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The IPSC Students’ Leadership Conclave 2022 – Daly College, Indore

The IPSC Students’ Leadership Conclave 2022, hosted by Daly College, Indore, was held from the 9th to the 12th of November 2022.  Sivakummaran(Head boy), Manjiri Phansalkar (Head girl), Manan Singhal (Vice Head boy), Asmitha Gotipati (Vice Head girl), Arjun Sharandev and Diya Jaiswal (Class 11) along with Mr. Rajan Narayanan, Deputy Headmaster and Mrs. Sonali Ghosh (Department of Humanities) attended the Conclave. A four-day event, the Conclave included informative sessions and engaging activities to foster and encourage excellence in leadership among student leaders.


On day 1, the 9th of November 2022, the Conclave began with an introductory session on leadership challenges and solutions.  This session focused on the description of one challenge that we had faced as the Students Council of the School and the manner in which we resolved the issue.


The Opening Ceremony of the Conclave was held on day 2, the 10th of November 2022. The ceremony began with showcasing the school flags of each delegation followed by a musical and a dance performance by our host, Daly College, Indore. 


The keynote address was delivered by the Chief Guest, Dr. Anil Srinivasan who, very humorously, captivated the audience with his talk on individualistic perfection. A talk on emotional resilience by Dr Kiran Shandilya affirmed the ideology of communication, mindfulness and humane leadership. 


During the post-lunch discussion, we were to rate ten world leaders out of a hundred, based on their positive and negative aspects of leadership.  For the evening session, we had ‘The Big Fight’, similar to a TV news debate but with topics relevant to present-day leadership.  The dinner named Shab-e-Malwa that followed at the Principal’s residence was indeed a dinner to remember! The highlight of the dinner was that we ‘walked on fire’!  Our day ended with a privileged chat with Dr. Anil Srinivasan.


The 3rd day, 11th of November 2022, kick-started with the Bhairavi Breakfast in the lawns. The delegates enjoyed their breakfast listening to the sitar playing Raag Bhairavi, the ‘Queen of Morning Raagas’!


The day was dedicated to group activities designed to instil a sense of teamwork.  The evening donned the robe of a traditional DJ night followed by a sumptuous dinner.


On the fourth and final day, the 12th of November 2022, we were introduced to leadership lessons that we imbibe from our surroundings in terms of aerial, terrestrial and reptile leaders.  This led to a ‘Prefect X – Mandarins Musings’, similar to a Ted–X talk which was presented by our Headboy on the team’s takeaways from the Conclave.  Later that day, at the Closing Ceremony, we met actress Tisca Chopra who was the Chief Guest for the evening.  We witnessed another extravagant dance performance followed by the Chief Guest’s inspiring address to the audience.

 The Conclave was an enlightening experience for us all and assisted us in setting a strong foundation for our future ventures in leadership.


Sivakummaran, Manan, Asmitha, Arjun, Diya & Manjiri

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Inter House Art Competition (PS)

An Inter-House Art Competition for the pupils of Class V was held in the Art Room on Saturday, 29 October 2022 between 2.15 Pm and 4.30 PM. Truly the event was a sight to behold as our budding artists from Class 5 splashed the canvas with paintings that portrayed scenes based on themes such as the Deepavali Celebrations, village life, the winter snows and the splendour of the underwater world.

The results are as follows:

CLASS V: Individual Positions

1st Position   -  DIYA PRATHAP

2nd Position  -  S.S. DHANVANTIKA

3rd Position   -  AARRAV ESHWAR



1st Position    -   NILGIRI    (86 points)

 2nd Position  -   ARAVALLI (66 points)

 3rd Position   -  VINDHYA   (54 points)

 4TH Position  -  SUMERU   (53.5 points)


Inter House Mathematics Quiz 2022(JUNIOR SCHOOL)


The Inter House Mathematics Quiz 2022 (Junior School) was conducted on 5th October 2022 in the Senior School Large Hall.

The teams comprised four participants from each House.


The Rules of the quiz were explained to the participants prior to the event.


The six rounds of the competition which included Warm Up, General, Brain Teasers, Reasoning, Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Rapid fire, engaged the pupils for an hour leading to a nail-biting finish!


The students showcased their mathematical brilliance by rapidly and correctly answering the questions.


The event was indeed a very informative and knowledge-enriching competition for the participants and for all the pupils.


Although all the Houses performed well, the Aravalli House and the Nilgiri House bagged the first and the second positions, respectively.

Click here to view the Result:


Inter-House French Poetry Recitation Competition for Senior School

The Inter-House French Poem Recitation Competition for the Senior School was held on 22 September 2022 at 2.00 PM. The Sumeru House won the competition with a total of 274 points. Vindhya and Aravalli stood second and third, respectively.

Click here to view the Result:

Inter-House French Recitation Competition for classes 9 and 10

The Inter House French Poetry Recitation Competition for Classes 9 and 10 was conducted on 22.09.2022, Thursday and 24.09.22, Saturday in the Senior School Language Lab and the Jessy Joseph Hall, respectively.

Click here to view the Result:

The Lawrence Memorial 42nd Inter-School Hindi Debate Competition (online)

The 42nd Lawrence Memorial Inter-School Hindi Debate was held on the occasion of the Hindi Diwas on 14.09.2022. The event was held online. Twenty-two participants from the English-Speaking Schools of the Nilgiris participated in the event.

The Results are as follows:

Individual Positions: 

  1.  Ayana Goswami (with 136.5 points out of 150) of The Lawrence School was placed first as the best individual speaker. 

  2. The Second-best speaker was Manjiri Abhay Phansalkar (135.5 points / 150) also of The Lawrence School, Lovedale.  

  3. Nidhi Aggarwal of the Good Shepherd International School (128.5 points/ 150) was placed in the Third position.

  4. Ruthwi Neeraj of St. Hilda's School who was placed in the fourth position with 124 points received the consolation prize.


Team positions are as follows:

  1. The Lawrence School, Lovedale won the Lawrence Memorial Shield once again with 272 of 300 points

  2. The Good Shepherd International School stood second with 247 of 300 points.

  3. At the Third position was the St. Hilda's School, Ooty, with 245 of 300 points.