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Lovedale Tidings

Spectacular achievement by Arpit Ravichandran - 10A

Arpit Ravichandran of Class 10A has made all of us proud!

Heartiest Congratulations to Arpit Ravichandran for winning the 2nd prize at the 7th Nanhi Chhaan National School Essay Contest 2020!

The National Schools Essay Writing Contest is an initiative of the Nanhi Chhaan Foundation to promote thinking and action amongst India's children on issues of social concern.

The first round

The topic of this year's essay writing contest for the first round was “Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on society and environment” (1000 words). Thousands of children across the country participated in the first round.

Our School was represented by Arpit Ravichandran (10A) and Ayesha Ahmed (10C). Their essays were chosen for submission from among multiple entries by a panel consisting of Mrs Anita Prabhu, Ms.Manmeet Kaur and Mrs Nidhi Mishra.

Second and final round : 15 students from the country who wrote the best essays were called online for a prize giving function from Pune on the 24th & 25th of September 2020. 

The final round was in two parts.  In the first part, each of the 15 finalists were required to write another essay on a topic that was announced on that day itself. This was to re-establish the calibre of the finalist students.

In the second part, there was a group discussion with the final winners being selected on the basis of the original essay, the second essay and the group discussion. 

The organizers have informed us that "The quality of Arpit’s essay was outstanding as was the thought provoking discussion with our jury members on the 25th September 2020".

As the 2nd position holder Arpit has won the following prizes –

1.    Rs. 20000 for the student

2.    Rs. 10000 for the winning school

3.    Rs. 10000 to a cause (registered NGO) of the student's choice  

In addition to the prizes, and if the situation permits, Arpit will also be invited to attend a Personality Development Programme for 5 days at the NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan in the month of December 2020.

Please join me in congratulating Arpit (who is copied on this email) on this spectacular achievement.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Anita Prabhu, Ms Manmeet Kaur and Mrs Nidhi Mishra for being on the panel of judges at the initial selection of essayists to represent our School at the event. 


I also wish to thank Mr Gijo Joseph for organizing the participation of students and Mr. Thomas George for coordinating the entire event.


Well done Arpit and the English Department!

40th Lawrence Memorial Inter-School Hindi Debate

The Annual Lawrence Memorial Hindi Inter-School Debate was held on the occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’. The online event was hosted by The Lawrence School, Lovedale. The event drew fourteen participants from the English-Speaking Schools of the Nilgiris. The Lawrence School, Lovedale was declared overall winner. Aiyana Goswami of Class X and Pragyaa of Class XII bagged the first and second positions, respectively.

Sanawar Sahitya Samaroh

On the occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’,  The Lawrence School, Sanawar organized a virtual Inter-School poetry recitation competition on 14th September, 2020.


Ashmit Bharti (Class-VII) in the junior category and Manjari Abhay Phansalkar (Class- X) in the senior category were awarded consolation prizes.


The Lawrence School, Lovedale was declared overall winner in the junior as well as the senior categories from among the 28 IPSC Schools that participated at the event.

'Srijanyam' Art & Design Fest 2020 - by The Assam Valley School

Two of our class 12 students have brought laurels to our School, winning accolades and prizes at the  'Srijanyam 4.0' Art & Design Fest 2020 hosted by The Assam Valley School.


N Subramonian of class 12 has won the 1st position in Portrait (Distinguished World Leader) and Hita Aran of class 12 has won the 3rd position in Digital Illustration (Wildlife sightings—Nature reclaiming the Earth) out of 41 participating schools.


Their work that was submitted for the fest/competition and the Final result sheet is attached herewith for your information.


Please join me in congratulating the two students and their teacher Mr.Purnna Behra

The Lawrence School Aerobic Compost Facility

As part of our sustainable initiatives, the School embarked on a number of activities to reduce, reuse and recycle all forms of waste. Towards this effort, we have installed an Organic Waste Composter (OWC) for composting biodegradable waste (Kitchen & Food waste). The Organic Waste Composter uses the aerobic composting system.



“RUNNING: The human body’s most raw form of FREEDOM”

Fit India Movement: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Fit India Movement on the occasion of National Sports Day at the Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium in New Delhi.


The ‘Fit India Freedom Run’ campaign was launched across India to encourage us to be fit and thereby be free from obesity, lethargy, stress, anxiety and diseases. The Fit India Movement is conducting the Fit India Freedom Run from 15th August – 2nd October, 2020. The concept behind this run is that it can be run anywhere, anytime!


To show our solidarity to this Movement, The Lawrence School, Lovedale organized a run for all staff and their family members on Saturday, 29th August 2020 at 7.00 am at the Top Flat. In all, 120 members participated in the run. The run was conducted adhering to all Covid-19 protocols.  It was a great experience for all the participants to be the part of a movement which is considered to be the largest fitness movement in the world.






Top flat---HM’s steps--Flagstaff---Grass pitch ----Band Room—Root valley ---Top flat



Top flat-- HM’s steps--Flagstaff---Girls school---Prep School around --- Flagstaff ---HM’s Step-Top flat

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