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The Humanities Department offers an inclusive study of several branches of the Social Sciences which aims to provide a social perspective in a fast-changing digital world.

Comprising of 12 experienced and diverse faculty members, the department is committed to rigor of social research which includes field work, exposure visits, surveys, panel discussions in addition to conventional classroom teaching. 


This is clearly evident in the fact that our students were placed in the top 0.1% of the AISSCE Examination held in March 2012!


Faculty Members




The subject matter of History deals with events and processes that have effects over time and space. The study of this branch aids us to analyse the causes and consequences of changes brought over time. What is the present can turn into the tomorrow's history.



Faculty Members:​


Mr. T Govindaraju

Ms. Sonali Gosh

Mr.   Kunal Banerjee


Geography is an independent subject about the physical environment of the Earth, human activities and their interactive relationships. The subject matter has become important due to its dynamic nature and constantly changing environmental conditions which touch our everyday life.


Faculty Members:​

Mr.   Arnab Chakraborty

Mr.  Trilok Thakur


The Economics arm of the Humanities Department aims to promote understanding of basic Economic concepts and development of Economic reasoning which learners can apply in their day-to-day lives as citiznes, workers and consumers and to equip us with basic tools of Economics and statistics to analyse Economic issues.


Faculty Members:​

Ms. Christina Suganthi



Arts and Science of behaviour that enhances mental health and understanding of human behaviour which focuses on modifying malfunctioning behaviour is the main focus of the Department of Psychology of The Lawrence School, Lovedale.

Faculty Members:​


Ms. Christy Alphonsa



Business Studies

Aims to promote students with an understanding of the process of business, trade and industry. To acquaint students with the practice of managing the operations and resources of business and to inculcate in students a business attitude and hone their skills.


Faculty Members:​

Mr. Preslin D



Is a sub-branch of the Humanities department which focuses on accounting as an information system. The basic concepts of accounting, accounting standards, recording of business transactions and preparation of financial statements enable students to understand and analyse the intricacies of accountancy


Faculty Members:​

Mr. Xavier S. David

Political Science/Civics


The curriculum of the subject aims to build an appreciation of the political systems and governance in modern day society. Classroom teaching is carefully linked to contemporary political movements in order to build a holistic understanding of the subject.


Faculty Members:


Mr. Govindaraju


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