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A report on the Prep School – Inter House Science Quiz


“Genius is two percent inspiration, ninety-eight percent perspiration.”- Thomas Alva Edison


The Prep School Inter-House Science quiz was conducted on 9th February, 2019 as per the calendared activity. As always, the Little Minds of Prep School was full of enthusiasm and curiosity. The participants said ‘We cannot wait for the quiz to happen as it was the last such activity for the academic year 2017-18 and the most awaited event’.


The Quiz comprised of eight rounds – General round, MCQ round, Visual round, Terminology round, Concept round, Activity round, Personality round and Rapid fire round. After each round there was an audience round too.


 The Science department along with MIC-PS, staff and students of PS witnessed the quiz. The HOD Science Ms. Chandra Joshi welcomed the gathering and added josh to the quiz. All the four houses competed with each other and the winners and the runners up are as follows.











  2. NEHA Y - 6D




Followed by Vindhya in the Third position and Nilgiri in the Fourth position. The informative and educative quiz was enjoyed by one and all.


Ms. Sashikala Radhakrishnan


Prep School Inter House English Debate


The Prep school Inter House Debate Competition was held on the 17th of November 2018. The Chairperson was Hiranya and the Judges were Ms. Ruchi Pradhan Datta (HOD-English) Manjari and Rajyashri (students from class 11).


The 4 speakers from Aravalli house spoke on the topic, “Mobile phones make us all alone”. Sonam Chand and Versri spoke for the motion whereas Agastya.R and Aryan Dylan spoke against the motion.


Next up were the students of Nilgiri house who were given the topic “Happiness is more important than Success.”  Dhruti.A and Shree T.M spoke for the motion and Azin Yusuf and Niranjan Prasad spoke against the motion.


The students of Sumeru house debated on the topic “Mother tongue is more important than the Other tongue”. Kaashhvi Taaraka and Keren Celeste David spoke for the motion while Sai Aditya and Krish Ram Thena spoke against the motion.

Finally, the students of Vindhya house argued for and against the motion on “Children today are fashion victims.” Dev. A and Yatharth spoke for the motion whereas Veeksha.K and Aadyaa. A spoke against the motion.


Hrishi Naik was the compere for the debate and Hariharan and Md. Sami helped through the presentation.


The Debate was well appreciated by the Judges, the DHM and HM.


The Winners of the Inter House English Debate Competition are:


Individual Position:










House Position:










A Judges’ Perspective on the Debate:


       Raise the level of your argument not your voice!!!


On November 2018, I Rajyasri Rao from Class XI had the honour of judging the Prep School Inter House Debate in the capacity of student judge along with Manjari Kothari, and Mrs. Ruchi P Datta. When I walked into the Debate Arena, my ideas about our generation being fashion victims, phones isolating us, importance of mother tongue over the other tongue were very different.


The brainstorming arguments and mind boggling analogies presented by our tiny tots, brought my beliefs to question. And I dare that in all my years at the Lawrence School, I have never witnessed a more seamlessly executed, flawless programme topped with a beautiful piano rendition and praiseworthy graphics. The topics were worth pondering over as one could relate closely with them and the points presented by each speaker were different, each representing a different ideology. The confidence of the speaker filled the environment with intrigue and exuberance. The speakers were picked out in a manner of rotation that even the less proactive 6th graders got an opportunity to voice their ideas. This was a deeply memorable event and it was my pleasure to be part of it.  





Visit of Senior Diplomat Sanjay Verma – India’s Ambassador to Spain


We were very honoured by the presence of Senior Diplomat, Sri Sanjay Verma, India’s Ambassador to Spain, who visited Lovedale on 29 October 2018.


Sri Sanjay Verma and Mrs Verma were received by the Headmaster, Mr Prabhakaran and after breakfast with the pupils and staff, the Senior Diplomat addressed the pupils in the Large Hall.


In what was a gripping spontaneous speech, Sri Sanjay Verma went on to describe his salad days as an IFS officer. He encouraged the pupils to consider taking up the IFS as a career as it offered plentiful opportunities for growth and the unparalleled pride in representing India abroad. The senior diplomat also regaled the pupils with many of his adventures around the world and how, being part of the Indian Diplomatic Corps, he helped in airlifting Indians from war torn Yemen.


The pupils were so enthralled by Sri Verma’s talk that many of the pupils were to later say that they were inspired to take up the Indian Foreign Service as a career!


Computer Digi Quiz 2018 (SS)


The computer Science “Digi Quiz 2018” (Senior School) was conducted on 24.10.2018 from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm in the Senior School Large Hall. The entire senior school witnessed the programme.


The rules mandated that there be four participants from each house (at least 1 boy and 1 girl), of which there should be at least one participant from each class (X, XI and XII).


The Quiz was based on 6 rounds.


The 1st round was the School Curriculum round where question were asked on the bases of syllabus taught in the classes.

The 2nd round was a visual round which had images of personalities and logos to be identified.

The 3rd Round was based on General Awareness in IT field.

 The 4th Round was software and web sites and the last round was a Rapid Fire round.


The Final Result is as follows:


1st Position – Aravalli House

2nd Position – Vindhya House

3rd Position – Sumeru House

4th Position – Nilgiri House