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Campaign Lovedale 3.0

Lovedale 3.0 is the 21st century version of The Lawrence School, Lovedale.  The most beautiful campus, the vast open spaces and the rich 160 year legacy symbolizes immeasurably, the valuable life long learning experiences gifted to all Lawrencians.  Version 3.0 redefines Lovedale as a strong learning community.  It impinges on a Strategic Plan which gravitates towards educational renewal and re-establishment.


The legacy of our School system should not focus on academic pursuits BUT on long term questions of educational purpose.  What civic identity will a Lawrencian have?  How will we learn to Think?  How will we earn a living or look at the world.? How will we understand ourselves and pursue knowledge? What kind of moral sense will we have?  Are we using available resources efficiently for the achievement of the main goal?  Are we addressing tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s solutions?


In this new millennium, students are called ‘digital natives’ and teachers are referred to as ‘digital immigrants’.  Students must be media literate to use tools online, function in a collaborative research-base environment, analyzing, synthesizing critiquing, evaluating and creating new knowledge.


It is a ‘Never give in’ campaign where strategies are directed towards student success – to succeed with courage, confidence, compassion, creativity and character.  And character is NOT the result of chance, but continuous ‘right thinking’ and ‘right acting’.


We are quite essentially a learning organisation, re-inventing ourselves for the 21st century, with a relevant, rigorous, real world, project-based, research driven, student-centered curriculum.


Lovedale 3.0 will give Lawrencians a great opportunity to grab their education and run into the wide world armed with the ‘Never give in’ attitude and much more!

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