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Department of English

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The Department of English at The Lawrence School, Lovedale is as old as the Institution itself. Established with the mandate of teaching the pupils to communicate effectively both in the written and in the spoken forms of the Language, the Department’s first major work was the instituting and founding of the School’s monthly newsletter, ‘The Lawrencian’, under the stewardship of Rev William Herbert Greenland Padfield, in April 1912, which it continues to publish to this very day. The Department of English has been most intricately involved in all spheres of School life here in Lovedale ever since.


Besides publications such as the, ‘The Lawrencian’ and ‘Never Give-in’, the Department is also responsible for the production and direction of the annual school play for Founder’s as well as drafting extensive commentaries on the various events both during the Founder’s celebrations and of other events that are held from time to time, including the Investiture.


Over the years, the Department has won many accolades for the School and the pupils of both Class 10 and 12 have been awarded with Merit Certificates for excellence at the Board Examination (AISSCE and AISSE).



Currently headed by Mr Gijo Joseph, the Department of English comprises five teachers whose names are as follows: -

Mr Thomas George, Mrs Anita Prabhu, Mrs Nidhi Mishra, Ms Manmeet Kaur,

Mrs. Anshika Josephine and Mrs. Divya Subramannian.

Department of Mathematics

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  • The vision of mathematical education is based on the twin premises that all students can learn mathematics and that all students need to learn mathematics.

  • To provide quality education in Mathematics to meet both local and global education needs

  • Help students with difficulties in Mathematics

  • Promoting systematic work habits in Mathematics

  • Influence students to like Mathematics

  • Encouraging the students to learn Mathematics with understanding and applying Mathematics in day to day life


Currently headed by Mr Suresh B, the Department of Mathematics comprises seven teachers whose names are as follows: -

Mr Dhavala Venkata Someswara Rao, Headmaster, Mr N Dilip Kumar, Mr N T Poopathy, Mrs Bindu Dilip Kumar, Mrs B Vimala, Mr Jitendra Kumar Sahoo,

Mrs Yamuna J​ and Mr Abhishikt Mrinal Greenwold

Department of Science

Science Lab



Guided by the aims of the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and progressing with the vision of the National Education Policy 2019 of providing high quality education to all, the department of Science at The Lawrence School Lovedale envisions at developing young inquiring minds, with an innate curiosity about Science and the natural world around them. The foundation is laid at the Preparatory and Junior school, where the teaching of Science is directed to nurture analytical, critical and creative skills that develop a scientific temper in the student. The requisite theoretical knowledge is supported with practical skills as the student progresses to the Senior school level. Here they get the opportunity to diversify into the branches of Physics, Chemistry and Biology where skills of scientific enquiry to design and carry out scientific investigations, evaluate scientific evidences to draw conclusions, are encouraged. Project based learning, quiz programmes, field visits are taken to translate learning from the class rooms into an experiential process. Thus, excelling in the evaluation of the learning outcome, in the form of the All India Secondary School Examination and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination, becomes a very natural conclusion to the learning of Science at school level.


The Science department is headed by Mr P. Gopalakrishnanand supported by

Ms Shashikala Mani, Mr R. Gothandaraman, Ms Sashikala Radhakrishnan, Ms Lata T, Mr Rachit Goswami, Ms Rekha Valsaraj and Mr Niraj Pratap Singh. 

Department of Humanities


The Department of Humanities in our School is unique in that it integrates the study of Social Sciences with the study of Commerce.

Humanities as discipline can be described as the study of Man’s progression throughout history and the documentation of the human experience. 

Here at The Lawrence School, Lovedale, we offer a wide range of subject choices like History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Business Studies and Accountancy. Pupils have the flexibility to combine these subjects according to their interests and career prospects. Through the study of these subjects, the pupils understand the nature of Man, his past and what his future would likely be. In order to enhance their understanding of economic development, the pupils also learn about the ways in which resources are used by people.

In terms of academic performance, we have always had several toppers awarded with numerous merit certificates. Some of the career that our pupils choose after completion of Class 12 are Law, the Civil Services, Environmental Studies, and Design. The focus of the Department if Humanities has always been to nurture the inherent skills of pupils and provide them with the freedom of expression. 


The Humanities department is headed by Ms Christy Alphonsa and supported by              Ms Christina Suganthi, Ms Sonali Ghosh, Mr Arnab Chakraborty, Ms Preslin David, Mr Swetank Prakash, Ms Divyanka Shekhawat, Ms Anju Baghel and Mr Swadesh Kumar Chaubey.

Department of Languages



Language is a mirror to the inner-self. It is an effective tool in the hands of the user which enhances the confidence and personality of an individual. As ‘Appearances are deceptive’, the first few words in an interview create an ever lasting impression on the interlocutor.

The language department that comprises Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil and French aims at providing holistic and all-round development creating individuals with Indian values with a modern approach and effective communication skills. In a world running after developing IQ, we focus on developing soft skills and emotional quotient (EQ) of the learner which is the need of the hour.

From class V to X, the language teachers are committed not only to produce results in the Board examination but also to meticulously impart age-specific barometers by adopting a step-by-step approach to listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is done through various innovative and creative ideas such as dialogues, role-plays, poems, songs, playful activities and various language-based inter-house and inter-school competitions e.g. Poem recitation, spell-bee, speech, skits, drama and debate. Through them all students get chances to develop and show-case their language based skills.


Currently headed by Mrs Renu Pandey, the Department of Languages comprises eight teachers whose names are as follows: -

Hindi & Sanskrit: Mrs Veena Sharma, Mr Adya Shankar Pandey, Mr Harsh Pandey and Dr Sanjay Sharma

Tamil: Mrs Kavitha M and Mr R. Saravanan

French: Ms Arundhati Mohanty and Ms Ramya

Department of Computer Science



  • The vision of Computer department to see each and every student inclined towards computer technology and preparing students to adapt to the latest technologies for self-development and for the development of mankind as a whole.

  • To motivate students to innovate new ideas and develop new software skills to pursue their careers.

  • To make each staff member of the school familiar with computers as well as to provide an easy access to computer technology for self-development and teaching use.



Currently headed by Mr Sherpal Singh Chand, the Department of Computer Science comprises three teachers whose names are as follows: -


Mr N Rajan N (Deputy Headmaster), Mr Sumit Kumar Sharma and Ms Latha R.


The Library




“To provide information, inculcate ideas and develop knowledge among students in today’s knowledge based information society; to equip students as lifelong learners and develop in them creative thinking and imagination and enable them to live as ideal and responsible citizens”


The Lawrence School library is one of the oldest and most resourceful libraries in the Nilgiris. It is the main information repository and resource for our school students and the staff. The library’s collection comprises 27,500 books, cassettes and multimedia CDs on a variety of subjects. Though the major collection of the resources is in English, the library also has documents in French, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telegu, Kannada etc. Additionally, about 50 magazines and journals and also five leading dailies are subscribed.


The library has been automated with barcodes. The clientele refers computerized catalogue for locating books in the library. 



Librarian                            :           Mr M. Murugan

PS Library Co-ordinator  :           Ms.Anju Gijo

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