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Photography Club

The Lawrence School’s campus, spread over acres of greenery, hills and dales, is a photographer’s paradise! It is only natural for our young photographers to capture the beauty of their beloved campus through the lens. The Photography Club, one of the most popular clubs in the School, helps our young enthusiasts pursue their hobby under the guidance of their teacher, Mr Regan.


The pupils are taught the basics of photography like exposure, composition and understanding of the camera. There are various exercises provided to the pupils to help better their understanding of the basics. Once the fundamentals are clear, the emphasis is placed on creating the picture in the mind before clicking the shutter.


As part of the Photography Club, the pupils are taken out, early in the mornings, for photo walks around the campus in order to explore the unobserved parts of the School’s estate and also provide an opportunity for them to create beautiful images. Photowalks is an activity the pupils eagerly look forward to participate. To walk among the trees to get an image, or to wait patiently for a bird, or just to see the Sunday morning pass through the mist are some of those exciting experiences that greet our pupils on such walking tours around the campus.  The pupils also get to learn the process involved in making a beautiful photograph, so that they understand that a picture goes beyond just clicking the button. 


The Photography Club has been an active contributor to the School’s website and its other social media platforms.

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