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National Cadet Corps - NCC


Recent Activities


​The institutional training given to the NCC cadets includes basic military training as part of the NCC curriculum. It is conducted with the purpose of exposing the young cadets to a regimental way of life which is essential to inculcate the values of discipline, duty, punctuality, orderliness, smartness, respect for the authorities, correct work ethos and self-confidence. It also provides them an element of thrill and excitement.

The NCC cadets of The Lawrence School, Lovedale participated in the firing practice organised by 31(TN) INDEP COY NCC, Udhgamandalam on 25 October 2016 at the short firing range of Chamraj HSS. The cadets took part in the firing practice with great interest and enthusiasm.

Firing is one of the most important training activities in NCC, without which the experience is incomplete. “I was waiting for firing day since I joined NCC and was very excited when the day finally arrived” said one of the cadets. While for some just holding the weapon was like an adventure, others said it was what they had been looking forward to the most in their training.

The cadets tried their hands on .22 rifle and they were allowed to practice five rounds. ”All five shots hit target but my grouping was not very good. However, I am satisfied with my performance” said another JW cadet. Most of the cadets said that the first shot fired took away all the fear. For perfect grouping on target a cadet needs concentration and must keep the arm and gun steady.

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