Lovedale Tidings



Report on the Prep School Inter House English Story Telling Competition:


The Inter House English Story Telling Competition for the Class V students was held on 18th November, 2019 at 3 pm. To inculcate more participation, three students from each House narrated the story while the others enacted the story. Not only the participants but also the audience and the Judges Ms Ruchi Dutta, the Student Judges- Ananya Mital and Ananya Murarka thoroughly enjoyed the programme. The Headmaster in his speech thanked the students for helping him to recollect his childhood days of narrating and listening to stories and also narrated the story “The Ant and the Cricket’ to the audience.


From a Judges’ perspective:


On behalf of Anjali, Ananya Murarka and I, we thank the MIC- Prep School for the wonderful opportunity given to us- to be the student judges for the Story Telling competition. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and look forward to witnessing many more such competitions in the future.


About the competition itself, it was a superb one with many talented storytellers from class 5 coming to the fore. It is not easy to organize such a competition during exam time and harder to convince students to invest so much time to prepare a skit for every story. The costumes and stuffed animals only added to the charm and the morals were wise words- it didn't hurt to listen to once again.


Overall it was a great effort by the students as well as the Staff of the Prep school and I hope that the enthusiasm and energy is displayed in all competitions to come as well.


Ananya Mital

Class XI


Report on the Taekwondo Belt Exam

“Awareness and Integrity are the basic elements of honour” -Korean Army General – Choi Hong Hi

                                                                                                                        Founder of Taekwondo

On 10th November 2019 Taekwondo Belt Exam was held in our school. 33 Students had participated. Master BalakrishnanVI DAN from Chennai presided the belt exam. Mr B.Suresh, Dean of Activities and Ms Anita Prabhu, MIC – Prep School witnessed the programme. Students were able to demonstrate proficiency at basic techniques before earning this rank. Basic stances, punches, blocks, kicks, self-defense techniques and poonse was included on a Yellow belt test.

            Grading is an important aspect of any martial arts training. They indicate the students’ proficiency in that art and allow further learning to take place. They are the tool used to determine Taekwondo belt advancement - from Yellow belt to Green belt.

“The pine tree is beginning to develop and grow in strength”. As the pine tree develops, it sprouts green pine needles. The Green belt represents growth. The students learn the principles of the energy of water, the flow and control of that element.

After the rapid growth of White and Yellow belt, Green belt will seem almost overwhelming - Green Belt – remember – Work Smart and Hard.

Taekwondo increases energy, better health and fitness, greater co–ordination and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital to lead a happier, longer life. It can help you to develop discipline and leadership with physically and mentally fit. Students gained this wonderful opportunity and were qualified for the next level.

Mr Manikandan

Taekwondo Coach




Report on the Prep School Inter House Western Music Competition:


“Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to Imagination and Life to everything”


Opportunity does not knock twice. The girls of class 6, 7, 8 got a rare chance to showcase their musical talent in the Prep school. The audience thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the Inter house western Music competition held on the 8th November 2019. The various challenges included a Solo song, an Instrumental piece and a Group song by each house. The contestants were judged by Mr. Thomas George and Student Judges- Aryan Singh Rathod and Chamundeshwari V from Class XII. The results are as follows:









The Deputy Headmaster and the Dean of Activities and all present thoroughly enjoyed the programme. We would never forget this enriching and fun evening filled with glitz, glamour and amazing melodies. We would like to thank MIC PS, and Our Housemistress/ Housemaster of Prep School for giving us this opportunity to display our talent. The participants owe their gratitude to Mr. Edwin Manoharan for coaching the Preppers and for enlightening us with a mind blowing piece at the end.


* Aafreen A.S , Bhoomika Channaraj  and Veeksha K Kumaran


Photographs – Nakshathra N

Bus Stop painting - Make Ooty Beautiful

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

The Fine Arts students of class 11, were full of excitement on a Sunday morning - as they set out to clean up and paint the Lovedale bus stand. It was done 5 years ago by the students along with MOB - Make Ooty Beautiful group.

Lovedale Splash


The Lawrence School Lovedale – A Brief History:


The School was primarily instituted on 6th September, 1858 in the memory of Major General Sir Henry Lawrence.

The School was under British administration until May, 1949, after which the school was handed over to the Government of India. The administration of The Lawrence School, Lovedale is vested in an autonomous body known as the Board of Governors appointed by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource development. The School is neither exclusive nor elitist and it maintains a Secular and cosmopolitan culture. In fact, the School is a miniature India, for children from many communities from all parts of the country and overseas, study here. They are brought up in an atmosphere that fosters a spirit of co-existence and respect for the feelings and beliefs of others.


Fine Arts @ Lovedale:


Art has been an important part of the school curriculum in The Lawrence School Lovedale. Ms. Anjolie Ela Menon, one of India’s leading contemporary artists is an alumnus of the school. Fine Arts is offered as a subject in class 11 and 12 under CBSE Curriculum. The department is headed by Purnna Behra who is also an accomplished artist.

Lovedale Splash – Art Exhibition by Fine Arts students of The Lawrence School Lovedale:


In order to encourage the budding talent, school is organizing an art exhibition in association with Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery and Museum, Coimbatore. The exhibition will be held on 11, 12 and 13 October 2019 from 10 am to 5 pm at Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery and Museum, Avinashi Road (Opposite to PSG Arts College), Coimbatore. Ms. Jitha Karthikeyan will inaugurate the event at 11 am on 11th October 2019.

Jitha Karthikeyan is a contemporary artist and curator based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.  She has held several solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally as an artist and has also curated art shows in galleries and public spaces. Jitha firmly believes that art can be a catalyst for change and as an artist, she seeks to bring about change through her art by undertaking art projects involving social reform, especially in rural areas. She is the recipient of several awards like the Woman of Impact Award, Woman of Substance - Change Maker Award, Southern Region Art Award etc. 

Lovedale Splash aims to promote art education among students and parents, the need for nurturing creativity. Paintings done during the learning process of 18 Fine Arts students is being exhibited. Design as a field of study and profession is becoming very popular in India in recent times and Fine Arts is the foundation for a good design program. The school invites all art lovers from Coimbatore to visit the exhibition and encourage our students.



Session by Mr. Kunal Mehra, Director - Outreach and Marketing, South and Central Asia, The College Board.


Kunal addressed students of class 9 to 12 on the advantages of taking tests like the PSAT, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Test and Advanced Placement Tests. Since more than 30 universities in India are now considering SAT test scores for admission this session helped students understand how to prepare and benefit by taking these tests. Kunal also explained about the various scholarship options that are available to students based on their SAT scores. The session was well received by students.


The Inter School Hindi Debate

The Thirty-ninth Lawrence Memorial Inter-school Hindi Debate Contest was organized on 14th September, 2019 on the occasion of Rashtriya Hindi Diwas.

The objective of this debate was to create a wider awareness and deeper appreciation of our National language among the younger generation. The topic of the debate competition was:" Poore desh mein ek hi shiksha board ka hona avashyak hai" "One Nation; One education board"

Pragyaa of The Lawrence School, Lovedale Ooty (Class XI) was declared the overall individual winner among 38 participants from nineteen different schools. Ayana Goswami (Class IX) also spoke well and was one among the best speakers. Both of them brought laurels to the school and gave a commendable performance. The Lawrence School, Lovedale was the overall winner of the Lawrence Memorial inter-school Hindi debate, 2019.


The Deputy Headmaster  of our School, Mr. Rajan N., announced the winner and the prizes were awarded by the Chief Guest Mr. K. K. Kaushal. The “Lawrence Memorial Shield” 2019 was awarded to The Lawrence School. Lovedale. But as the host school does not retain the shield it was handed over to the First runner up. This time there were three schools who obtained the same points (227.5) i.e. the second position namely; 



Photography skills exhibited by students of Prep School


One of the most rewarding parts of being in a school is recognizing the talent in a child. Creativity is a natural part of a child and the school can play an important role in exploring it. The Lawrence School, Lovedale, is one such place - the school where children are encouraged, guided and given opportunities to discover their own abilities. With their motto “Never Give in “, the Lawrencians have proved that they are outstanding not just in academics, but also in various other extra-curricular activities, especially photography- the one on which I would love to elaborate in this report.

One afternoon, I had gone to the Prep School for evening tea, and I had taken my DSLR along. The students were so excited when they saw the camera, and they wanted to take pictures with it. It was a bright afternoon, just perfect for some nice photos and I had requested some of the students of the photography club to take pictures of me with the students of standard 5. There were so many children who showed interest in clicking pictures and especially it was 2 girls, who had come along promising to take pictures of us. They made me pose with the 5th standard kids for the photos and we spent almost an hour near the kitchen area taking photos. I was left astounded by their talent in photography. The children of 5 were equally innovative and started posing for photos immediately.  The young photographers had perfectly captured every moment, with their proficient skills. What surprised me very much was the level of co-operation and camaraderie that they had exhibited during the photo session. Some students, who had not used a camera before, also came forward to take photos (being inspired by these girls) and being tech-savvy kids, they learnt everything about its operation in an instant. I would like to share a few photos that were taken on that day.


Gayatri R.

French Teacher

Enrichment, Education and Entertainment at Ooty Literary Festival

There was a Literary Festival at the Nilgiri Library, Ooty on 13th and 14th of September, 2019. Sixteen students of our school along with three teachers participated in the festival on 13-9-19 from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. There was a series of talk sessions by authors and discussions on various topics, and was moderated by an eminent personality in each session on these two days.

Our students attended the festival and interacted very well with authors and other participants. Jerry Pinto, Author, the Sahitya Akademi Awardee, and Advisor of Ooty Literary Festival had long conversation with our students and exhorted them to read beyond textbooks to be successful personalities in life. He also said that everyone is unique and he or she has to decide their future or the purpose of life themselves.

While interacting with the author Indu Mallah, who is a writer, poet, critic and social activist living in Ooty, our students were encouraged to read poems.  She pointed out that she enjoys every day morning coffee with some or other pomes and gets inspiration instead of morning newspapers. Aroon Raman, Priya Sarukkai Chabria were a few other authors with whom our students interacted.

We also visited a Book stall in the festival and procured some books for our library.

This visit was informative and motivational in many ways than one. Our students were highly benefitted by this visit.




Prep School Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition 12th September 2019


From a Judges’ Perspective:

The Class V English Poem Recitation competition held in Prep School on 12th September 2019 was a great success and a memorable event for all of us present in the hall. All the girls and boys did a great job and performed remarkably. The expression and clarity of all the speakers was amazing as well as their teachers’ (Ms Anita Prabhu and Mr Thomas George) hard work was evident. The choice and selection of the poems were remarkable. The entire programme was very well organised and reminded all of us 12ths of our time reciting poems in the Prep School Large Hall.  


Name: Manjari Kothari -XII- C

Student Judge




On Saturday, 28 August, when majority of the students were enjoying their long weekend, 67 students from the senior school did a commendable job by cleaning the area around the school campus. The students showed tremendous enthusiasm and interest and as a result in 3 hours they managed to collect 6 loads of garbage which was later dumped in the municipal garbage bins located at various areas.

The main purpose of this programme was to create an awareness among the students and the resident of local areas regarding Cleanliness and its benefits.

The clean drive started from the school gate, Lovedale station the train track followed by the road leading to the Dhobhi Ghat and Dhobhi Ghat area  

The teachers’ team led by My Kuldeep Singh included Mr Arnab Chakravorty, Mr Sanjay Sharma and Mr Mohit Sehgal.

The student organisers, who did a great job in organising this event were:

1. Ashutosh Chakravorty – 12

2. YashRaaj -12

3. Arnav Bakshi – 12

4. Kushal W – 11

5. Jatin Bhati -11

6. Kiyan G – 11

The Lawrence School introduced the Hiking Club in March 2019.


Aim of the Hiking Club

The aim of a hike, is to enjoy nature and scenic views.

Walking in the woods or forest and may be climbing a small hillock.


What is hiking?

  • Hiking is an act of walking, but a leisure walk as compared to other sports.

  • Hiking is on well-made and wide trails which maybe man-made too.

  • Hikes are half day or a one day activity – which does not require very much planning

  • Hikes do not require any equipment or gear as most often we walk on already set


Hiking Fridays –

The Hiking Club meets every Friday at 2:30pm and we usually have an average of 20 children both boys and girls from Class 7 to 10.

As the Nilgiri Hills offers the most amazing vistas, and besides the school campus has an abundance of hills and dales that offers excellent spots to climb and enjoy nature at its best. The hikes are from one and a half hours to two hours and offers the students different levels of difficulty from climbing steep inclines to walking down slippery paths, all offering the children the skill to pay attention to their immediate step to be taken to helping another when they are in need.

And there are always beautiful views, or interesting learning along the way of the flora and fauna of the Nilgiris.





JS II Language Inter-house Poem recitation   

The JS inter-house poem recitation competition was held on 22.08.2019 in which 56 students participated in Hindi & French poem recitation (along with Tamil in which 24 students participated on 25th April 2019). In total, 80 students from Junior school participated in this competition. It was a keenly contested event and the results are as given below:

Click here to view Results

Inter-house Poetry Recitation Competition

The II language department conducted the Inter-house poetry recitation competition for class V  on 21.08.2019 in which 32 PS students participated The students recited Tamil, French, and Hindi poems representing their respective houses. The level of the competition was tough and the enthusiasm of the students was worth appreciating. The hard work of the students could be seen in their participation.


Click here to view Results

Sahodaya Inter School Quiz Contest 


Tanishi Agarwal and Rakshit Singh, both of them from class 10, won the Sahodaya Inter School Quiz Contest held at Satchidananda Jothi Niketan, Kallar, Mettupalayam on 14.8.2019.

They came first among the 9 competing schools and retained the trophy won last year by Anika Bhatia and Aryan Agarwal.

Inter School Higher Secondary Quiz, St.Joseph College, Coonoor


Mayon Williams of Class XI and Chamundeshwari of Class XII participated in the Inter School Higher Secondary Quiz Contest organized by St Joseph College, Coonoor. A total of 12 schools participated in the Quiz competition and The Lawrence School team emerged winners. 

The students were presented a trophy, certificate, cash prize of Rs 10,000/- and medals.



Workshop by Trinity College London


Mr.Prashant (Guitar Teacher) and Mr.Ravikumar (Piano Teacher)  attended a workshop hosted by the Trinity College of Music, London at The Park Hotel, Coimbatore on Wednesday, 28.08.2019. The workshop involved recent advances in keyboard pieces, the latest technical works and the correct scaling procedures for learners across all ages. The session started at 10 AM and concluded at 2 PM with an exhaustive presentation on latest keyboard techniques.


Ms.Anjali Mehta and Mr.Annson Matthew who come with formidable reputation in the fields of Piano and keyboard were the program directors. Both the teachers have come back with invaluable lessons and enriching experiences to harness our school's musical pedagogy.

The Inter House English Prepared Speech Competition


The Inter House English Prepared Speech Competition for Class V students was held on 19th August 2019. The students were trained to speak on the topic- Extraordinary Women. There were 4 speakers representing each house. The students were judged on Preparation, Clarity, Expression and Overall Impact by the eminent Judges- Ms. Ruchi Dutta, Ms. Nidhi Misra and the student judge- Ansh Gupta. It was a display of Passion, Confidence, Inspiration and Extensive Preparation. The Deputy Headmaster in his message said that everyone one of us have extraordinary qualities within us.


SL.NO               NAME                           HOUSE         POSITION        TOPIC

   1.             HIYA MUKHERJEE           ARAVALLI             I               AUNG SAN SUU KYI

   2.             VAANYA SHARMA            NILGIRI                II               ANE AUSTEN

   3.             TANSI PRAKASH              ARAVALLI            III              THE BRONTE SISTERS



SL.NO         HOUSE       POSITION     POINT     

   1.           ARAVALLI             I                474

   2.           SUMERU             II                466.5

   3.           NILGIRI               III               464.5




The Lawrence School, Lovedale hosts Symposium on Climate Change

In what can be described as a landmark symposium of its kind, The Lawrence School, Lovedale, hosted a one-day workshop on the theme, ‘Climate Change and the Environment’, which was attended by pupils of several schools in and around Ooty. The workshop was conducted by two very eminent professors, J Srinivasan and S K Satheesh of the Divecha Centre for Climate Change under the aegis of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in association with Talentspire, an innovative organization with the mission to promote holistic learning of science among students.

The Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Lovedale, Mr K Prabhakaran welcomed the dignitaries and research scholars after the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.

Prof J Srinivasan presented an enlightening talk on Climate Change, its causes and its impact on the world. The pupils listened to the renowned scholar very attentively. The professor said that climate change was brought about by two agents – natural and human. While natural climate change takes hundreds of years to make any impact, humans caused drastic and dramatic changes to the climate with very serious consequences. The impact therein would be quick and, in many ways, perilous. As an example, the professor cited the difference between human Co2 emissions and volcanic Co2 emissions where human Co2 emissions were 130 times more than that of volcanic emissions.

Prof J Srinivasan pointed out that in India, the number of heatwave days are on the increase and the hottest day of a heatwave is becoming hotter. He concluded his talk by saying that though India contributed to less that 6% to the global change in climate, it would have to bear the brunt of global climate change in the next 75-100 years. The professor exhorted the pupils to steer the course of the future in a more judicious manner in order to benefit upcoming generations.

Prof S K Satheesh, in his lecture, enlightened the pupils on the Kyoto Protocol on aerosol emissions. Countries around the world, he said, have come out with their plans on how to control aerosol emissions. He also gave a talk on acceptable norms of Particulate Matter.

The lectures were followed by an interesting quiz on climate change and environment wherein the pupils participated enthusiastically. Prizes and certificates were also awarded.   


Results of the English Inter House Creative Writing Competition, July 2019 for Class V


A small but significant step

Small but significant steps towards protecting our precariously placed environment is the hallmark of our School. 

The Lawrence school has always shown the way, along-with the generous contributions of its former students.

An eco-friendly Effluent treatment plant which uses only plants (phytoremediation) to treat water was dedicated to the school on 28 April. This unique facility will also be a great educational experience for the students. The plant caters to the Girls' School, Prep School & Laundry, with a capacity of 80,000 liters per day.


EduExcellence - an organization working in the area of school education.

EduExcellence - an organization working in the area of school education, works with the aim of improving the functioning of Indian schools by giving them the exposure to the best of research and education practices being followed across the globe.

Team EduExcellence visited the Lawrence School, Lovedale on 26th April and their exhaustive Sessions with the staff and the students here, revolved around understanding the functions of a boarding school, school leadership, instructional strategies and interactions with staff and students.




Inter-house English debate 


The Inter-house English debate for class XI and XII was held on 23rd April in the SS Large Hall. The motion under fire was 'Competition is a necessary part of the school system ' and it was keenly contested by both the Proposition as well as the Opposition. 

Modified Cambridge,  a format new to the School was introduced to align ourselves with the debating patterns of  the other Public Schools across the country. 

Lawrencians took to it as a fish takes to water with interesting and thought provoking ideas being put forth. 

The debate was judged by a panel of three judges; Mrs Anita Prabhu,  Mrs Nidhi Mishra and student judge,  Sammarth Bhararia. 

The winners were as given below:

1. Second best speaker - Christelle J David 

2. Best Speakers  - Rajyasri Rao and Rohan Matthew 

3. Winning House  - Vindhya House 


MUN at Daly College, Indore

The MUN team of our school comprising 14 children and two teacher escorts took part in the third edition of Daly College Youth Parliament 2019 at Daly college, Indore. The theme of the MUN was Novum Principium which meant - A new beginning.


Our student team comprising five first timers left no stone unturned to make their presence felt. The heated debates accompanied by humidity of the place kept the temperatures high. There was an instance when Navya Shorey, playing the role of Bakht Khan in the Confederation of Indian states committee was accused of being a mole and a traitor. Our girl despite facing brutal accusations from the states stood firm and nailed the British at the end with her split second decision. Afreen's brilliant articles shook the chair who personally came to ask if the girl was a truly a first timer to International Press. Her article on the US congress named - The Fault in the Union's stars - A Rhetoric, won critical acclaim. The list just goes on. There was a time when Matthew George, playing the role of Robert E Lee engaged in a verbal spat with Abraham Lincoln on his anti-slavery communique that poor Lincoln was forced to hold his 13th amendment in the Union.


Our school bagged five awards and stood third in overall ranking next to Welham, Dehradun. Words can do no justice to the amount of learning, exposure and after session fun and frolic we encountered. The long evening walks in the expansive 400 acre Daly College campus were truly of help to dissipate the heated passions. The whole show was student run and our tour had given us memories to cherish for and lessons to learn for a lifetime. The pictures attached bear witness to the same.


The following are the accolades won by our school: 


Moli Shah - Astounding delegate of The Confederation of Indian states committee.


Afreen Sathar - Delegate of special commendation for The International Press committee


Navya Shorey - Delegate of special mention for The Confederation of Indian states committee.


Chirag Hiran - Astounding delegate of The Paris Peace Conference committee.


Niharika Singhal - Delegate of special mention for The International Press committee.


A Report on Taekwondo Belt Exam


          “Awareness and Integrity are the basic elements of honour” - Korean Army General – Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwondo


On 17th February 2019, the Taekwondo Belt Exam was held in our school. 44 boys from Class V and VI took part in the exam. Dr. P Kathiravan V DAN from Chennai presided the belt exam. Students were able to demonstrate proficiency at basic techniques before earning this rank. Basic stances, punches, blocks, kicks, self defense techniques and poonse was included on a yellow belt test. The Dean of Activities, MIC –Prep School, and Dr Beena Varghese witnessed the performance of the boys on the day of the exam.


The white belt symbolizes the student’s innocence and ignorance of Taekwondo. Yellow Belt means that the student is beginning to learn and creating a foundation of taekwondo. The yellow belt represents the ground or earth in which the seed of knowledge has been planted and would grow.


Taekwondo increases energy, health, fitness, greater co–ordination and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital to lead a happier and longer life. It helps you to develop discipline, leadership and physical and mental fitness. All Students who took part in the belt test gained this wonderful opportunity and were qualified for the next level to be conducted in the month of August 2019.


Taekwondo Coach

(G. Manikandan)