The school campus is divided into Prep school (classes five and six), Junior school (classes seven to nine) and senior school (classes ten to twelve). The classrooms and dormitories of the schools are housed in their respective buildings. The girls are housed in the girl's school and are required to go to the respective schools for classes. Although the campus is huge, the built up area is only 45 acres (0.3 KM²).



Senior School



Nestled in the lap of the awe-inspiring Italian Gothic styled architecture of the main school building is the Senior School. The Senior School ideally refers to the boys of Classes X, XI and XII, though the Senior School building also houses the classrooms of both boys and girls of classes X to XII and the School offices, besides the dormitories for the boys.



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Girls School​


The Girls’ School is the residential area for the girls of classes VIII to XII. They are segregated into four houses and reside in the dormitories house wise.

The Girls’ School has a Senior Mistress at the helm of affairs coordinating the day to day functioning along with a team of four dedicated Housemistress working tirelessly towards the social and

emotional needs of the girls residing in Girls’ School.


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Junior School


The Junior School is headed by the Master-In-Charge and is housed in a modern building that faces the pristine Nilgiri hills at the entrance and the 150-year-old Corinthian architecture of the Senior School proudly standing the test of time, to its side. The Junior School building comprises both, the academic and the hostel blocks.

The academic block has classrooms for the students of grades 7, 8 and 9. Each class has four sections. The classrooms are well-equipped with the Educomp Smart Class system.

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​​Prep School​

An imposing 1921 building of motor and stone standing tall on a gentle incline with the Big Hill in the backdrop beckoning children from far and wide to come begin their formal education, well that’s Prep School ------‘Home away from Home!’

A child wide eyed with wonder and mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension enters the portals of the Preparatory section to be whisked away by time and routine so quickly that the hours change to days , days to months, and months to years and within the blink of an eyelid it’s time to step out into the Big big world.


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