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Green Initiatives





We have embarked on a mission to make our campus clean and green. Towards this aim we have set out targets to achieve, which are focused to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all resources. In order to create awareness and mobilize resources, we have created a core group for driving Green Initiatives in the School. The Core group comprises of 12th class students, MICs, members of staff and support staff. The entire School has been divided into 4 zones and task groups formed. These task groups have been assigned responsibilities to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all resources.




            Reduce energy consumption by 5% during the year.

            Reduce water consumption by 5% during the year.

            Recycle 100% waste generated


                               *    Paper and plastic waste to recycle through Wealth out of Waste (WOW) project of ITC.

                               *    Food waste to be composted.

                               *    Medical Waste (Disposables from Hospital) is disposed through Society for Bio Medical Waste management, a Govt                                                       approved organization to manage this waste.

                               *    Hazardous waste to be disposed to authorized agencies.


The following measures are in place/planned in the near future.


            1.  Reduction of Energy Consumption:-


                               *     All the Schools have been provisioned with Solar Water Heating Systems

                               *     In the process of converting all street lights to LEDs.

                               *     Installed automatic timer for switching on/off street lights.

                               *     Energy Consumption meters are being installed for dormitories.

                               *     Awareness drives among stakeholders to reduce consumption and conserve energy being follow up.


            2.  Reduction of water consumption:- 


                              *     Awareness drives among stake holders

                              *     Water meters are planned to be installed for each School to track consumption.

                              *     Recycle of treated water is planned.


            3.  Recycle of Waste:-


                     In this direction we have

                              *     Institutionalized the waste segregation at source.

                              *     Established a process for collection of the segregated waste.

                              *     Identified waste recyclers for further disposal.

                              *     Compost pits created in the School campus for bio degradable waste ( food waste)



Collaboration with External Agencies


MOB - Make Ooty Beautiful


The Lawrence school Lovedale collaborated with the NGO MOB for the street store (free store) which was a success thanks to the hard work put in by the students. The school collected usable material such as clothing, toys, accessories etc.  and put up at the store on 26Jan 2015. Over 500 'customers' visited the shop, and it was heartening to see so many people who would otherwise rarely have the opportunity to enjoy such an experience, leave with a smile and arms filled with items of their choice. Also planning multiple awareness and cleaning drives in the Ooty city towards making Ooty clean and green.


WOW- Wealth out of Waste programme


The Lawrence School has collaborated with the ITC WOW programme to discourage recyclable waste from going into landfills or getting burnt which pollutes the environment. WOW is designed to manage waste from individual households and civic bodies.


The ITC team from Coimbatore will collect all segregated waste


Recent Activities

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