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Out Bound Learning

OBL Trip to Hyderabad - Girls of Class VIII & IX


After the initial buzz of anticipation, when we got to know that we were going to Hyderabad for our OBL, we were overjoyed. 


Mesmerized by the intricate architecture of Charminar, learning the rich and varied culture from the Golconda fort, which fascinated us with its amazing science and technology of those times, to the beautifully lit up Hussain Sagar lake, Hyderabad was truly a delight.

Ramoji film city too had scary yet thrilling rides for all of us to enjoy. The place also gave us an experience of movie making. 

The Sudha Car museum had vintage, strange and peculiar cars. The Salar Jung museum also gave us a glimpse into the rich and royal culture of Hyderabad. 

The take away for us from this trip was "Dream Big" in life.




On the morning of the 14th of August, at 5.00 am, 27 students and 3 staff members left the blue hills for the imperial remains of the Vijaynagara Empire. After 18 hours on a bus, they finally reached their destination, Hospet. Everybody got the much needed rest they deserved in the very comfortable Hotel Malligi.


The real excitement began on the 15th of August when half an hour’s journey took them to the capital city of Hampi. Suffice to say that Hampi was truly a marvel hidden within the rocks and the stories they told. The trip consisted of visits to the Vitthala Temple with the famous musical pillars, the exquisite Lotus Temple, the unique Elephant Stables, the Queen’s Bath and many more incredible sights.


On the 16th of August, the day went by with visits to various temples- the Virupaksha being the most magnificent. Each temple though similar in architectural style was diverse in its own legacy.


The OBL to Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was truly a revelation to a land often forgotten.



Out Bound Learning Trip to a Spinning Mill at Tirupur

We, the class VI students (124) along with staff (7) of our School, set out for an Out bound trip to visit a Cotton Factory in Tirupur.

During the visit, we were divided into groups to learn about different processes involved in manufacturing garments. The ‘Journey of Cotton Fibre to Fabric ‘was explained to us by experts. The process of cleaning that includes removal of dirt and unwanted substances from the cotton was the first step. This was very important as if it was ignored it would leave gaps and holes in the final products.  The machines were moving at high speed and we were warned not to get too close to them or touch them. Many tried their hand at cutting, stitching, ironing and designing. We observed and understood the manufacturing processes like Spinning, Weaving, Finishing, Quality check and Packing. It was amazing to see the transformation of cotton, tightly packed in huge bales into strong yarns. We were told that around 12-15 lac pieces were made in a month, and the machinery would consume around 30,000 units of electricity per day. In the event of power failure or shutdown the factory owner incurred a huge loss. The spinning mill we went around provided employment to 300 workers.  It was a very rewarding trip for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We are extremely thankful to our teachers and management for the wonderful experience provided to us. It was an enjoyable experiential learning!!! We had visited Kiwi’s Spinning mill and DSP knitting factory. Parents of Athmika and Pragalya of Class 6 had made all arrangement for our visit. Each one of us were greeted with a small bouquet and a welcome drink. We were also treated to a well-organized and delicious lunch. Our heartfelt thanks to the parents. We would also like to place on record our gratitude to Mr. S. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director of the mill for permitting us to explore  the facility. Last but not the least, we would like to express our thanks to our science teacher Ms. Sashikala Radhakrishnan for the initative and enthusiasm. It was a fruitful and unforgettable trip.

Thank you

AnuSajeev and Rithish G.P

Class VI

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