Dear Parents,


Last week, after the long weekend outing, one of our Prep School students, from Chennai, was diagnosed with swine flu. His parents have taken him for the medical treatment and we received a message from his father that his health condition is stable.


After a couple of days, a few students and staff members were admitted to the School hospital with fever and flu. Following this, blood tests were conducted on all the students and staff through a government approved external agency in Coimbatore. Following the test results a few students and staff were diagnosed with Category A of swine flu which is very mild in nature. We are in touch with the district medical authorities and the timely administering of the medication has ensured that  almost everybody is back to normal.  We have taken all remedial measures with the help of the district authorities and there is nothing to worry. We have informed those parents whose children are undergoing treatment.


I post this intimation on the website to inform you that there is no need to panic based on the exaggerated information projected in the local media. I assure you that each of the children is precious to us and we will take good care of them. Please ignore all the exaggerated news which is emanating from various unauthorised sources, driven by personal agenda.  



With regards,

K. Prabhakaran