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Carnatic Vocal Music Club

Indian Classical Music is steeped in history and tradition. Indian Classical Music has two branches – Carnatic Music in the South of India and Hindustani Classical Music in the North.

The Carnatic Music Club in our School vibrates with the divinity of this music although it has only five very keen pupils in the club. Ms Rekha Valsaraj, Department of Science, heads the Club and is very meticulously working towards kindling the love for Carnatic Music among the pupils. Ms Rekha Valsaraj has learnt Carnatic Music under the Late Shri Mathur Harihara Iyer and Late Shri Nedumangad Shashidharan Nair ( both AIR artists) for almost 10 years. At a time when most pupils are inclined towards Western Music, the five enthusiastic pupils of the Club have devoted their time, under Mrs Rekha Valsaraj, to promoting Carnatic Music in the School. 

Faculty Member

Ms Rekha Valsaraj

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