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The Trekking Club

The Lawrence School, Lovedale, introduced the Trekking Club in March 2019.


Aim of the Trekking Club


The aim of the Trekking Club is to encourage our pupils to enjoy nature and the scenic views of Lovedale by walking in the woods or forest and may be climbing a small hillock.


What is hiking or trekking?


a) Hiking or trekking is an act of walking, but is a leisurely walk as compared to other sports.


b) Hiking/trekking is engaged on well-made and wide trails which maybe man-made too.


c) Hikes or small treks are often a half day or a one day activity – which does not require much planning.


d) Hikes do not require any equipment or gear as most often we walk on already set


Trekking Fridays


The Hiking Club meets every Friday at 2:30pm and we usually have an average of 20 children, both boys and girls, from Classes 7 to 10.


The Nilgiri Hills offer the most amazing vistas. Besides, the School campus has an abundance of hills and dales that offer excellent spots to trek and climb and enjoy nature at its best. The hikes are between one and a half hours to two hours duration and offer the students different levels of difficulty from climbing steep inclines to walking down slippery paths.  Trekking through such landscapes helps the children develop the skill to pay attention to their immediate step to helping others when they are in need. This activity also provides the children with the scope of learning more about the flora and fauna of the Nilgiris.


Faculty Member​

Ms Sangeetha Jairam

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