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The Lawrence School, Lovedale offers a wide array of activities, both artistic and performance-based.

Our students are expected to take part in one activity or more to hone their creative and execution skills during the year. Displays of these activities are showcased during the Founders Day exhibitions. Alongside our excellent academic performance, our students make exceptionally talented artists and crafts people.


The band is an integral part of Lawrence School culture. Every year, the band is expected to put on an exemplary display of their skills for which they train tirelessly. The Band Master has had the distinction of being part of the Republic Day Parade for a decade and a half. 


Faculty members

Mr. K Yona Kumar​

Band Master

Favourite Quote: "Practice makes a man Perfect"



Pottery inspires the creative genius possessed by every individual . We help create an environment that initiates creative problem-solving. To galvanize young people to enjoy the pride and joy of working and cooperating with others help children express themselves so they can find their own creative paths. The youngsters learn to mould their decisions, accept inaccuracy thus developing personally.

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Faculty members


Ms. Swayamprabha Purnna

Pottery Teacher

Favourite Quote:  “Life is Beautiful”



Dance touches the lives of thousands of people everyday. Indian dance uses every part of the body including the face and eyes. We focus on physical training and the mastery of the body. Our students train hard and perform widely.


Faculty members


Ms. Sabitha 

Classical Dance Teacher



The role of the guitar—and music for that matter—in academia has gone through incredible changes in the last 50 years. Today you can learn modern and classical guitar techniques right here on campus, and for those aspiring musicians who think a six-stringer is still out of their reach, think again!


Faculty members


Mr.  Prashanth Sebastian

Guitar Teacher




We offer you the opportunity to acquire the traditional skills associated with hand embroidery and develop these skills into statements of personal, independent creative expression.


Faculty Members

Ms. Swayamprabha Purnna

Needlework Teacher

Favourite Quote:  “Life is Beautiful”



We provide a fun and professional environment for students to learn to read music and play the Piano. We offer quality Piano instruction and our students have achieved various grades in their Trinity College examinations.


Faculty Members


R. Ravikumar, ATCL Piano Recital in Trinity College of Music, London, Grade 8 Piano in ABRSM, London, Grade 5 Electronic Keyboards in Trinity College of Music, London, Theory of Music Grade 5 in ABRSM, London.

Piano Teacher

Favourite Quote: “It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the

practice, which does.”



Before the written word, Sculpture was one of the ways our ancestors were able to convey their religious beliefs, their views on the world around them and the things that they felt were most important. The Lawrence School, Lovedale has always focused on honing ways in which students tell stories through shapes and characters. We work with Clay, Plaster of Paris and Metals.


Faculty Members

Mr. Reganraj

Sculpture Instructor


Vocal Art


A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song - Chinese Proverb


We think there's nothing sweeter than a singing voice and our talented Vocal Instructor couldn't agree more!

Faculty Members


T. Edwin Manoharan (DTE, Certificate in Vocal Training - Opera)



Take two distinct sets of yarn, interlace them together and... Voila! You have your very own towel, napkin or if time permits, your very own bed sheet!

This is one of the crucial survival techniques your child may pursue that we're sure will be an experience he or she will cherish for life.

Faculty Members

Murali Dhanagopal (, DFA, DCA, PGDIT, MBA)

Handloom Weaving

Favourite Quote: "To be perfect in the work I am assigned"




Faculty Members


Sangeetha Jairam

Yoga Teacher

Favourite Quote:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson"



We foster the excellence of upcoming artists. Creativity varies from student to student and our faculty aims to bring out the best of their artistic talents.

Faculty Members


Mr. Purnna Behera,  M.F.A (Painting)

Art Teacher

Favourite Quote:  “Not every day is good.  But there is something good in everyday". 



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