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A great sport for fitness, Badminton is well suited for people of all ages and provides a great choice for those wanting to give a new racquet sport a go. Badminton is officially the fastest of all racquet sports. Players can hit the shuttlecock at speeds of up to 493 km/h towards their opponent. However, it is not just all about speed; a player can expect to run upward of four miles (6.4km) around the court during a match, whilst having the agility to maintain energy-busting rallies. In our School we have 4 wooden Badminton Courts equipped for training and hosting tournaments. Under the guidance of our qualified coach Mr. Prakash and Dr. Raji Philip who is the Director of Physical Education, our pupils have participated in many District, State, IPSC & National tournaments and brought laurels to the school.


IPSC Badminton Tournament, Sagar School, Alwar, Rajasthan

Our U14, U-17, and U-19 Badminton Boys' teams participated in the IPSC Badminton Tournament 2023 at Sagar School in Alwar, Rajasthan, from 5th to 9th November 2023.


Our under-17 boys' team secured the runners-up position in their tournament by defeating Emerald Heights, Doon School, Daly College, and Sagar School. Similarly, our under-19 boys' team achieved the 2nd runner-up by defeating Daly College, LK Singhania School, Rajkumar College, Vidya Niketan Pilani, and PPS Nabha.


Namith Putachi secured the 2nd Runner-Up position at the Individual Singles Championships. The U-14 team won against MGM Vallabh Ashram and Rajkumar College but lost to DPS RK Puram, finishing second in the league matches.


   U-17 Team

  1. Parth. A, Class 10

  2. Agnidipto, Class 10

  3. Namith D, Class 9

  4. Nirmal Dev, Class 11

  5. Ishaan K 10, Class


  U-19 Team 

  1. John Jacob Philip, Class 12

  2. Ishanth Sethia, Class  10

  3. Yeshas Chandra, Class 11

  4. Bimal Dev, Class 11

  5. Tarun SB, Class  12


The following students may represent the IPSC at the SGFI Badminton Tournament, to be held later.

  1. John Jacob Philip

  2. Namith P

  3. Bimal dev

  4. Ishaan Karthik

  5. Tarun SB

District Badminton Tournament – 2023

Lawrence Girls Emerge Victorious

Team Lawrence won multiple titles at the District Badminton Tournament held at Anna Stadium, Ooty, from 6th to 8th November 2023, making the School proud. Our team of girls dominated the Championship.

Fifteen of our top boys could not participate in the District Badminton Tournament as they had to attend the IPSC Badminton Tournament, which was scheduled simultaneously. In the IPSC Badminton Tournament, they managed to win a silver medal and two bronze medals.

Click here to view the results

Nilgiri District Open Badminton Tournament -2023

Lawrence Champions

Nikhita and Kamalini demonstrated remarkable skills and teamwork, dominating the women's doubles at the Nilgiris District Open Badminton Tournament held at Anna Stadium between 27th and 29th October 2023. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they were awarded a well-deserved cash prize of Rupees 10000 and a trophy.

Lawrence Girls' Badminton Team Achieves Podium Finish

Our U-17 girls' badminton team excelled at the Pinegrove School IPSC Girls' Badminton Tournament in Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh, from 26 to 29 September 2023.

Our U-17 girls won the second runner-up position in the tournament, competing against over 20 schools and defeating them by a significant margin.

Some of the schools we defeated include The Assam Valley School, Raj Kumar College, Raipur, Army Public School. Dakshai, Daly College, Indore, and Punjab Public School in Nabha. 


The members of the Lovedale team are listed below.

1 . Errabelli Nikita Rao - Class 10

2. Riya Vaibhav               - Class 11                       

3 . Kamalini Ramesh    -  Class 11

4 . Mehak Singh             - Class 10

5. Jahnavi Sai Bonthu   - Class 10


Staff: Mr. Prakash & Sophy Benny

IPSC Badminton, Pune


Our Badminton Boys’ teams (U-17 and U-19 categories) took part in the IPSC Badminton Tournament 2022, which was held at the BK Birla centre for education, Pune from 29th October to 2nd November 2022.


Our U-17 Boys won the Runners-Up position and the U-19 Boys were placed in the 2nd Runner up position.


At the Individual Singles Championships, John Jacob Philip secured the 2nd Runner-Up position.



The following students may represent the IPSC at the SGFI Badminton Tournament to be held later.

1.John Jacob Philip

2.Namith P


4. Rishab De

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