo Keisham - Class 11

  6. Vishvarajsinh Jadeja - Class 11


The School Counsellor, Ms Merlyn M Fernandes also attended the session. Students across the globe were part of the Round Square Zoom postcard. During the session, breakout rooms were organised, allowing each participant to share their perspective on mental health issues in their respective schools.


Dionne Delgado, the chief resource person explained how we respond to stress, detailing its impact on our bodies and elucidating the fight-flight-freeze response. She also gave strategies on dealing with stress - reading a book, getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water, practising mindfulness, yoga, hugging pets, or talking to a trusted person.


The students from The Lawrence School, Lovedale shared their insights on how schools could serve as shelters for those grappling with family issues, providing valuable input on the matter.


The students grasped the significance of mental health and recognized the importance of implementing a mental health curriculum in schools.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace - Awareness Session

Sexual harassment at the workplace is a serious issue that can create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for employees. Preventing sexual harassment is essential to ensure a safe and productive workplace for everyone.

An awareness session on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace (POSH) was conducted for the staff of the School on Saturday, 27 January 2024, in the Large Hall. The resource person was Dr. Gaurav Sharma, a lawyer by profession and an Old Lawrencian. The session was in an interactive format to engage and educate staff members about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace. The session aimed to create awareness, clarify misconceptions, and empower employees with the knowledge to foster a safe and respectful work environment.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma began the session by elucidating the legal framework surrounding POSH. He explained the key provisions of the law, emphasising the responsibility of both the employers and the employees to ensure compliance.

The inclusion of case studies added a practical dimension to the session. Dr. Sharma presented scenarios related to sexual harassment in the workplace, encouraging participants to discuss and analyze each case.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma's expertise and engaging presentation style contributed to an enlightening session. The staff members gained insights into the importance of POSH compliance, fostering a culture of respect, and the role of each employee in maintaining a safe workplace.

Decision Making - A Session for Class 10

Neha Yuvaraj, from class 11, Advika Kumar, and Krishiv Agrawal, from class 9, conducted a decision-making session. It was an enlightening experience that made me realize the importance of decision-making in life. Without knowing how to make decisions, survival becomes difficult.


Neha discussed the ingredients for making a good decision during the session, which was the first thing I learned. She incorporated several questions to explain the process of decision-making.


Advika explained how decisions can impact our lives. Advika presented a video demonstrating that our daily habits are a series of small decisions.


Krishiv presented an overview of different types of decision-makers and explained how each of us fits into these types. Krishiv conducted an interesting activity where he invited five volunteers to display social conformity - the act of following others without making our own choices.


My life was greatly impacted by the session.


Urvi Tanna

Class 10 A

Nigiri House

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