September 26-28, 2013 at Bangalore

Theme:  “Give until it hurts” – Mother Theresa


The Lawrence Delegation:


Student Delegates :

1.         Aditya Meher – Class 6
2.       Anchal Bordoloi – Class 8
3.       Ilhana Katoch – Class 8
4.       Lakshya A Agarwal- class 8
5.       Shri Iswaryaa – Class 8

Teacher Escorts: 

1.       Mr. Sumit Kumar Sharma
2.     Ms Erhina Vasant.

Participating Schools:

 1.      Sarala Birla Academy ( Host School)
2.      The Lawrence School, Lovedale
3.      The Scindia School, Gwalior
4.      The Assam Valley School, Assam
5.      The Daly College, Indore
6.     Bangalore International School, Bangalore
7.      Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai
8.     The Indian School, Muscat
9.     The Trivandrun International School, Trivandrum
10.   MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur
11.    Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh
12.   Scindia Kanya Vidhyalaya, Gwalior
13.   The British School, Delhi
14.   Sanskar International School, Bhopal


The delegation departed from Ooty at 10:00am in a comfortable Volvo bus. The host school organised the pick up from the bus terminus and arrival at Sarala Birla Academy was at 8:15pm. The Round Square Student Crew extended a warm welcome and assisted with all the registration formalities. Then after allotting us our accommodation we were taken for dinner.


(Day 1) 26.09.2013


The Opening Ceremony
The Conference started off on an auspicious note with the Headmaster, the chief guest for the ceremony and other dignitaries lighting the lamp and declaring the meet open.


The headmaster addressed the delegates. He welcomed the key note speaker Mr. Raghavenrda and handed over the responsibility of sensitizing the audience to the theme for the event “Give until it hurts”.  An engineer by profession Mr Raghavendra, takes his inspiration from the works of the spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He deftly handled the theme “Give until it hurts” and kept the assembly of young minds alert with various anecdotes, subtly driving home the true essence of the theme. 

Next was the Baraza session, a completely student driven programme, where emotions of compassion and empathy played pivotal roles. Delegates were assigned different groups and the theme was discussed at length. Each child had to speak about some act of charity they did which changed the life of another person. It was vibrant session where young minds, full of enthusiasm and innocence, narrated incidents in their lives. A kaleidoscope of colours followed in the form of lessons and hands on experience in mosaic, mural, tie and dye and glass paintings.  Brush and a canvas was all it required for ideas to flow forth and show case their talent. The day ended with a trek to an ancient temple where the hundred odd delegates offered prayers with the welfare and upliftment of the down trodden uppermost in their minds.


Day 2 (27.09.2013)

The agenda for the day was an excursion to Mysore to visit a national treasure and the pride of a kingdom – The Mysore Palace, the seat of erstwhile rulers of Mysore, the famed Wodeyars. The palace with its ornate embellishments enthralled the student delegates. Post lunch, the next historical site was the summer palace of Tipu Sultan set amidst a well manicured garden at Srirangapatana. History notwithstanding, the stopovers at McDonald’s and KFC on the journey to and fro Bangalore made their day. 
Back at the host school, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner by the poolside hosted by the Headmaster Mr. Shantanu Das.
Day 3 (28.09.2013)

The final day began with a very vivacious speaker Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed of Edumedia, capturing the audience with his quick wit and energy. This workshop was aimed at bringing out the leadership qualities in a person and helped some children overcome stage fright. The next workshop, organised by the host crew, was to work with waste and create something worthwhile. This encouraged participants to bring forth their creative skills, especially sharing of ideas and coming to amicable conclusions. 

A few children from the nearby orphanage were brought over to interact with the delegates. Games and dances were organised to entertain them. Sarala Birla School had called the past week the “joy of giving” week and had collected clothes and food for the needy. This was distributed to the children from the orphanage. 

The grand finale was in the form of a cultural programme where all the participating schools of the Young Round Square Conference exhibited their talents on stage. The Headmaster distributed the mementos and certificates to the participants.


On a personal note...


Yes, a ‘thumbs up’ for the impeccable event management of the conference.

The conference schedule operated with clockwork precision.

Catering was excellent and accommodation spick and span leaving nothing to be desired.

The students of the host school rose to the occasion and extended remarkable hospitality, leaving a lasting impression.
 Erhina Vasant.

Student interaction at the young RSI
Student interaction at the young RSI
Student interaction at the young RSI
Student interaction at the young RSI
Speaker make their points
Speaker make their points
Students at RSI
Students at RSI
An enjoyable Activity
An enjoyable Activity
Our School group with Escorts
Our School group with Escorts