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As part of the field trips, 69 students from Class 4 along with Sashikala Mani and Sashikala Radhakrishnan visited the Bee Museum, Ooty on 19th September 2013.

 The trip was fruitful and a learning experience for the little ones who enjoyed doing their activities. Students were divided into three groups and the first group watched 20mintues video on ''The Indian Gaur In My Kitchen Garden', followed by Human- Animal conflict and the Nilgiri Biosphere.

The second group took a tour of the museum; saw different kinds of bees, the processes of bee keeping and extracting honey. Different equipments used to collect honey were also displayed. Students were able to identify queen bees, drones and worker bees.

The third group did an activity (outdoor) to find different insects and to learn about their body parts and defense mechanism used by these insects to escape from the predators. They also learned scientific names of few common bees.


The programme concluded by a short question answer session and a work sheet was given to each student.


It was an enriching experience for students as their syllabus covered a lesson on Bees and Apiculture. Therefore, they were able to contribute more which added a boost to their confidence.





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