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Dr. Sumer Singh, Executive Member of the Round Square International Service, representing South Asia and the Gulf, visited our school on 14th August 2013 for an RSIS inspection.  Dr. Singh who is also the Secretary of the Indian Public Schools Conference, is the Principal of The Daly College, Indore.  


The inspection is the last of the formalities followed by the RSIS before a school is officially declared a member. A special assembly was conducted in the Large Hall to welcome Dr. Singh. At this assembly, the senior girls gave a classical dance performance.  A dance revue, ‘Hobo Dick’ was performed by the pupils of the Junior School and the School Choir sang a few songs.

This was followed by an audio-visual presentation by our school’s Round Square Coordinator, Mr. S.K. Sharma, which highlighted the school’s involvement in social service projects.


Dr. Sumer Singh addressed the assembly and spoke on the philosophy of Kurt Hahn, the founder of the RSIS movement.  After giving a brief account of the founding of the RSIS, and the problems it faced in its early years of existence, Dr. Singh emphasized on the importance of student leadership, initiatives and the spirit of democracy in schools. Schools are centres of democracy where power is shared and not concentrated in a person or a particular body. Certain decisions may be taken jointly by the teachers and the students together in consultation with each other.  


After addressing the assembly, Dr. Sumer Singh inspected the various school-departments- (SS, JS, and PS & GS) - along with Headboy, Ranjeeb Kamal Bora, Headgirl, Nishqa Pillai and Mr. S.K. Sharma. During the course of his inspection, Dr. Singh interacted with many students. In the post lunch session, he spoke to the students of classes XI & XII in the Large Hall, after watching a documentary prepared by Ankur B. and Nishqa Pillai.  


The Lawrence School, Lovedale was granted membership to the RSIS a few days after Dr. Singh’s inspection.

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