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The Nature Club members of the Lawrence school, Lovedale along with their teachers Ms. Sashikala Radhakrishnan and Ms. Vijayalakahmi Karthikeyan, as their part of the Nature study visited the Gorse wood Shola on the Ooty- Kotagiri road and witnessed the Wood orchid  ( Calanthe Triplecata)which is an endemic species of the Western Ghats and very special to Nilgiris, blooms in the Monsoon season from June till August. This flower retains its purplish pink colour only in the natural forests of the Nilgiris. Dr. P. Vasanthan helped students to identify the wood orchids and explained about the rich bio diversity – symbiotic relations, lichens and mosses, undergrowth etc that exists in the natural shoals. He also urged students to realize and make a comparative study between the natural shoals and artificial forests





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